The Russian foreign Ministry accused the West of fomenting feelings of impending war

The Russian foreign Ministry accused the West of fomenting feelings of impending war

Moscow. April 12. INTERFAX.RU — Western countries have done everything possible to for the last two days to create a sense of the impending war in connection with the situation in Syria, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Who of you has asked yourself the question — is that war?! After everything was done to ensure that this decision was made,” she said at a briefing on Thursday, commenting on the aggravation of the situation around Syria.

According to her, Washington’s statement about the threat of the use of force in connection with the alleged himachali in Syria is extremely dangerous, they are based on fakes.

From Washington continue to sound bellicose statements, threatening a very dangerous escalation. The allegations made not only in Damascus, their object becomes and the Russian Federation, allegedly to protect the Assad regime and, accordingly, separating responsibility for his crimes.Maria Saharanafrican the representative of the MFA of Russia

“How can you, knowing the price fake, to take the most responsible decisions regarding the use of force against a sovereign state and thus to threaten force in the international arena, not having before him the real picture of what happened?” she said.

“We call on all responsible members of the international community to think seriously about the possible consequences of those accusations, threats, and, moreover, planned action”, — concluded the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

In addition, Zakharova said that threats to use force against Syria are a violation of the UN Charter. “At the highest level from the President of the United States and France have threatened a strong reaction by the use of force against Syria. I would like to note that by itself, the threat of force against member countries of the United Nations is a flagrant violation of the Charter of this organization,” she said.