Sterligov has decided to sell the Moscow shops to clear my conscience

Store “Bread from Russian oven Sterligov”

Orthodox businessman German Sterligov put up for sale a network of shops “Bread and salt” in Moscow. One of its outlets on Sadovaya-Spasskaya street, he had already closed. About this businessman wrote on his page “Vkontakte”.

Six of the Moscow shops it is estimated to be 600 thousand dollars. He argues that the costs will be repaid within a year.

“I was offered a choice: to save the business or save the conscience. Chose conscience”, — he explained his decision.

Sterligov wrote that it “strongly presses the Prosecutor’s office”, so they had to change the inscription on standing at the entrance of the store plate. The phrase “Fag allowed” was replaced with “Sodomites allowed”. But, he said, that the office was not enough — they wanted that the entrepreneur has ceased to discriminate against homosexuals and let them into the shop.

“So we’d give up earnings from the shops in Moscow, but a fag in stores Sterligov will not serve! We understand that a victory for the sodomites is not the us stores to close. Victory for them is to force us to serve leaky scum on a par with decent people. This from us dirty perverts not wait for ever,” protested the businessman.

He promised to reopen in Moscow shops when it comes to “good times” and “the influence of some fag in Moscow state agencies will come to naught”.

At the end of October the former mayor of Arkhangelsk, outdoor homosexual don Alexander bought bread in one of the Moscow shops Sterligov. When he went out of the door of the shop, a passerby shouting “I mean, are you gay?” attacked him with his fists.

Earlier, the businessman dismissed the saleswoman who have treated homosexual brew in his Kirov outlet. He called it filth and a dirty bastard and threatened to all its employees that will kick their “kick up the backside” if they support a woman.

Stores “bakery German Sterligov” work in Moscow, Perm, Kirov and St. Petersburg. The price per kilogram of bread in them starts from 550 rubles, a kilogram of cottage cheese from whole milk is 3.6 thousand rubles at a discount. In late September, after numerous complaints one of the outlets in St. Petersburg was closed.