Italy investigates the death of 26 Nigerian women in the Mediterranean

Italy investigates the death of 26 Nigerian women in the Mediterranean

Italian investigating authorities have started investigation into the death of 26 Nigerian women, mainly teenagers, whose bodies were discovered in the Mediterranean sea.

Presumably, the deceased woman could be raped and killed while trying to cross the sea and get to Europe.

In the port city of Salerno in this case has already arrested five migrants. Previously, there arrived a Spanish military ship “Cantabria” 375 migrants rescued at sea.

Most of the dead women were in an inflatable boat, which was still 64 people.

According to Italian media, women’s bodies are in the freezer of the ship. Most of them were from 14 to 18 years.

According to the newspaper La Repubblica, the main part of the rescued migrants came from North African countries: Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia and Sudan.

Among those who managed to save 90 women (8 of them pregnant) and 52 children. Also on Board were several citizens of Libya.

According to the Italian human rights organization, L’abbraccio, smugglers require each migrant about 6 thousand dollars to get to Italy, 4 million of which goes to shipping them to Libya.

Many migrants reported cases of violence and torture.

According to estimates of the International organization for migration, for the year from Northern Africa to southern Europe arrived about 150 thousand workers, about 75% of them arrived to Italy across the Mediterranean sea. More than 2.5 thousand migrants have died in transit.

Migrants also arrive in Spain, Greece and Cyprus. Last year in Europe arrived 335,1 of thousands of migrants, and the main part went to Greece.