A previously unknown dinosaur sold at auction

A previously unknown dinosaur sold at auction

The buyer can even choose a name.

Called dinosaur its name is a hundred times cooler than to name a star. And soon this chance will be the visitors Auguttes auction, which will be held in Paris in June of this year.

Notre annonce de la découverte d’un dinosaure d’un type inconnu fait le tour du monde. Exposition à Lyon puis vente à la Tour Eiffel le 4 juin @CAguttes @lyoncap @ArchDigest @NationalGeoESP @NGeografic https://t.co/Hazynug3dl

— claude Aguttes (@CAguttes) April 7, 2018

The fact that one of the exhibits will be found in 2013 the skeleton of a previously unknown dinosaur. The buyer will be able to purchase this rarity, but to choose ancient animal’s name.

Initial cost unusual of the lot is $ 1.5 million.

Flesh-eating theropod was found in 2013, and for a long time scientists thought that this species of allosaurus, which they already knew. However, having examined the find more, they found more teeth and a different structure of the pelvis, shoulder blades and skull. So it was concluded that a completely new kind of previously unknown dinosaurs.

Anyone got a spare million for us?https://t.co/koicovcNyJ

— Yeah Yeah Animals (@AnimalsYeahYeah) April 12, 2018

A skeleton that is to be auctioned in June, are fixed on the basis of stainless steel. A dinosaur preserved almost 70% of all the bones, and the height of the ancient predator is nine meters.

According to preliminary data, this animal about 150 million years.