The police of Moscow reported on 302 detainees at the “revolution Maltsev”

Vyacheslav Maltsev

Moscow police reported about the arrest of 302 people on 5 November, the press service of the Main Department of MIA in Moscow.

The detention was held to “address and prevent violations of public order in the Central part of the city,” said the police.

“During a search of the specified persons was discovered sharps, traumatic weapons, knuckle dusters, aerosol cans, gas irritant, flammable liquids, masks, goggles, helmets, other protective gear, as well as attributes of the organization “Barrage”, which in Russian Federation is prohibited by a court decision”, — stated in the message.

Just 328 were drawn up administrative protocols, 182 of them — under article of the administrative code of disobeying the request of a police officer, 111 — violation of order of carrying out of meeting, 19 — disorderly conduct. Some detainees made two of the Protocol.

Day 5 November in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk and Perm mass arrests began. According to “OVD-info”, this day in police departments across the country have taken 448 people. 339 of them — in Moscow, 21 — in St. Petersburg.

Random detention after personal inspection continued 6 Nov. The police tried to detain the journalist “media zones”. The correspondent reported that he “dressed in black clothes and passes on orientation”. He said that during all the holidays, police officers have to inspect all men aged 20 to 45 years with backpacks on the presence of prohibited items.

The press service of the FSB on 3 November announced the arrest of members of the “Artillery”, which allegedly prepared arsons of administrative buildings and attacks on police on November 4-5. Before that, on October 19, the Yaroslavl employees of Regardie and Ministry of internal Affairs detained six teenagers — supporters of opposition politician Vyacheslav Maltsev who made Molotov cocktails in the street.

Maltsev has repeatedly stated that on 5 November 2017 in Russia needs to be a revolution. In late October, his movement “Barrage” was recognized as extremist. Himself opposition a few months ago left the country. He declared in the international search.