White house preparing new sanctions against Russia for supporting Assad

White house preparing new sanctions against Russia for supporting Assad

The United States intends to impose additional sanctions against Russia in response to Moscow’s support of Bashar Assad’s regime. That the wording contained in press materials prepared for Saturday’s briefing at the White house, said the expert of the Atlantic Council, a former adviser to the sanctions of the Bureau of the U.S. Treasury Brian O’toole. This was brought to the attention of RBC.


Mr O’toole confirmed that he had seen a document with this phrase. The presence of such language in the press service of the White house also told the British tabloid the Daily Mail. The newspaper said that the US authorities failed to promptly comment on this information.

From today’s WH TPS: “We also intend to impose specific additional sanctions against Russia to respond to Moscow’s ongoing support for the Assad regime, which has enabled the regime”s atrocities against the Syrian people.” https://t.co/TGa0oTKgUy

— Brian O’toole (@brianoftoole) 14 APR 2018

Early on the morning of 14 April, the United States, Britain and France bombed targets in Syria. According to preliminary data, as a result of the attacks injured three people, no casualties. NATO countries supported the coalition strikes. Russia convened an emergency meeting of the UN security Council, where they presented a draft resolution condemning the attack on Syria. The resolution was rejected.

HelpAs the ruble fell and grew up amid news of U.S. sanctions and the conflict in Syria

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