The Arabian coalition decided to close all ports in Yemen after the attack on er-Riad

The command of the Arabian coalition announced the closure of all airports, land and sea ports in Yemen after the missile launch in Riyadh, according to Saudi press Agency. “In accordance with the updated order, these measures will be implemented taking into account the need to continue the import and export of humanitarian goods, as well as the entry and exit of humanitarian teams”, – said in a statement. The coalition command has called inhabitants of the country, humanitarian workers and the diplomatic mission to avoid war zones and areas that are “not controlled by the legitimate government of Yemen.” 4 November, the Houthis rebels launched a ballistic missile at the international airport in Riyadh, which was intercepted by missile MIM-104 Patriot. In Yemen from August 2014 is the confrontation between the government expelled from the country’s Sunni President Abd-rabbu Mansour and the Houthis-the Shiite movement “Ansar Allah” who support

“Too good to eat”: in the United States saved fat raccoon from grate sewer

“Too good to eat”: in the United States saved fat raccoon from grate sewer MOSCOW, November 6 — RIA Novosti. In Chicago, rescuers pulled a fat raccoon from the grille of the sewers in the suburbs of Chicago, writes the New York Post. Reportedly, the raccoon made an unsuccessful attempt raids from the sewers and got stuck. To help the animal workers came and the police, who joked that the beast should go on a diet. “It seems that this guy is too good ate and stuck in jail,” — reports the words of police. The publication also notes that the police are unable to cope with the salvation of the Coon, because he was too fat. Militiamen called workers, who freed the animal from “confinement”. Raccoon eats too much, gets stuck in sewer grate suburban: Police — NBC Chicago (@nbcchicago) on November 3, 2017 During the download

The Amur tiger Typhoon attacked the woman in Kaliningrad

Livestock Kaliningrad zoo, who worked in the division of predatory animal and pinnipeds, is in the hospital after the attack Amur tiger named Typhoon, reports RIA Novosti. “Animal science was attacked by a Siberian tiger named Typhoon, — said the press Secretary of the zoo Ekaterina Mikhailova. — Presumably, the animal was released in the outdoor aviary at the moment when there was livestock. Visitors with shouts, stones, all kinds of scrap materials, down to the chairs of the street cafes, distracted the animal, and at this time livestock specialist managed to disappear in the inner room”. Mikhailov said that livestock is in a state of shock and was hospitalized in traumatologic office of one of the local hospitals. The reasons that the zoo employee was in a cage with a predator at the same time, is not yet known. Internal investigation will be conducted. In October it was reported

Vandals desecrated fifty graves in the Kazan cemetery near St. Petersburg

The police searches for the criminals who have damaged and smeared with paint about 50 tombstones in the cemetery of Kazan, reported on the website of GU MVD of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Cemetery, where were desecrated the grave is on the hussar street in the city of Pushkin (suburb of St. Petersburg, under its administrative authority). The message about detection of damaged grave monuments came to the police on 4 November from the master section of the cemetery. The police opened a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 1 of article 244 of the Russian criminal code (violation of bodies died and places of their burial). The police takes measures for search and detention of vandals. In early November it was reported that during surgery to prevent drug trafficking, the MVD found at two urban cemeteries Ufa 240 caches of drugs.

Police said details about the shooting in a Church in Texas

Police said details about the shooting in a Church in Texas Police revealed details of the shooting in the Church in Southeast Texas and said the number of dead. According to the New York Times, the shooting was arranged 26-year-old white male who lived in the state. The shooter shot and killed at least 26 people and wounded another 20 in the Church in Southeast Texas on Sunday, reports Reuters, citing Texas Department of public safety latest information about the most deadly “shuting” in the United States since the beginning of October this year. The incident occurred in the “First Baptist Church” in the city of Sutherland springs in Wilson County, 40 km from San Antonio. According to the year 2000, the city was home to just 362. Based on these data, the victims of the shooting were 7% of the population. Suspect in black clothes and body armor walked

Saudi Arabia sees the launch of the capital as an act of aggression of Iran

Saudi Arabia sees the launch of the capital as an act of aggression of Iran MOSCOW, November 6 — RIA Novosti. Saudi Arabia considers Yemen a perfect launch for Riyadh an act of aggression by Iran, which in the future may be seen as an act of war, a statement by the Arab coalition in Yemen, reports the Saudi state news Agency SPA. In this regard, Saudi Arabia has declared its right to self-defence and in response to Iran. “The coalition command believes that this is a (start) an outrageous act of military aggression by the Iranian regime and may in the future be regarded as an act of war against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It thereby reaffirms the legitimate right of the Kingdom to defend its territory and its people under article 51 of the UN Charter (the right to self-defence)”, — reads the statement of the military.

A local resident opened fire at a Texas arrow

A local resident returned fire at the young man who shot the parishioners of the Baptist Church of the town of Sutherland springs (TX, USA). About it has informed journalists the representative of police, reports BBC News. According to him, the shootout began in the street, before the attacker entered the building. A local resident chased him when he tried to escape by car. Police found the shooter dead in the car, but it is unclear if he is dead from a bullet citizen or committed suicide. Were previously established the identity of the man is 26-year-old Devin Kelly (Devin Kelley), a white male from the suburbs of San Antonio. Media reported that he served in the U.S. air force and taught Sunday school. Kelly opened fire in the Church of Sutherland springs on the morning of 5 November. In the result, 26 people died, 20 were injured.

The former leader of Catalonia surrendered to Belgian police

Carles Pujdeme The former head of the government of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme and four other former advisers of Generalitat located in Belgium, voluntarily surrendered to the police. About it reports on Sunday, November 5, Reuters with reference to the Brussels Prosecutor’s office. “This morning five people wanted by Spain, appeared before the police of Brussels. They were detained in 09:17”, — said at a press conference the representative office. According to him, politicians will soon appear before court. The judge will make the decision on their arrest within 24 hours. November 2, Spain’s national court issued the arrest warrant in Brussels Pokdemon and his companions, and decided to detain until the hearing on the merits eight other former advisers of the Catalan government. The lawyer of the former leader of the region said that his client has no plans to escape and will obey the decision of the Belgian justice.

The court in Belgium has released Pokdemon and four of his associates

Carles Pujdeme A Belgian court has released the former head of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon and four former Ministers in the province, according to Reuters. Pujdeme and former members of the Catalan government released until a decision on the execution of European arrest warrants issued by Spain. The trial lasted more than 10 hours. Pujdeme together with his associates surrendered to Belgian police on the morning of 5 November. In Brussels, the former head of Catalonia arrived on 30 October, after the Spanish authorities for the independence of Catalonia’s local Parliament on October 27 sent Pokdemon and his government to resign. November 2, Spain’s national court issued a warrant for the arrest Pokdemon and his companions. They face charges of disobeying authorities and the embezzlement of public funds spent on the organization of unrecognized Madrid a referendum on the independence of Catalonia on 1 October.

Fabulous work. Why do people throw it all away for “work dreams”

Fabulous work. Why do people throw it all away for “work dreams” MOSCOW, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti, Irina Halecky. Every year, the authorities of Queensland in Australia announced a competition for the position of superintendent of tropical Hamilton island. The vacancy is called “the best job in the world”: special education is not required, it is only necessary to be able to swim, feed the fish, to sail and to be a good storyteller. “It must be a special person. It will be a very busy, well-spent time,” write the authors of the ads. For “work” he will pay about 100 thousand dollars. Beautiful in words, in practice the position is often not the same as its sign in the Declaration, and the conditions can be quite “heavenly”. The RIA Novosti correspondent found out how people who refused the usual office for the sake of dreams, and how their