A tuple trump threw a stone

The motorcade of US President Donald trump threw a stone, said in a Twitter of ABC News. “The secret service is investigating after about a car from the motorcade of President of trump in Florida hit an object,” — said in the message. Clarifies that the limousine of the head of state was not injured. Law enforcement bodies assume that the thrown object was a stone. Politics trump causes a sharp dissatisfaction on the part of American society. In some of the United States and in other countries regularly attend the protest. The head of state is accused, in particular, racism and sexism. A new surge of discontent was provoked by his decree restricting immigration.

German soldiers throw a grenade in the video

The Network published a video that amused users. The footage of German soldiers produce an awkward maneuver with a grenade, causing almost hurting each other.   Apparently, one of the soldiers or the commander of a company shows the rest of the rules use grenades. He breaks the pin and throws it.   However, the grenade flies not where people wanted to quit, but, for unknown reasons, is sent into the crowd soldiers. All scatter. Video: LiveLeak / Youtube

Family with two children went missing on a lake in Murmansk

Family with two children had gone Snowmobiling on the lake Malheur the Pechenga district of the Murmansk region and went missing. Relatives told the police that the missing does not contact the second day. On it informs Department of EMERCOM in the region.   “On February 17 in the Center for crisis management received information from his father that his 39-year-old son and civil wife and two children went to the lake,” the message reads.   Now in Murmansk area the cold minus 15 degrees. In some areas there is a danger of avalanches. The territory, where, presumably, can be father and mother with two children, combing the rescuers and volunteers.   Malyar — freshwater lake in the North of the Murmansk region, located to the West of the Kola Bay. Height over sea level of just over 141 feet. The surrounding hills reaching 310 metres in height. The largest

NASA and Roscosmos can repeat the experiment “year in space”

The US and Russia is ready to repeat the annual mission to the ISS, which will ensure the stay of a NASA astronaut on the station after the end of the contract to fly Americans on Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Writes about this TASS with reference to the publication Space News.   This option is a backup in case the partners NASA will not have time to the desired date to finish work on its own manned vehicles. Such a development is possible, since Boeing and SpaceX have shifted the terms of the order of 14 and 15 months respectively.   “NASA will develop a contingency plan to maintain the presence of the ISS in the period after 2018, if the partners under the program of commercial manned launches will face further delays in their plans,” – said in the message.   The current NASA contract with Roscosmos for the delivery

Of the Moscow metro will disappear duty escalators

In the Moscow metro will reduce the post-duty escalators. On Friday, February 17, reported online edition m24.ru with reference to the press service of the organization. The duties of these specialists will go to the employees more versatile, which will urgently react to the emergency situation. It is noted that such measures should improve the safety of passengers. Is post duty escalators will be created the position of mechanic-electrician. Those employees who took redundancy rate will be a refresher course. They are transferred to other places, said the TV channel “360” in the press service of the subway.

The inhabitant of the Oryol region became the Demon Luciferium the Antichrist

The inhabitant of the Oryol region decided to change of the birth name on the Demon Luciferase the Antichrist, according to the newspaper “the Oryol news”. In the regional registry office confirmed the change but did not comment. “Judging by what name the man chose for himself, he is a supporter of Satanism,” suggested there. According to the publication, before becoming a Demon, the Antichrist, the man was Nikolai Makarov. The newspaper also found that Demon Antichrist, 43 years old, he considers himself a follower of the “Army of Satan” and claims he can see the back. Neighbors Demon in his native village of Naryshkino said “Oryol news” that he occasionally undergoing treatment and is in the psychiatric records. In 2014, the family of young Satanists of Perm named their child Lucifer. A year later they had another boy, he was given the name Waldemar. Mother of Lucifer Natalia said

The Deputy offered to give children the Russian citizenship without parental approval

Vladimir Fedorenko The Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Konstantin Zatulin has submitted for consideration the lower chamber of Parliament a bill, allowing to provide Russian citizenship to children of mixed marriages with the consent of one parent. The document was registered in the Duma database of bills Friday, February 17. “The question of abolishing the requirement to obtain the consent of a parent, a foreigner persistently raised by organizations and individuals from among the compatriots living abroad in numerous applications received in the state Duma. While there are a number of well-known disputes,the settlement of which the existence or absence of the child’s Russian citizenship has played a key role”, — stated in the explanatory Memorandum. Zatulin is proposing to amend the Federal law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”. They will give Russian citizenship to children whose one parent is Russian, simplified. In particular, will not

Several explosions occurred on gas storage in France

Several explosions occurred on gas storage in France Moscow. 18 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — a Series of explosions occurred at the gas storage facility in the town of jonquiere in the South of France, reported in the Saturday newspaper Parisien. The explosions began about midnight local time and lasted more than two hours. As a result of accident nobody suffered. Firefighters and police organized a safety cordon around the danger zone. At the time of writing they continue to fight the fire that did not spread to nearby buildings. The population of the adjacent areas were evacuated. Explosions à Jonquierres (Vaucluse). Qu’ est ce qui se passe? pic.twitter.com/CtLcrzP1F6 — Thierry M (@putpourlepar) 17 Feb 2017.

Great Wall: the Story of the most expensive and useless project in the world

Great Wall: the Story of the most expensive and useless project in the world The main paradox of the great wall lies in the fact that she was not able to solve the problem for the defense of the country. Great wall of China — one of the main monuments of antiquity, preserved to our days. This unique creation of human hands that attracts millions of tourists every year. However, many have a very vague idea of what enemies were built and how efficiently operated with such a huge object with a length of about 9000 km, the thickness of the walls which is 5-8 meters and the average height 6-7 meters. Publication of Oleg Ladoga (@olegladoga) Feb 10 2016 at 6:30 PST Like most of the peoples who had adopted a settled way of life, the Chinese are faced with the problem of nomads making regular predatory incursions. Approximately

A film with a conscience. As Tatyana Lioznova has removed the “Carnival”

A film with a conscience. As Tatyana Lioznova has removed the “Carnival” The famous film “Carnival” by Tatiana Lioznova turns 35. Aify remembers how he filmed musical Comedy that was shared at the Director and main character, as well as how bright the scene was cut from the film during installation. Film7.6Карнавал1981 / USSR / 2 h 31 min comedianthis In the early eighties, no one suspected that the “Carnival” Tatyana Lioznova will be one of the most famous Soviet films. Musical Comedy from the Director of “Seventeen moments of spring” — it sounded at least strange. However, the film has collected at screens of more than 31 million viewers, and actress Irina Muravyova, in the opinion of the readers of the magazine “Soviet screen”, was the best actress of 1982. Great actors, recognizable, everyday situations and human drama — thats the main secrets of success of a lyrical Comedy,

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