US and allies launched a missile strike on Syria. Generalization

US and allies launched a missile strike on Syria. Generalization

Moscow. April 14. INTERFAX.RU IN the night of Saturday, April 14, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the beginning of operations against Syria in response to alleged chemical attack by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in the suburbs of Damascus last week. American forces joined Britain and France.


“I ordered US armed forces to inflict high-precision strikes on targets related to potential of chemical weapons by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. A joint operation with the connection of the armed forces of France and great Britain began,” said trump in the official video.

Speaking of allies, trump said: “I Hope someday we can work together with Russia and perhaps even with Iran, but perhaps not. I will say this: the US has to offer”.

The US President said that American military under any circumstance do not seek a permanent presence in Syria. “We are ready to respond as long as the Syrian regime did not stop using prohibited chemical substances,” he said.

Target strikes

According to media reports, the operation involved three ships of the US Navy B-1 bombers as well as French and British warplanes. The Russian defense Ministry said that the strikes were carried out with two American ships in the Red sea, tactical aircraft over the Mediterranean sea, as well as American strategic bombers B-1B from the area of al-TANF.

Targets of missile strikes have become to several military bases and a research centre. As reported at the briefing in the Pentagon the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford, the first target was a research centre near Damascus, the second store West of HOMS, where the precursor materials for sarin. The third goal was the storage of chemicals and important command post at HOMS. Rockets also were fired at the airport, bases and air defense headquarters of the Republican guard in the area of the Syrian capital.

Operation of the United States and their allies lasted about an hour. Official Damascus has estimated its extent as “restricted”, however, more detailed data on the extent of the damage has not resulted. As there is also no reliable information on whether or not the lost.

According to the TV channel “al Arabiya”, the Syrian authorities before the start of the strikes were evacuated people and equipment from areas which were the targets of attacks. The official representatives of Damascus said that the allies released across the country around 30 missiles, a third of which managed to shoot down.

Later, the Russian defense Ministry called the other figures. The Agency says more than 100 cruise missiles and rockets of class “air-ground”. “The Syrian air defense system led aerial combat. A significant portion of cruise missiles and aircraft missiles “air-land” was shot down on approach to the targets,” — said the defense Ministry.