The red Cross recognized the loss of $5 million in donations to fight Ebola

The red Cross recognized the loss of $5 million in donations to fight Ebola

More than five million dollars of humanitarian aid, collected in the fight against the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is lost to fraud or corruption, recognized by the red cross.

Auditors in the course of the investigation found purchases at inflated prices, salaries of nonexistent employees, as well as false customs account.

The Ebola outbreak in 2014-2016 claimed the lives of at least 10 thousand people.

To combat the epidemic was organized large-scale humanitarian operation that has collected millions of dollars.

While Ebola has spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the international Federation of the red cross in Geneva distributed the donations between the national red cross societies in these countries, the total funding amounted to about $ 100 million.

The investigation of the auditors of the red cross revealed that Liberia’s 2.7 million dollars disappeared as a result of supply at inflated prices, and payments to fictitious workers.

In Sierra Leone, the staff of humanitarian organizations, apparently, colluded with employees of local banks and was able to get more than two million dollars, while in Guinea, where the investigation is still continuing, nearly a million dollars was lost because of the false customs accounts.

Representatives of the red cross said bi-Bi-si, that deeply deplore the loss of resources. The organization said that it intends to tighten financial regulations and to bring to justice all those responsible.

Fraud with donated money — the nightmare of any charitable organization, says correspondent Bi-bi-si, Imogen Foulkes.

The red Cross is the most famous humanitarian organization in the world and the results of the investigation, apparently, detrimental to her.