Netizens made fun of the bad sketch of a criminal

Netizens made fun of the bad sketch of a criminal

But the police are confident that the increased attention will help them catch the thief.

On the page of the Department of police of the British County of Warwickshire in Twitter there was a sketch of a criminal, who is suspected of felony burglary. According to militiamen, the man together with the accomplice broke into the apartment, where they stole a large sum of money.

Maybe the handbill and would be lost in the news, but thanks to the attached sketch, now everyone is talking about this post.

We’ve issued an efit of a suspect for in a distraction burglary in Stratford in February. If you have any information please contact us.

Warwickshire Police (@warkspolice) April 3, 2018

The fact that the criminal profile was so bad that not paying attention to him was simply impossible.

Police noted that he expected such a reaction from Internet users, but thanks to this increased attention, they hope to catch the attacker.