In Moscow beat the responding paramedic

On Saturday, 5 November, in one of the houses on the highway of Enthusiasts in Moscow beat paramedic ambulance. About it “Interfax” was informed in the press service of the Main Department of the MIA in the Russian capital. “During the hospitalization of a woman her husband, according to preliminary data, was drunk, struck in the face by the paramedic. The arrived police the man was arrested and taken to POLICE for investigation,” — said the Agency interlocutor. He added that in fact the incident is checked. In June 2016 in Irkutsk was beaten the ambulance. The occasion was a road conflict with the two men, moving, off-road.

The Italian priest explained the earthquake God’s punishment for original sin

The consequences of the earthquake in Central Italy Italy has incurred the wrath of God because of “insulting the institution of the family and the sanctity of marriage, especially civil unions”. This opinion was expressed by the priest Giovanni Cavalcanti in an interview with radio station “Maria”. “…You talked about the legislation, which is contrary to our religion. Even the laws on civil unions create a lot of problems for us as believers. State laws can sometimes be unfair, but we should not use it, because if we take this opportunity, we sin, perhaps fatally,” said Cavalcanti. So the Minister answered the question about whether able adopted in may 2016 in Italy the law on the legalization of civil same-sex marriage to be in varying degrees, cause a series of earthquakes on the Peninsula. He expressed confidence that all natural disasters are “theological character”. “From a theological point of view,

The court ordered Zhirinovsky 100 thousand rubles at the suit of Mitvol

Photo: RIA Novosti Savelovsky court of Moscow to recover from the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky in favour of Deputy Oleg Mitvol 100 thousand rubles at the suit on protection of honor and dignity, said Wednesday RIA Novosti in court. “The court satisfied the claim partially Mitvol: the defendant Zhirinovsky collected 100 thousand rubles and confiscation and the requirement for RTR is completely rejected,” — said the Agency interlocutor. Mitvol insisted on compensation in the amount of 1 million rubles, and also asked the court to oblige Zhirinovsky to refute the disseminated information, the TV channel “Russia 1”. The reason for the litigation was a pre-election debate, which took place in the channel 23 Aug 2016. The plaintiff argued that during the debates the leader of liberal democratic party distributed information about him of slanderous character.

The United States will respond to cyber threats without warning

The United States is ready to respond to cyberthreats, but not going to discuss it in advance. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the national security Council the White house Brand Straha.   According to him, the President has made it clear that America will do all it can to protect its interests, including in cyberspace.   “And we’ll do it at that time and in that place, which they themselves choose. In accordance with established past practice, the company should not assume that it necessarily will be aware of what actions have been taken and what actions will be taken,” explained Stroh.   He also did not disclose information about what can be a potential answer. However, he hinted: “…Some of the answers you can see some don’t”.   We will remind, earlier TV channel NBC News , citing an unknown representative of the

A former employee stole the tools with the Krasnoyarsk enterprise through a tunnel

A former employee stole the tools with the Krasnoyarsk enterprise through a tunnel Police detained a resident of the village of Bolshaya Irba (Krasnoyarsk Krai), who for months stole through the tunnel of expensive drilling tools with mining companies where he worked before. On Thursday, November 3, reports the press service of the MIA of Russia. The attacker did mine and within a few months illegally entered the warehouse and stole spare parts. Stolen property the suspect had sold. The total damage amounted to about half a million rubles.The press service of the MIA of Russia Upon a crime criminal case as regards 4 articles 158 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Theft made in especially large size”) with a maximum punishment of 10 years imprisonment. Read takamisaki student stole some 5 thousand dollars and bought a friends hamsters February 11, in the Kemerovo region the police detained

Named the most prosperous country in the world

Named the most prosperous country in the world In 2016, the most prosperous country in the world was New Zealand. According to the publication Business Insider, to such conclusion the British organization Legatum Institute, which annually component of the rating Prosperity Index. Norway, for seven years the leader in the Legatum prosperity rating, dropped to second place. She lost to New Zealand by all criteria except the level of education, safety and the environment. Third place went to Finland. This country was recognized as the best in effectiveness of government, level of democracy and guarantees the rule of law. Switzerland, a leader in the field of education, achieved fourth place in the ranking of prosperity. Read takanazuke country with the largest number of pessimists The next five positions of the list are Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Britain, the former a year ago, on 15-m a place, has

The white house reacted to reports of cyber attacks on Russia

The white house reacted to reports of cyber attacks on Russia The United States is always ready to respond to threats in cyberspace. Thus the representative of the national security Council the White house mark Stroh commented on the RIA Novosti information that us military hackers infiltrated the computer system. He added that the United States will firmly prevent attempts of other countries to intervene in the presidential campaign. See alsothe media found out about the penetration of the military hackers of the USA in the Russian system November 4, NBC News, citing its sources reported that the us military hackers broke into the Russian national grid, telecommunications networks and the “Kremlin control.” It was noted that harm could be caused if Washington deems it necessary. This information has commented on the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov and Russian foreign Ministry. In early November, U.S. Secretary of state

Kosachev: information about access American hackers in the system of the Russian Federation connected with the elections in USA

© Patrick Lux/Getty Images MOSCOW, November 5. /TASS/. Dissemination of information on the alleged penetration of U.S. hackers in the key Russian computer system is not connected with the provision of American national security, and with the end of the campaign in the United States. This opinion was expressed today on his page in the network Facebook the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

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