“Do not leave under the red wall!” The revolutionary fervor of the posters of the Civil war

“Do not leave under the red wall!” The revolutionary fervor of the posters of the Civil war

In the Civil war that began after the events of October 17th, played a large role visual propaganda. The style of political posters, wartime changes: they become tougher and more aggressive. Bolshevik seizure of power perhaps better than their opponents understood the propaganda power of words and have relied on simple and understandable to ordinary people images.


The Bolsheviks had the opportunity to engage the artists of the avant-garde. Their appeal was responded to by the authors, began to create a new artistic language, which then formed the basis of the art of the entire world left movement.

Almost immediately after the revolution began to produce a series of posters, called “Window satire GROWTH” (okna rosta). They did Soviet poets and artists, who worked in the Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA): Mikhail Cheremnykh and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Dmitry moor and Boris Efimov and many others.

About the formation of the Soviet political poster and the struggle of red and white posters of the Russian service Bi-bi-si said the head of the Department of fine art, State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia Vera Panfilova.

“The king of Pop and the Fist”

“This poster went down in history as the first Soviet poster. It was a very popular poster, it was published in several languages of peoples of former Russian Empire (in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Turkish, Polish, Yiddish). Here shows the three main class enemy.

In the center of each poster — the Emperor. But the characters on the right and left depending on the language and the audience — they were varied. If the poster is in Turkish language, instead of the priest, the Mullah, if the Polish or Ukrainian — then the priest. Also, with the fist — he was varied at Baia or bourgeois.

Characteristically, this poster already had the beginnings of what later became famous Soviet poster. Take the bull by the horns. Is the ideological message.

Posters turned into a kind of mouthpiece of the era.

“For United Russia” and “Fighting the red knight with the dark force”

Posters of red and white posters created by artists that came from one national school. Used fabulous national heroes and archetypes — Russian heroes, dragons. Formed in the image of the enemy. The enemy is alien to a hideous beast like the white poster “For United Russia”, the red dragon that draws in Holy Russia.

And the same thing about the poster red. When a worker’s muscular arm holding a shield with the hammer and sickle, has a large hammer enemy knights.