On Saturn’s moon found the source of life

On Saturn’s moon found the source of life An international team of astronomers found that Enceladus, there are all necessary for emergence of life conditions. According to the findings of researchers, on Saturn there is hydrothermal activity, which arises because of the tidal friction between water and the core of the moon. This, in turn, provides energy for hypothetical organisms. Article scientists published in the journal Nature Astronomy. On Enceladus there is a huge salty ocean, a hidden icy crust thickness of 1-25 kilometers. It does not penetrate the sun’s rays provide the Earth photosynthesis and the formation of a larger portion of the biomass. However, energy in the form of minerals can supply hydrothermal sources on the seafloor. For the existence of the latter requires the presence of a hot core. Scientists believed that the source of heat in the interior of Enceladus may be radioactive decay. However, this

The ECHR accepted the complaint of Stas Mikhailov in Russia because of the parody in the movie

The ECHR accepted the complaint of Stas Mikhailov in Russia because of the parody in the movie Complaint Stas Mikhailov Russia in the ECHR passed the first stage — the court has not rejected her and communicated. The singer is unhappy that Russian courts have refused to recognize discrediting a parody of Alexander Revva in the movie “the stand”. The European court of human rights (ECHR) communicated a complaint of singer Stas Mikhaylova against Russia lodged on 5 December 2014. The announcement is posted on the website of the ECHR. The communication of the complaint means the completion of the first phase of the proceedings: the court has recognized its inappropriate or unacceptable and is not excluded from the list for consideration. In the second phase, the Tribunal reported on the complaint of the country against which it is filed and is awaiting a formal response of the state authorities

Siberian hacked to death prevented him from sleeping guest

In the village Kabyrdak tyukalinsk district of Omsk region 35-year-old local resident hacked to death stayed with him 55-year-old woman. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) on Tuesday, November 7. According to investigators, after drinking alcohol interfered with the dead man to sleep and he just got tired of his abuse. “Wanting to reassure the friend, the suspect began to strike with axe blows rustling the woman, and when she stopped screaming, lay down to sleep,” — noted in the message. The offence is committed on 5 November. Currently, the investigators are going to address in court with the petition for the conclusion of a villager in custody till the end of investigation of murder (article 105 of the criminal code). In October Petersburger received 19 years in prison for killing ex-wife and mother-in-law. The man killed the women

In the Kremlin commented on the “Heavenly records”

Dmitry Peskov In the Kremlin have seen information in the media about offshore archives, called the Paradise Papers (“Heavenly records”), but details of the investigation are not familiar with. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, his words leads RIA Novosti on Tuesday, November 7. Commenting on the mention in the documents of the Minister of trade United States Wilbur Ross and his ties with the Russian company “SIBUR” Peskov stressed that it is “not a public Corporation, a private company”. November 6 the international consortium of investigative journalist (ICIJ) has posted on its website an archive on the activities of offshore companies in the world. The documents appear transactions of the British Queen Elizabeth II, U.S. President Donald trump, billionaire Yuri Milner and ex-wife of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin Marina. According to ICIJ, for example, the British monarch has transferred about £

The inhabitant of the Voronezh region was treated eight-year-old daughter vodka

Pavlovsky district court of the Voronezh region was deprived of parental rights 27-year-old woman, peepshow daughter vodka to strengthen the immune system. On Tuesday, November 7, reports the Prosecutor’s office of the region. The court found that the woman repeatedly drank alcohol in his home with friends and was invited to the feast eight-year-old daughter. In the eyes of the companions, she forced her to drink vodka. The comments responded that strong alcohol helps baby sleep well and avoid colds. Earlier, the court attracted the mother to criminal liability under part 2 of article 151 of the Russian criminal code (“Involvement of minors in the systematic use (drinking) of alcohol products, the perfect parent”). Guilty sentenced to conditional imprisonment for 2 years 6 months with a probation period of 2 years. In April in the Irkutsk region of 4-month-old baby died of alcohol poisoning. Mother added vodka in a baby

Italy investigates the death of 26 Nigerian women in the Mediterranean

Italy investigates the death of 26 Nigerian women in the Mediterranean Italian investigating authorities have started investigation into the death of 26 Nigerian women, mainly teenagers, whose bodies were discovered in the Mediterranean sea. Presumably, the deceased woman could be raped and killed while trying to cross the sea and get to Europe. In the port city of Salerno in this case has already arrested five migrants. Previously, there arrived a Spanish military ship “Cantabria” 375 migrants rescued at sea. Most of the dead women were in an inflatable boat, which was still 64 people. According to Italian media, women’s bodies are in the freezer of the ship. Most of them were from 14 to 18 years. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, the main part of the rescued migrants came from North African countries: Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia and Sudan. Among those who managed to save 90 women (8

How did the island of rubbish in the Caribbean sea?

How did the island of rubbish in the Caribbean sea? In the Caribbean sea between Honduras and Guatemala, discovered a huge pile of garbage. Countries accuse each other in its appearance. One of the first it was told about British photographer Caroline Power. During the download an error has occurred. In the ocean of accumulated plastic waste: bottles, disposable Cutlery and crockery. Strips of waste up to 30 meters in width and 3 kilometers in length.

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of direct military aggression

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of direct military aggression The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman accused Iran in an act of “direct military aggression” for supplying missiles to the rebels in Yemen, according to BBC News. On this Salman said during a telephone conversation with British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The accusations against Tehran has made after Saturday, November 4, Shiite Houthi rebels from Yemen launched a ballistic missile at the international airport of Riyadh. To intercept a projectile fired several missiles MIM-104 Patriot, Yemen, in turn, claims that their missile Burkan-1 (modernized Soviet R-17 “Elbrus” and North Korean “Hwaseong-6”) reached the goal. Saudi Air Defense have intercepted an #Iranian 2H Burkan missile fired from #Yemen targeting King Khaled Airport pic.twitter.com/X4yPnpZ1nH — Strategic Sentinel (@StratSentinel) 4 Nov 2017 During the download an error has occurred. In providing the rebels ballistic missiles Saudi Arabia has accused Iran. Tehran

Kadyrov and Zyuganov got into a fight over Lenin. And what does Sobchak

Kadyrov and Zyuganov got into a fight over Lenin. And what does Sobchak The 100th anniversary of the October revolution was renewed talk of burying the body of Vladimir Lenin. Nominated Ksenia Sobchak on October 24 said that the second thing after coming to power, it will be removed from red square. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko on 1 November said that someday the body of Lenin will be removed — perhaps by referendum. Finally, the next day, citing Matvienko, was made by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. “I am personally convinced that pretty to stare at the corpse of Lenin. And the leader of the revolution, it’s time to bury” — he wrote. Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov spoke out strongly against the burial of Lenin and Kadyrov advised to respect the traditions “Any chatter about how to rebury Lenin, nothing under a no, but