Recovery Skrobala called it a miracle

Recovery Skrobala called it a miracle

Recovery of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, is poisoned in the British Salisbury can be called a miracle. This opinion was expressed by Professor of toxicology Leeds University Alistair hay, reports Sky News.


Hey sure Skrobala saved man, cause the doctors. “I’m sure if the paramedics arrived so quickly, Skrypali would not have survived”, — concluded the expert. He suggested that victims are deliberately introduced into an artificial coma and is brought after a chemical agent was able to get rid of. According to hay, the doctors acted “to the touch”.

Sergei Skripal was out of critical condition on April 6. According to doctors, he quickly goes on the amendment. About improving the situation of Yulia Skripal was reported in late March, 5 April, the police issued a statement on her behalf. “I came to myself a week ago and is pleased to announce that with each passing day I’m getting better”, — stated in it.

Skripal and his daughter Julia was found unconscious in the Park on March 4. London believes that they were poisoned by a nerve toxin a “Newbie”. How exactly it happened is still unclear.

British officials blamed the incident on Russia. In the Kremlin, all deny the charges. Because of the incident, the United Kingdom and 30 other countries have expelled Russian diplomats. Moscow responded balanced measures.