Housewives bitten the child dogs was placed under house arrest in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg was placed under house arrest Housewives dogs that bit a seven year old girl. On Monday, November 7, reported on the website of the St. Petersburg Central Board of the Investigative Committee of Russia. November 2, in the Vyborg district of the city women with dogs without muzzles came out of the entrance to the courtyard, where at this point were a seven year old girl with her mother. The animals attacked the child and bit him. Currently, the life of the victim is not in danger. In fact the incident initiated a criminal case on hooliganism. The owner of the animals was arrested. According to investigators, the women contain a large number of dogs without proper care. Attacked the baby dogs were seized from their owners and sent to a shelter. In July in the Nizhniy Novgorod region the dog has bitten five children. The boy’s

In Belgium unknown tore out the eyes of the native of Africa

Unknown attacked a 33-year-old man of African descent in the commune of Ixelles in the Brussels-capital region. Before escape, the offender snatched the victim’s eyes (what kind of tool he used for this, not yet established). The case occurred in the night of Sunday, November 6, describes Derniere heure. According to the newspaper, police and rescuers were called passerby. The victim was taken to hospital in critical condition. He survived. Law enforcement officers conducting the investigation, found the eyes of a man near the scene of the attack. Offending people is on the loose, motives are being investigated. It is possible that this legislation is part of a settling of accounts between the African tribes. In 2015, in Europe, the largest outbreak since the Second world war the immigration crisis. According to the International organization for migration in August — September 2016 in Europe moved over 300 thousand migrants, mostly

U.S. bombers B-52 bombed the Mosul

Photo: US air force struck in Mosul with heavy strategic long range missile-carrying bomber B-52H, said the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov. “The Russian and Syrian planes for 13 days did not make any flights over the city of Aleppo. For comparison, the US-led international coalition over the past day struck nine air strikes on residential neighborhoods of Iraqi cities – Mosul. And to be clear about the “selectivity” of such attacks and respect the coalition of international humanitarian law, I note that two of the nine strikes on city blocks fulfilled the American strategic bombers b-52N”, – said Konashenkov, quoted by RIA “Novosti”. The chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Russian armed forces, Lieutenant-General Sergey rudskoy has informed that the US air force on 24 October launched an airstrike on the school in the village of tell

LIH in the service of NATO: how the radical Islamists were in the ranks of the armed forces of the United States, France and Germany

The current news that the military counterintelligence of Germany (MAD) found in the ranks of the Bundeswehr, several dozen Islamists, not very fresh. At least ten years ago, information about the penetration in the German army of representatives of radical groups were known by the command, but it chose not to advertise. Now the barracks of the armies of NATO countries are literally teeming with the followers of ISIS (banned terrorist organization).    Officially announced details about that in the Bundeswehr identified 20 Islamists, 60 military personnel are under suspicion as sympathetic is only the visible part of the iceberg. From open sources (the German media) can gain information about what the secret service is now investigating the same 320 “suspicious cases”. Not hard to imagine that they are actually even more. At least the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen was forced to more actively insist

Turkish authorities said about 8 killed in Diyarbakir

Turkish authorities said about 8 killed in Diyarbakir Turkish Prime Minister binalı Yildirim reported that the explosion of a car bomb in Diyarbakir in the South-East of the country 8 people died and over 100 were injured, reports Reuters. Next to the police station on the street of Emek at 8.00 GMT the car exploded. Yildirim said that the killed suspect in the attack — a member of the PKK, which Turkey considers a terrorist organization. Earlier it was reported that the blast in the Central district of Turkish city of Diyarbakir has killed at least one person. Son Dakika! Diyarbakır Bağlar’da bir patlama gerçekleşti.. — Hamit Ağabey (@laziibere) November 4, 2016

The lawyer said about the second suicide attempt Chelsea manning

The lawyer said about the second suicide attempt Chelsea manning A soldier of the US army Chelsea manning who is serving 35-year prison sentence passing classified files to WikiLeaks, attempted suicide a second time. About it reports Reuters with reference to her lawyer Strangio chase of the American civil liberties Union. According to him, manning attempted to take her own life on 4 October, while he was incarcerated in solitary confinement for a suicide attempt undertaken in July. “She was repeatedly punished for trying to survive and now repeatedly punished for trying to die,” said Strangio. A press-the Secretary of the army was not ready to promptly comment on this information. Chelsea Manning attempted suicide second time in prison, attorney says — Raw Story (@RawStory) on 5 November 2016. In September it was reported that manning was sentenced to two weeks in solitary confinement for a suicide attempt.

In Iraq, we found materials on the lives of militants

In Iraq, we found materials on the lives of militants Liberated from the terrorist group “Islamic state” territories of Iraq the military discovered printed materials on the life of the militants, Reuters reports. Printed matter presents the rules in an easy to understand form — in the form of questions and detailed answers. In particular, in the materials explains how to pray the member of the group, what are the requirements to appearance, it must comply with. The militants, the Agency said, allowed short pants. And the beard that shaving is not supposed to be “decent length”. A small booklet with a picture of the jewelry and of wheat on the cover talks about how to do “donations”. Someone who does not make regular “donations” will be punished. Reuters said that separately in the instructions covers the issue of concubines. In particular, the action gets them after the capture of

The Minister Vasilyev told about the big minus of Stalin

Olga Vasilyeva The Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilieva in an interview to “Interfax” called the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin politician “with a great big minus sign”. “How can I treat Stalin the man, the tyranny which is self-evident? Man, the conscience (and the conscience) of the victims of political repression? But we must agree that this man is a statesman,” she said. The Minister said that the doctoral thesis was devoted to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church and Patriotic movement in the years of the great Patriotic war. “In 1943-1953 years of this tyrant and pragmatic use of the potential of the Russian Orthodox Church for organization of the postwar world order. The uniqueness of this decade is that the interests of the ruler and the Church coincided”, — said Vasilyev. In August the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia demanded Vasilyeva clarify its attitude to

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