The majority of young Americans advocated socialism

The majority of young Americans advocated socialism

MOSCOW, Nov 4 — RIA Novosti. Most Americans of the millennial generation, people aged 15 to 30 years, would prefer to live under socialism, not under capitalism.

This is according to the YouGov survey, commissioned by the NGO “Fund of memory of victims of communism”, which was founded by former U.S. Secretary of state Zbigniew Brzezinski.

According to the survey, for socialism was made by 44% of young people, capitalism was supported by 42%, and another 7% chose communism and fascism.

While 66% failed to give a correct definition of socialism, and almost 30% of confusing communism with fascism. In addition, half of young Americans believe that the American economy is working against them and two thirds declare the injustice of the tax system.

While the older generation expressed a more traditional view of things — 59% of supporters of market economy, compared to 34% of the socialists.

Executive Director of the Foundation Marion Smith called the survey results disturbing. “This underlines widespread historical illiteracy in American society against socialism and the systematic failure of our education system,” opined Smith.

Earlier opinion polls showed that Russians still differ in their assessments of the results of the October revolution, the number of those who believes that it was in the interests of the majority of society, corresponds to the number of those who think otherwise; at the same time, the majority of Russians assess the consequences of the revolution for the whole country positively. According to the sociologists, 46% of respondents believe that the revolution took place in the interests of the majority of society, however, the same percentage disagree.