USA is interested in the Russian idea of peacekeepers in the Donbass

Kurt Volker

The US state Department considers interesting Russian initiative to host peace mission in the Donbass, said the representative of the state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker, reports RIA Novosti.

“We are trying to see whether it is possible to create conditions for the deployment of peacekeeping of the UN mission to control the territory in Eastern Ukraine. This will restore trust on both sides, and it will create the opportunity for Ukraine to advance the implementation of the Minsk agreements, in particular, to the elections, which they now can not do,” said Walker.

He also said that Washington has asked Kiev “not to introduce a competing resolution” and “try to agree” and “agree on principles and elements of” the possible deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission in the framework of the Russian initiative.

On 11 September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to place UN peacekeepers not just along the disengagement line in Donbass, as well as “other places where the SMM, the OSCE conducts its inspection trip”.

On 5 September a resolution on the peacekeepers by order of the President of Russia in the UN security Council has made Moscow. The proposal suggests placing the mission on the demarcation line between the militias of the unrecognized republics and Armed forces of Ukraine.