Canadian found in his field of someone else’s house

Canadian found in his field of someone else’s house

Canadian resident of the town of pilot Butte came out in the morning to his field and met there with an unusual “crop”. Finished house stood on a mobile platform, decorating the horizon.

House Patrick maze found on the morning of 23 October, and a week later told about the incident to Facebook, asking his friends, did it happen with their fields either.

He published a photo and turned to the unknown owner of the house with a request to respond.

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In the comments to the post, Patrick said that the field he rents to a local farmer, and fears that the house might have something to happen. Still, it’s someone’s property, though abandoned in a strange place.

The house owner was a resident of Chaplin, near pilot Butte. Brenda Robertson said that he had bought a finished house, but delivery had problems. The company from Winnipeg was not permission from energy companies for the installation. The house was taken back and promised to get permission, but gave up halfway on the field Maza. The delivery service promised to remove the building.