UPS and downs: financial bloc of the government reported on the income

UPS and downs: financial bloc of the government reported on the income

MOSCOW, 13 APR — RIA Novosti. Ministers and Vice-premiers of the financial-economic bloc of the government of Russia reported income for the year 2017.

According to the declarations, some of them, as the head of industry and trade Denis Manturov, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, have significantly increased their income, while others, on the contrary, have declared much smaller amounts, as Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Income Shuvalov by the end of 2017 amounted to 91,28 million rubles against of 71.76 million rubles a year earlier. The income of the spouse of the first Deputy Prime Minister in 2017 reached 89,1 million (in 2016, with 61.1 million). Shuvalov with his wife rented two houses — one in Austria, another in a flat in England. The couple divided by two Jaguar and two domestic car — VAZ 2101 and a ZIL 41047. In addition, they own three apartments in Russia.

Income Dvorkovich during the past year amounted to almost 6.8 million rubles, a decrease of 3.5% from 24 and 78 million rubles in 2016. The income of his wife, according to the Declaration, made 52,37 million rubles in 2017. In the ownership of the Deputy Prime Minister indicated the apartment. Also in the gratuitous use of Dvorkovich listed a house with land, apartment, two Parking spaces and a garage to rent. The wife of Deputy Prime Minister owns the land, two apartments and a share in another apartment and two Parking spaces. Two more apartments and two Parking spaces and a residential house with land wife. enjoys free. Dvorkovich owns two cars — a GAZ M20 and “Moskvich М407” wife — Lexus LX570/H2.

Income Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak in 2017 was little changed at 21.4 million roubles, as compared to 21.6 million a year earlier. From real estate he has an apartment in the gratuitous use. Spouse Kozak reported income of 24.8 million rubles. In its two apartments, a plot of land, a house and two cars, and Audi A6.

Deputy Prime Minister, head of Russian government office Sergey Prikhodko, reported income of 10.66 million rubles versus 11.73 million in 2016. He owns two plots of land, a house, two cars, a share in the apartment, non-residential farm buildings and a bath. The Deputy Prime Minister also owns a Mercedes-Benz G500. The income of the spouse Prikhodko was 23.2 million rubles. In two apartments share one apartment and three Parking spaces and two car — Mercedes-Benz 200 and Mercedes-Benz S500.