In the Urals invalid dismembered two women and died

Man consisting on the account in psychiatric clinic, dealt with two women in the village of Kedrovka Sverdlovsk region. It is reported

The incident occurred around noon in the store near the train station, after which the man died near the scene of the crime at the time of arrest by the police.

As the head reported a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt, passers-by tried to detain the attacker, armed with a bloody knife, but to defuse it failed along the traffic police patrolling the area. After the police removed the man from the roadway, he suffered an epileptic seizure. The killer died at the scene before the ambulance and operatives.

The first victim of the 45-year-old psychopath who came to the City and visit mother, was 57-year-old employee of the railway shop “fortune”. According to preliminary data, the killer cut off the victim’s chest, cut the abdomen and scalped. The second victim, who visited the store a few minutes after the massacre of the first, he overtook on the exit of the store and so cruelly murdered her with a knife.

At the place of work and forensics experts UK criminal case under article “Murder of two or more persons.”