Sky: Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into Kevin spacey

Sky: Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into Kevin spacey

Earlier several men have accused the actor of sexual harassment.

LONDON, November 3. /TASS/. London police started investigation concerning actions of the actor Kevin spacey made in the UK nine years ago. About it reported on air, citing its own sources, the TV channel Sky News.

According to him, Scotland Yard is not officially mention the name of the actor, like everyone else’s behalf in an ongoing incident, but his helper, according to the channel information, it is spacey. According to reports, we are talking about the attack one man to another, which occurred in London in 2008.

The scandal spacey broke out after October 30, the actor Anthony RAPP accused him of sexual harassment. RAPP said that in 1985, when he was 14 years old, 25-year-old spacey has invited him to visit me in new York and began to pester him. Spacey allegedly got him drunk and tried to lie down in bed with him, but he was drunk, making the young RAPP managed to escape. Spacey himself said he did not remember the incident, but said he apologizes if this episode actually happened.

Subsequently sexual harassment spacey has accused some of the men in particular, actor Robert Cavazos, directed by Tony Montana and the bartender Daniel was Beaten.

Kevin spacey was twice winner of the award “Oscar” in 1996 in the category “best supporting actor” in the movie “usual suspects” (“The Usual Suspects”) and in 1999 for the best main role in the film “American Beauty” (American Beauty).