France claimed his innocence to strike at Syrian airbase

France claimed his innocence to strike at Syrian airbase

Moscow. April 9. INTERFAX.RU — the French army said Monday that it had not carried out a rocket attack on the Syrian air base “Titor”. According to the European media, with the corresponding statement was made by the General staff of the armed forces of France.

Earlier, Syrian state television reported that the defense forces of Syria shot down eight enemy missiles in rocket attacks on air bases “Titor” (T-4) of government force in the Syrian province of HOMS.

It was also reported dead and wounded at the base, but their number is not given.

The correspondent of the Syrian news Agency SANA reported on the rocket attack, said that “with high probability, the attack was taken by the United States”. However, the Pentagon declared innocence of the United States to launch rocket attacks on the basis of the Syrian air force.

“Currently, DoD does not cause any air strikes on Syria,” — said in a statement. It stated, however, that Washington is “closely monitoring the situation” and “support diplomatic efforts” against those who use chemical weapons in Syria.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that the Syrian authorities that he considers responsible for the use of chemical weapons, “will pay a high price”. American media, citing sources in official circles, do not rule out that he was referring to the missile attacks on Syrian military targets.