In Yekaterinburg clock counting down the 500 days until the 2018 world Cup, broke in a day

In Yekaterinburg clock counting down the 500 days until the 2018 world Cup in football, broke a day after installation. About it writes the local edition “Our Newspaper Ekaterinburg”.   The ceremony of installation and starting the clock in the center of Yekaterinburg was held on Monday, January 30. Watch was to count down the 500 days before the start of the world Cup, which Russia will host in 2018.   But the next day they broke. The cause of failure is unknown. Also, no word on when they will fix it. Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti

The Federation Council has told about the difference between the income of men and women

Russian women on average earn a third less than men. These data led the Deputy speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova, citing Rosstat, reports “Russian newspaper”.   So, the salary of women is only 72% of men’s wages. However, there are exceptions.   So, in the Crimean Federal district women and men earn about the same.   According to statistics, in some of the activities of the wages of the sexes do not differ. Thus, in the production of leather, leather products and footwear manufacturing wages of men and women almost equal.   And the income of women working in “science and technology” exceeds by 19% the income of men. Photo: N. Hochheimer / CHROMORANGE / Globallookpress

In Kiev said about the evacuation of civilians from Avdeevka

From the old part of Avdeevka of Donetsk region to evacuate civilians. About this on his page in Facebook said Ukrainian MP Yevhen Deidei.   “Right now, the evacuation of the old part of the Town due to heavy shelling by Grad. The situation is becoming more critical,” wrote the Dade.   Earlier in the Ministry of defence DND reported that the APU was fired at Yasinovataya of MLRS “Grad” firing on the city and its surroundings about 120 shells.   APU began a new offensive against the militias in Eastern Ukraine Tuesday afternoon. According to the DNR, the loss of the Ukrainian security forces amounted to 14 killed and dozens wounded. Photo: Sergey Averin / RIA Novosti

The United States denied the transfer of weapons to the Philippines

US Ambassador to Manila sang Kim said the United States is not stockpiling weapons in the Philippines. About it reports Reuters. “We are not building any weapons on any point of the Philippines,” said Kim. According to him, all construction work at U.S. bases agreed upon by Manila and none of the constructed buildings not designed for storage of weapons. Thus the head of the U.S. Embassy reacted to the allegation by the President of the Republic Rodrigo Duterte, who said that the U.S. military erected arsenals and boxes for equipment, including tanks, across five bases in the Philippines. Duterte noted that it might provoke a reaction from China and harm the interests of the country. Once the Philippine military has denied the statements of its President, he has indicated that he has his own sources of information which he trusts. In January 2016, the Pentagon has approved a number

Experts have confirmed sekatskii past Walesa

Lech Walesa The head of the Commission for the investigation of crimes against the Polish nation Andrzej Pozerski confirmed that the former President of Poland and leader of the opposition Solidarity trade Union, Lech Walesa for many years he was a secret informant of state security. It is reported by Rzeczpospolita. According to Pozharskogo, handwriting examination found that the agreement to cooperate with state security pnrm., dated December 21, 1970, and 17 receipts of money and several denunciations written by Lech Walesa, who was quoted in the documents of the secret police under the name Bolek. The study of archival documents held in connection with the statement of Walesa, who argued that these documents are forged. As explained Pozorski, experts have not found in the submissions of the signs of forgery or other interference. Former Polish leader repeatedly accused of collaborating with the secret services. The first suspect appeared in

The Senator from California called to show immigration documents Melania trump

Melania Trump Member of the California state Senate, Nancy Skinner (Nancy Skinner) demanded that the White house unveiled immigration papers US first lady Melania trump. On Tuesday, January 31, writes The Independent. The policy statement was a protest against the tough immigration policies of the new President of Donald trump, notes Politico. “No one from the environment trump did not provide any documents, clarifying the circumstances, and that it [the President’s wife] legal status,” she said. Skinner also said that in August last year, trump promised his wife before the presidential election will hold a press conference on this issue, however, the event did not take place. The White house statement by the Senator refused to comment. January 27, trump signed a decree to toughen immigration policy. It applies to citizens of seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population. The official list were not disclosed, but it is likely about

Peskov declined to assess the unpredictability of the trump

Dmitry Peskov Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov declined to evaluate the President of the United States Donald Trump, politics and behavior which some experts have described as unpredictable. His words on Tuesday, January 31, the correspondent “”. “In this case is not for us to give any qualifications to the President of the United States,” said Sands, answering the request of journalists to share their impressions about the new American President. A Kremlin spokesman also stressed that the predictability or unpredictability of the policy trump is an internal affair of America. “We proceed from the attitude that was described during the recent telephone conversation [between the leaders of Russia and the USA], which brings us satisfaction,” said Sands. Earlier Tuesday, a former employee of the U.S. Department of state Nabil Khoury stated that further steps trump on foreign policy difficult to predict, as he never consulted

Ambulances were not allowed to RAM their hindering the passage of vehicles

Ambulances are not allowed to RAM them prevent the passage of cars. The relevant provision previously proposed by members of the Public chamber, was not included in the bill introduced in the state Duma, has declared “to Interfax” the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev. “From what the ambulance rammed the car, not the fact that she will be able to provide then with expert medical care. Our task is not to punish the person who missed the ambulance, but to save the patient. And if a RAM would be done — you understand that everything is possible: the ambulance will stop and we will call the next crew,” he said. The document was submitted to the Duma on 27 January. The text published on the website of the lower house of Parliament. Under the bill, in the absence of harm do not miss the special

In the Russian Orthodox Church threatened to take to the streets a million supporters of the transfer of Isaac

ROC promised that, if necessary, at a rally in support of the transfer of the Church of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg it will be a million people. About this “Interfax” said Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov. “If we, as they call us bigots, clerics want will come 100 thousand people, and if you want a million. We will gather a million. What is a need? People tear off from home, from work, will come from the regions”, — he said. According to Smirnov, the shares against the transfer of Isaac is a “storm in a teacup”. January 28, about 20 opposition activists staged in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in protest against the transfer of the building to use the Church. They entered the temple with posters “Museum — city!” in that moment, when there was service. On the same day on the Champ de Mars in St. Petersburg took place the rally

Stalin was nominated twice for the Nobel peace prize

Photo: RIA Novosti Joseph Stalin was nominated twice for the Nobel prize in 1945 and 1948 for his efforts to end world war II. This follows from declassified Nobel Committee’s list of individuals who were nominated for the Nobel prize, but didn’t get it. About it reports a site “Russian newspaper”. According to procedure, the names of nominees are kept in the archives classified as “top secret” for 50 years. Thus, the last reliable information about who was not given the prize available for 1961. The British historian, who proposed the candidacy of Stalin, called his name, including such political figures like Roosevelt and Churchill. In 1953, the British Prime Minister was awarded the Nobel prize for literature for a work of historical memoirs. A candidate for the Nobel prize were Mahatma Gandhi. He was nominated shortly before his murder in 1948. To present the award posthumously prohibited by the

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