Russia has proposed to introduce punishment for denial of the October revolution

Photo: RIA Novosti “Communists of Russia” suggest to adopt the law “On administrative liability for denial of historical facts and distortion of the nature of the events concerning the October revolution of 1917, its proposals the party sent to the Chairman of the Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, said on Friday, RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the party Sergey Malinkovich. In 2017 we will celebrate 100 years of revolution in Russia. In the February-March days of 1917, the autocracy fell, and power was in the hands of the Provisional government, and on 25 October 1917 it was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in Petrograd. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov in early January noted that the non-systemic opposition attempts to split the society in the election in 2017, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the October revolution, and will try to use these historical events

In Kazakhstan revealed details of the upcoming talks on Syria

Negotiations on settlement of the situation in Syria will begin in Astana on Monday at 13:00 local time (10:00 GMT) and will presumably be completed at the same time on Tuesday 24 January. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.   In the foreign Ministry also added that the meeting will be held at the hotel Rixos President Astana in the closed mode.   International meeting on the Syrian settlement in Astana will begin on January 23 and is expected to last two days. In the capital of Kazakhstan, they are already Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syrian opposition and UN envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura. Photo: Basem Ayoubi / Globallookpress

Ex-CIA Director insulted the behavior of trump at the headquarters of the security services

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan criticized the behavior of the newly made President of the United States Donald trump because of his behavior during a visit to the headquarters of the Ministry. About it reports “Interfax”.   “Brennan is deeply saddened and angry self-aggrandizement, which showed Donald trump in front of a wall memorial dedicated to the heroes of the office. Brennan says that Trump should be ashamed”, – stated in the message.   Ex-CIA Director was offended trump, standing at the memorial to fallen officers, sorted out the relations with the media and journalists argued that the crowd at the inauguration was much more than was written in the press.   Earlier it was reported that the US President Donald trump on the second day after the inauguration came to the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, where he delivered a speech to employees of the Ministry, assuring them of

American cruise missiles arrived in Poland

The first units of the American precision cruise missile Jassm Extended Range class “air-surface” arrived at the Polish airbase Krzesiny. About it reports “Radio Poland” , citing a statement by the Deputy Minister of defence Bartos Kovnatskogo.   According to him, the missiles will have a bases in Poznan and the Weasel F-16 fighter jets.   Earlier, Poland and the USA signed an agreement to start export of cruise missiles, JASSM-ER to the base Krzesiny. The value of the contract amounted to $230 million. Photo:

Called the main goal of talks on Syria in Astana

The main goal of talks on Syria, which will be held in Astana on 23-24 January, is confirmation of the armistice agreements of 29 December. On Sunday, January 22, reports TASS with reference to close to the upcoming meeting source. “We will focus on the confirmation of the armistice agreements. Preliminary work with this aim has been completed”, — said the Agency interlocutor. He added that the discussion of new initiatives is not on the agenda of the negotiations. Participation in the negotiations confirmed seven parties: the government and the opposition in Syria, Russia, Turkey, Iran, USA and the UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura. Almost all of the delegation except representative offices of the SAR has already arrived in Kazakhstan. The delegation of the Syrian government is expected on Sunday. According to the foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan, the beginning of negotiations scheduled for 13:00 (10:00 Moscow time)

To Astana for talks with representatives of the Syrian opposition

Continued: Named the main goal of talks on Syria in Astana The representatives of the Syrian opposition arrived in Astana for talks. About it RIA Novosti on Sunday morning, January 22, announced the head of the press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Anuar of Jainakov. “I confirm that the opposition delegation in Astana”, — said the Agency interlocutor. He explained that the delegation of the government of Syria will arrive in the capital of Kazakhstan later. Earlier it was reported that the United States decided not to send a delegation to Astana for talks on Syria. The country will be the us Ambassador to Kazakhstan, George Krol. The state Department explained this decision held the inauguration of President Donald trump and the process of transfer of power. Meanwhile, in Astana with representatives of Russia, Turkey and Iran, as well as the UN special envoy on Syria

An earthquake of magnitude 8 occurred in Papua New Guinea

The area of the incident In Papua — New Guinea earthquake of a magnitude of 8.0. This was reported on the website of the U.S. Geological survey. Epicenter tremors, recorded at 07:30 Moscow time, was located 50 kilometers West of Arawa town with a population of 40 thousand people. The focus lies at a depth of 154 km. About victims and destructions are not reported. The Pacific tsunami warning issued an emergency notice. According to him, in neighboring countries expected wave height of 0.3 to 1 meter. Papua New Guinea is located in an area of high seismic activity, where earthquakes occur regularly.

Pedestrians killed almost asking their driver and robbed his house

In the Leningrad region, two men killed a driver who barely crushed, and robbed his house. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee. It is established that in the night of January 18 this year near one of the houses in the city of Vyborg from local residents there was a conflict with the car driver, who lost control, almost hit them. The suspects struck 39-year-old man multiple blows to the head and body, then put it in the cabin of his car, taken outside the city and strangled. Then, the criminals dumped the body in the reservoir, and the car left on the side of the bus stop. After that they are in a taxi went to the Vsevolozhsk district, where is located the house where lived their victim. On the site the men killed were there the handyman and dumped the

Minister of education and science advocated the return to tradition of the Soviet school

Olga Vasilyeva The Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva stands for “return to the best traditions of the Soviet school”. She announced this in an interview with “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”. “Everything new is well forgotten old. Today it is all too true. Is any school of the XXI century should not educate a person who respects his people, valuing work?”, she said. Vasiliev also criticized the current in Russia the two-level system of training in universities. She noted that unlike the European universities, which for the transition to the Bologna system, it took several centuries, Russia has entered her in one decade. “I am concerned the moment when the transition to the baccalaureate instead of a full new programs the universities have gone towards reducing the existing ones,” she said. In November 2016 Vasilyev said that the work on the study of Russian language and literacy will be “even through

Sands on the normalization of relations with the United States: it takes two to tango

Photo: RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow is committed to normalize relations the United States to solve some of the problems in the world and regions, but “it takes two to tango”, reports “Bi-bi-si”. “Unfortunately, we can’t believe. We can only Express our hope,” he explained Moscow’s position to the claims that since coming to power in the United States Donald trump is going to happen fundamental changes in the relations between Russia and the United States. The press Secretary stressed that Russia seeks U.S. cooperation on a number of issues. “We want to have good relations with America. We believe that we cannot solve many problems in this world and in our region that endanger our country, without the cooperation with the Americans. That’s why we desperately need good relations with Washington, but, as they say, it takes two to tango.

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