Bi-bi-si has published the reasons for the refusal of Victoria Skripal in UK visa

Bi-bi-si has published the reasons for the refusal of Victoria Skripal in UK visa

British Consulate in Russia, refused the niece of former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, because it did not suit the purpose of visiting the UK and information about income referred to Victoria Skripal in the questionnaire. About it reports Russian service Bi-bi-si.


Mrs. Skripal indicated in the questionnaire that it intends to visit relatives in the UK. “). There is no evidence that you have visited Sergey and Yulia Skripal in the UK. In). At the moment Sergei Skripal can not receive guests. C). There is no assurance that Yulia Skripal wants your visit”, — quotes the Russian service Bi-bi-si the response of the British mission.

In addition, the Consulate felt that Victoria Skripal did not prove the availability of funds on the road and a long stay in the Kingdom. In the questionnaire she indicated that is not working, and saving, other income and sponsors willing to pay for her trip, no.

Mrs. Skripal said the Russian service Bi-bi-si that he expected failure and “didn’t expect to go somewhere” because they saw “spirit” of British diplomats. She added that Monday starts to work and when there is a Bank account, will try again to apply for a UK visa.

The British authorities refused to give visa Victoria Skripal April 6, informing that her statement does not meet the immigration rules.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia was poisoned in Salisbury in early March. Julia first came to mind. On 6 April, the doctors reported improvements in the condition of Mr Skripal.

Of involvement in the poisoning of Britain accused Russia. In response, Western countries have sent about 150 Russian diplomats. Russia responded with a mirror.