Drowned near Chelyabinsk commemorated on a lake of dead friends

Drowned near Chelyabinsk commemorated on a lake of dead friends

CHELYABINSK, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. The company of five people, who on Wednesday overturned in a boat in Argazinskoe reservoir in the Chelyabinsk region, every year out, on this day to commemorate the drowned earlier this place friends, reported the press service of search and rescue services in the region.

According GUMCHS of Russia in the region, at 15.10 GMT on 1 November to the control center in crisis situations from the operations duty officer of PSS Chelyabinsk region, it was reported that on lake Argazi 50 metres from the shore of the overturned boat duralumin, which was five people. To escape managed two people.

“Each year the company went on Argazinskoe reservoir to commemorate drowned there a few years ago friends, and this year five people boarded a boat and sailed from the shore. After some time the boat capsized, and people overboard. Perhaps the reason was a strong wind and big wave,” — said in the message.

Another boat in which were two — presumably the police arrived the screams of the victims. They took them on Board, but the boat quickly began to fill up with water and drowned. People were in the water, two of the first boats were able to swim to land, one of them was a life jacket, clarifies the rescuers.

At the moment, found the body of one of drowned women.