Polonsky arrest extended until the end of April 2017

Polonsky arrest extended until the end of April 2017 Moscow. 7 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — Presnensky court of Moscow sanctioned the extension for another six months, the arrest of businessman Sergei Polonsky, accused in the theft of more than 2.6 billion rubles in the construction of luxury housing. “The petition of the Prosecutor to satisfy. To extend the accused Polonsky’s measure of restraint in form of detention by six months”, — says the decision of judge Eugene Naydenov, announced Monday at a preliminary meeting of the Presnensky court of Moscow. Thus, the court rejected the petition of protection of the businessman, who asked to release him from custody under house arrest. As reported, themselves preliminary hearings pass in the closed mode. The validity of the stored measure of restraint, the court held, in accordance with the criminal procedure code, calculated from the date of receipt of the case to the court,

Time 19 minutes

Time 19 minutes The Ministry of healthcare developed for doctors temporary rules for the admission of patients. The timing of doctors receive may vary depending on population density or level of morbidity in the region. The rules will take effect in early 2017. The doctors say that the main obstacle to compliance is the need to fill medical records. But to reduce the time of reception to the detriment of the health of patients they are not going. As have informed “news” in the Ministry of health, model standards were calculated on the basis fotohronometra research activities of medical specialists, conducted in 17 pilot regions of the Russian Federation. They will be Advisory in nature and respect the organizational and technical conditions of medical institutions and the views of the management of the clinic. The draft order of the Ministry says that the visit of a specialist doctor with the

Trump came close to victory in the US presidential election

Trump came close to victory in the US presidential election Moscow. 9 Nov. INTERFAX.RU Republican Donald trump came close to victory in the presidential election in the United States. According to the data of 08:00 Moscow time, it is gaining 244 electoral votes of the 270 needed to win the election, Hillary Clinton — 209. 19фотографий19фотографий19фотографий As reported by the Associated Press, trump is gaining 49.2 million votes, rival Democrat Hillary Clinton 47.6 million The outcome of the elections depends on the outcome of voting in the so-called “swing” States that are neither traditionally “democratic” or “Republican”. The publication Politico this year, called the 11 such States: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, new Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. The Washington Post expands on this a list of the States of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Utah.

Milon saw on Clinton’s “seal of Satan”

Photo: RIA Novosti State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov called the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton a witch and left her “old trump”. His words on Tuesday, November 8, reports the national news service (NSN). “Because Clinton is a witch! She’s old, she’s infirm, she can’t govern. She’s not very smart. And her curse for the bombing of Yugoslavia in the night of Easter,” said Milon, adding that he sees on it the seal of Satan. In his view, “it is a shame when the ex-wife of the President [bill Clinton] is running”. In his opinion, the candidate of the Republican party “old trump” should not be discounted, however, everything points to a victory for Clinton. Earlier it became known that Clinton won the voting in the village of Dixville Notch in new Hampshire. At the same time the headquarters trump announced that their candidate leads in

The Serbian President was familiarized with the equipment and weapons of the Russian airborne troops on maneuvers “Slavic brotherhood”

© Russian defense Ministry BELGRADE, 9 November. /TASS/. Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, Serbian soldiers and foreign observers in the framework of the exercise “Slavic brotherhood – 2016” acquainted with the equipment and weapons of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation and Russian military equipment “Ratnik-2”. This was reported to journalists by the commander of the Russian contingent in the exercises, the major-General Oleg Polguev.

Student protestors in California burned an effigy of trump

Students of the University of California in Los Angeles, dissatisfied with the results of the elections of the President, burned an effigy of Donald trump. In the Internet appeared the video, as the protesters burn an effigy, removing what is happening on mobile phones.   The majority of California residents voted in the last election for the opponent of the trump of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.   Protests were held in the cities of Santa Barbara and Oakland where residents broke Windows in editions of local Newspapers, burned tires and set fire to the train station. Brought to the streets hundreds of law enforcement officers. Video: Joe Moeller/Twitter

Six people died in a fire in a business center in Almaty

Six people died in a fire in a business center in Almaty Six people were killed in a fire that occurred in the building of the business centre Almaty Towers in Alma-ATA. About it reports Tengrinews portal with reference to official representative of the Department of emergency situations of the city Sandugash Baimukhambetova. The fire occurred the night before. Lit up the roof of the five-storey building of the cinema. Of business center was evacuated more than 80 people. The total area of fire amounted to 1800 sq. m. On Sunday it was reported one of the victims. They found 54-year-old welder. The bodies of five people were found this morning. Baymukhambetova I I explained that, presumably, it is the workers who performed the installation work. ​ Photos published Apllecity (@ariel_maratovi4) Nov 6 2016 at 4:42 PST

Burning the Briton set a world record

Burning the Briton set a world record In the London borough of Croydon, Anthony Britton (Britton Antony) gave set myself on fire and ran 180 meters, set a world record, writes Daily Mail. The newspaper also published on 8 November, the video achievements. The Britton was wearing a three-overalls, Balaclava, helmet and boots, and the leather has a special gel, which were supposed to protect man from burns. The Briton ran about 50 seconds. The fire brigade arrived to the fallen to the land of the extreme, which escaped with only minor injuries. Video posted by Antony Britton (@antonybritton) Sep 15 2016 at 3:07 PDT Photos published Antony Britton (@antonybritton) Oct 30 2016 12:39 PDT The previous record set by American stuntman Ted Batchelor (Ted Batchelor), who overcame 160 meters.

Ukraine submitted to the UN a draft on Crimea, Russia responded

Ukraine submitted to the UN a draft on Crimea, Russia responded MOSCOW, November 9 — RIA Novosti. Ukraine presented to the UN a draft resolution on human rights in Crimea, urging the Russian authorities to provide international observers access to the organization on the Peninsula, reports AFP. Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN, called it an attempt to exert pressure on Moscow. According to the Agency, the document condemns discrimination in Crimea, urges Russia to “take all necessary measures to immediately end all violations against the inhabitants of Crimea” and to cooperate with the UN office for human rights, which relies on the preparation of the report on the situation on the Peninsula. In addition, the document urges Russia to reconsider the decision to ban “the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”, recognized in Russia as an extremist organization. According to the Agency, the draft resolution was submitted by Ukraine

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