An unusual headband with headphones is sold on AliExpress at an attractive price

Unusual headphones-armband with Bluetooth Ordinary headphones, even the most comfortable, are not always suitable for active sports or sleep. But Aliexpress found a very cool sports armband that will easily cope with this task. The soft and elastic fabric has a small and thin Bluetooth display and almost invisible speakers that allow you to listen to music or audio files while sleeping, meditating or playing sports. The mask is made of high-quality material, it can also be used as an eye mask for a comfortable sleep. At an average volume, one battery charge is enough for 10 hours of listening. The mask is also easy to wash, having previously pulled out the electronic elements.  Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written: The headphones are soft, warm enough to protect from the wind, cool enough so that the head does not sweat.

Experts predicted a “twindemia” in Europe due to the return of the flu

Due to strict restrictions, the flu virus almost completely disappeared in Europe last winter, but this year it is returning at a much faster pace, Reuters reports, citing data from the EU medical regulator. This process raises concerns about a double epidemic or “twindemia”, especially since this year the most dangerous strain of the H3A influenza virus is circulating for the elderly. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), since mid-December, influenza viruses have been circulating in Europe at a higher than expected rate. In December, the number of flu cases in European intensive care units steadily increased, reaching a peak of 43 patients in the last week of the year. This is significantly lower than the level that was before the pandemic, for example, in 2018, the number of weekly flu cases in intensive care units reached more than 400. But this is more than

Japanese Foreign Minister believes that Tokyo's sovereignty extends to the southern part of the Kuriles

«The four northern islands sovereignty. We intend to continue persistent negotiations on the basis of our basic position, which is the desire to sign a peace treaty after the settlement of the territorial issue  — he said. Thus, Hayashi commented on the statement of his Russian colleague at a press conference in Moscow on 14 January. Then Sergey Lavrov noted that     Tokyo still recognized the results of the Second World War in the context of the Kuril Islands, making constant demarches due to visiting Russian officials and military islands of the South Kuril Islands.

Ginzburg announced the development of a test for neutralizing “omicron” antibodies

“We have a test system for determining virus neutralizing antibodies to omicron, but it is only available at our center so far,” Ginzburg said. Earlier, Ginzburg told RIA Novosti that he himself was infected with omicron, but was not ill, thanks to the protection of the Sputnik V vaccine. It was possible to establish this precisely thanks to this test system, which showed a high level of virus neutralizing antibodies to omicron.

Expert: the spread of the omicron strain to the regions will take from two weeks

“From two weeks. Quickly, because the holidays ended with the fact that Omicron was brought to us from 20 countries. There were leading countries from which more or less were brought, but they scattered everywhere. Now importation from abroad is no longer a key source, there is a spread of infection within the country, the strain has appeared in the population. There is a case in Rostov-on-Don, where a child and a mother who did not go anywhere got sick at the same time,” the expert answered the question of when the new strain will reach the regions. Gorelov added that airborne transmission of infection speaks for itself. In addition, according to the expert, the omicron strain is gradually replacing the delta strain in Moscow, the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg. He noted that as they approach the Far East, the delta strain circulates, since it reached these regions late.

Borrell rules out preventive sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

About preventive restrictions against Russia in case of  invasion” it does go to Ukraine, said the EU High Representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell.         is talking about preventive sanctions, there can be no preventive sanctions . We discuss what to do if something happens. <…> If we need to act, we will have to act», — said Borrell. At the same time, he noted that the European Union is ready in in case of "aggression" to take action against Ukraine. The European Union agrees that the architecture of European security needs to be reviewed, this could benefit everyone, the head of European diplomacy pointed out. “Revisiting the European security architecture could be beneficial to everyone”, — he thinks. At the same time, the diplomat pointed out that it is impossible to discuss the security of Europe without itself. No decisions can be made without the participation of the Europeans. Josep Borrell EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to neighboring country. U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, in

The former president of Ukraine for the whole day could not choose a measure of restraint

Waiting for arrest On Monday, Petro Poroshenko was closer than ever to being arrested. Directly from the Zhuliany airport, where he arrived from Warsaw after a month abroad, the ex-president went to the capital's Pechersky District Court. There, all day they chose a preventive measure for him in the so-called “coal case”. The hearing was scheduled for 12:00 Moscow time (11:00 in Kyiv), but began only after 40 minutes due to Judge Aleksey Sokolov being late. Then, according to Petro Poroshenko, they tried to “illegally appoint” him a free lawyer, but the ex-president refused the services of a defense attorney. In the middle of the day, the court went on a two-hour break, which ended at 18:20. At & nbsp; 19:40 the judge retired to the deliberation room. After several hours of waiting, the Ukrainian media began to report that Sokolov became ill, in connection with which a medical team was called. The office of the court, however,

Day in History: January 18

Discovery of the Hawaiian Islands The Hawaiian Islands remained unknown to the inhabitants of Europe for many centuries. Native Hawaiians, who belonged to a Polynesian family, lived here for 14 centuries before the appearance of European navigators. At the end of the XVIII century, the English navigator James Cook was looking for a strait that would shorten the way from Europe to Asia. In December 1777, on the ships Resolution and Discovery, he sailed from Bora Bora and on January 18, 1778, discovered the islands of Oahu and Kauai, which are part of Hawaii. When the Europeans came ashore, the locals fell on their faces, mistaking them for gods. Cook named the Sandwich Islands after his friend and patron, the first Lord of the British Admiralty.

The Ministry of Health approved contraindications to vaccination against coronavirus

“To approve the attached list of medical contraindications to preventive vaccinations against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19,” the document says. List of medical contraindications to preventive vaccinations against coronavirus: 1. Installed indefinitely: hypersensitivity to substances included in the vaccine, or a vaccine containing similar substances; severe allergic reactions in the anamnesis; severe post-vaccination complications (anaphylactic shock, severe generalized allergic reactions, convulsive syndrome, body temperature above 40 degrees, hyperemia or swelling at the injection site) on previous administration of the vaccine or any of its components.

The White House responded to the publication about the refusal to disconnect Russia from SWIFT

Washington does rule no action against Russia in the event of invasion” countries to Ukraine. So the representative of the National Security Council of the White House commented on TASS the message of the German Das Handelsblatt that the United States and Europe changed their minds about disconnecting Russia from the interbank system for transmitting information about SWIFT payments. “Neither” one option is excluded. We continue to consult with our colleagues very closely about the serious      he added. A representative of the German government, in turn, told TASS that now is not the right time “for speculation about possible sanctions measures,” as Russia is negotiating with Washington and its allies. Handelsblatt, citing government sources, said the the the West has abandoned the idea of ​​disconnecting Russian banks from SWIFT, as this could lead to destabilize financial markets and create an alternative payment infrastructure without dominance of Western countries. < p>Instead, according to the publication, the EU and the US are discussing the introduction of targeted economic sanctions against the largest credit institutions in Russia.