Beijing was not allowed to the legislative Assembly of Hong Kong’s Pro-independence

Beijing was not allowed to the legislative Assembly of Hong Kong’s Pro-independence The Chinese authorities have blocked the inauguration of Hong Kong’s two elected legislators who refused to declare their loyalty to Beijing during the inaugural ceremony. Removed from their posts sikstus “Baggio” Lingyun Yao and Chien Wai openly advocate the independence of Hong Kong. According to official Chinese media, Chinese authorities have exercised their right to prohibit to take the position of officials who do not observe the established regulations. The decision of the Parliament of mainland China notes that legislators must “accurately, fully and solemnly,” to read that part of his inaugural speech, which refers to loyalty to Beijing. Lingyun provocative nuclear weapons and has repeatedly changed the text of the oath. On the eve was held in Hong Kong rally against Beijing interference in the political life of the Autonomous region, which ended with clashes activists by

Zyuganov admitted the desire to revive the USSR

At a rally on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the October revolution, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov stated the willingness of his party to recreate the Soviet Union. On Monday 7 November, reports “Interfax”. “We will do everything to bring back the Soviet power in order to promote ideas of the Great October again to recreate our powerful, torn down in 1991, the state”, — said Zyuganov. According to the head of the Communist party, the party will be to increase and promote the best of Soviet history, which “was legendary and remains for us a beacon for the future.” “We are entering the year of the centenary, join a cohesive and powerful team, we have our own program. There is a clear and clear objective — to revive the great allied powers,” — said the Communist leader. The Communist party and a number of leftist organizations

Israel refused peace conference on the middle East

Benjamin Netanyahu Israel refused to participate in multilateral peace conference on the middle East, to be held in Paris, as it will not allow to communicate directly with the Palestinians. This was stated by the office of the Prime Minister of the Jewish state Benjamin Netanyahu, reports on Monday, November 7, The Independent. According to representatives of the government, the conflict can be resolved only through direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine. The foreign Ministry of France said that, despite the decision of the tel Aviv, Paris still plans to hold another peace conference before the end of this year. Palestinian representatives have stated that they intend to come to the event. According to the publication, in 2016, the Paris repeatedly tried to resume consultations between the parties. In June, the French capital hosted the international conference on Palestinian-Israeli settlement without the participation of the representatives of the conflicting parties.

Retired military in the United States has urged trump to disclose income

Photo: AFP More than fifty high-ranking U.S. military retired wrote a letter asking presidential candidate from Republican Donald Trump, that he has published a tax return to establish the possible relations with the Russian leadership, reports the associated Press. “A group of 62 high-ranking military officers retired have expressed concern about possible links of Donald trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They call upon the Republican nominee to publish a tax return to determine whether financial ties with Moscow”, — writes the Agency. The officers wonder whether trump, if elected President to serve the national security interests of his country. “In the letter they say that trump has taken some steps in favor of Moscow, in particular, he refused to recognize the conclusions of the intelligence agencies about the relationship of the Kremlin with the latest hacker attacks on the system of national Committee of Democratic party of the USA”,

In the Kremlin commented on the decision of Putin to stop the Russian attacks videoconferencing in Aleppo

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has commented on Vladimir Putin’s decision to stop of Russian air force strikes on terrorists in Aleppo.   “The decision was made in accordance with the position taken by President Putin, which led to the continuation of this regime of non-resumption of combat operations the Russian VKS” – quoted by RIA Novosti Peskov.   Press Secretary of the Russian President also added that the cease of operations of Air and space Forces of the Russian Federation will continue as long as Putin considers it appropriate.   November 5, the defense Ministry said that the Russian air force and Syrian air force does not strike at Syria’s Aleppo for 19 days. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

The ship with the people stuck in the Khabarovsk region

The ship with the people stuck in the Khabarovsk region Moscow. On 5 November. INTERFAX.RU — IN Ulchi district of the Khabarovsk territory between the settlements Mariinsky and Sofijsk suspended the course of a river vessel, consisting of a pusher and a barge, which moved in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. “On the barge are seven people, are food for seven days, and warm clothes, the threat of pouring of fuel no. On Saturday it is planned to use the Mi-8 helicopter of the local airlines, which will take away from the barge people”, — the press service of the far Eastern regional center (dvrts) MES of Russia. The report also says that information about the incident came on Friday evening in operational duty shift of control Center in crisis situations of dvrts. It was established that, due to early freeze-up (early long-term mean values by 7-9 days) on the Amur river to the

Bloody fight of the penguins horrified users of the network

Bloody fight of the penguins horrified users of the network Network users horrified by video of National Geographic, in which two penguins met in a fierce battle for females. The video was published in Twitter-account of the channel and for two days gathered more than 240 thousand retweets and 300 thousand likes. In the description to the video says that the penguin has discovered a female with its counterpart, and then jumped on him and started to bite and beat their wings. In the end, after a few minutes both birds were covered in blood. Netizens felt that such footage should not be shown on television, and has also illustrated the horror of what he saw different themes. A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin. — Nat Geo Channel (@NatGeoChannel) on 4 November 2016

Extremist “likes”

Extremist “likes” When deciding on the direction of action of the person who posted extremist material on the Internet or expressing their attitude to such information, courts should consider the context, form and content of the publication, as well as the presence and content of the commentary. Such explanations of the Supreme court intends to Supplement its 2011 resolution on judicial practice on cases on crimes of an extremist orientation. Since then, the number of cases of extremism is growing steadily, said Thursday the Supreme court judge Oleg Steepin. The active dynamics is shown for the case of excitation of hatred or enmity (article 282 of the Criminal code): if in 2012, is condemned 149 people, in 2015 — already 444. Growth provides basically the first part of this article — crimes committed using the Internet. According to the judge, such adjustments, the Supreme court makes with the submission of

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