The Russian foreign Ministry called remote tweet the foreign office “tube of shame”

The Russian foreign Ministry called remote tweet the foreign office “tube of shame”

Moscow. 5 APR. INTERFAX.RU. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova compared remote tweet the foreign office about the Russian origin used in the Salisbury substance with “a vial of Colin Powell”.

“The UK now has its own “tube of shame.” Here is the deleted tweet by the British foreign office that the laboratory Porton down established the identity of the substance, which was, according to London, was poisoned Skrypali, Russia. Liars,” wrote Zakharova in Facebook.

It was accompanied by recording the message on Twitter the British foreign office, made to remove it.

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Earlier the UK foreign office acknowledged the deletion of messages on Twitter, stating that experts “made it clear” that the substance that had poisoned ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, was produced in Russia. In the message the British foreign office, which lead the media, said that the tweet was part of an online transmission of the speech of the British Ambassador in Moscow, Lori Bristow and he was removed as “inaccurately conveyed the words of our Ambassador.”

At the same time, according to the British foreign office, “it doesn’t change the fact that our assessment is that Russia was responsible for these inconsiderate and irresponsible actions.”

That the British foreign office deleted the tweet, with accusations against Russia, drew the attention of the Russian Embassy in the UK. The Russian Embassy tweeted a message with a screenshot of the tweet by the British foreign office dated 22 March, writing: “Why the British foreign office began to remove the tweet from 22 March?”.

Why would @foreignoffice delete this tweet from 22 March?

— Russian Embassy, UK (@RussianEmbassy) on April 4, 2018


In 2003, during a Security Council meeting at the headquarters of the United Nations, U.S. Secretary of state Colin Powell called on all countries to take immediate action against Iraq. Powell said that Iraq continued to violate UN resolution on disarmament and refused to provide information about the stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.

He published allegedly provided to the Washington secret intelligence materials and wanting to show the scale of the threat posed by biological programmes in Iraq, U.S. Secretary of state raised in the hand of a small test tube. “Here is put a teaspoon of anthrax. It was enough to block the fall of 2001 the entire United States Senate. Iraq has tens of thousands of teaspoons of these spores,” he said Paull.