The Amur tiger Typhoon attacked the woman in Kaliningrad

Livestock Kaliningrad zoo, who worked in the division of predatory animal and pinnipeds, is in the hospital after the attack Amur tiger named Typhoon, reports RIA Novosti.

“Animal science was attacked by a Siberian tiger named Typhoon, — said the press Secretary of the zoo Ekaterina Mikhailova. —
Presumably, the animal was released in the outdoor aviary at the moment when there was livestock. Visitors with shouts, stones, all kinds of scrap materials, down to the chairs of the street cafes, distracted the animal, and at this time livestock specialist managed to disappear in the inner room”.

Mikhailov said that livestock is in a state of shock and was hospitalized in traumatologic office of one of the local hospitals. The reasons that the zoo employee was in a cage with a predator at the same time, is not yet known. Internal investigation will be conducted.

In October it was reported that an Indian national Park, Bannerghatta white tiger mauled an employee who was cleaning the cage.