The us missile defense system is not able to protect the country

The latest us missile defense system has serious problems with the electronics unit, while the Pentagon has no plans to correct this defect. It is stated in the report published by the newspaper the Los Angeles Times.   According to the newspaper, problems were discovered at the launch perehvatchik, which are equipped with ground missile defense system to cruising flight. Problems with thrusters mounted on interceptor missiles. With their help the rocket accurately hit the air of the warhead of the enemy.   In the result of a malfunction of this device, the interceptor missile may stray from the set course that may entail serious consequences.   The publication notes that the ground-based system missile defense midcourse of flight is designed to protect the United States from a possible nuclear attack from CGNR or Iran. The problem surfaced during testing of the system in January 2016, held on the base

Crimea began broadcasting to Ukraine

Crimea launched broadcasting in the border regions of Ukraine. We are talking about Crimean-Tatar radio “Vatan sedasy” (“Voice of the Motherland”). About it reports RIA Novosti Crimea with reference to the Deputy of the state Duma from the Crimean region Ruslan Balbec.   “Additional transmitters are installed in Jankoi, which allows you to broadcast a signal in the border areas of Kherson region of Ukraine, including the Crimean Tatars compactly live,” said he.   Balbec said that the radio will allow the residents of Kherson region do not move away from the cultural and socio-political life of the Crimea. Radio will expand the territory of broadcasting.   It is noted that on the Peninsula previously worked for a private Crimean Tatar ATR TV channel and radio station Meydan. They had to stop broadcasting because they had not re-registered under Russian law. Photo: Subel Bhandari dpa / Globallookpress

T-72 tank survived a direct hit by ATGM in Syria: video

Tank T-72 Syrian army, which was fighting in ghouta, withstood a direct hit by anti-tank guided missile fired by terrorists.   As evidenced by the video that appeared on the Network, on the tank opened fire with ATGM, however, the armored vehicle held the local modernization has not received serious damages.   This proves a photograph taken on the results of a direct hit. The rocket fell into additional screens front armor.     Syrian army independently modify the protection of T-72 tanks, setting them with additional armor screens. This upgrade can be considered successful. Photo: Within Syria / twitter

Motorists reported the overlap of the Kaluga highway due to the collapse of the tunnel

The movement in the direction of the region near 23 km of the Kaluga highway in New Moscow blocked, misleading users of the mobile application “Yandex.Cards.” According to one of the motorists, in place of the collapse of the tunnel under construction called the helicopter. Also there are rescuers, physicians and firemen. There is a big tube. In a press-service of the Moscow state construction supervision reported “Interfax” that the construction of the tunnel collapsed formwork. Into place for finding-out of details went the inspector of the Department. According to a source in the emergency services, as a result of emergency one person was lost. Could it be a work stationed in the Bay area of concrete. Under the rubble were three or four people, reports channel “Moscow 24”. According to the service “Yandex.Card”, the incident occurred in a tunnel being built for the reversal of transport in the direction

In the state Duma has described the idea of the British Parliament to establish a dialogue with Russia

Leonid Slutsky In the state Duma welcomes the attitude of the British Parliament to restore dialogue with Russia, reflected in the report of the international Committee of the house of Commons. This was announced by the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky. His words on Thursday, March 2, leads TASS. “Obviously, Brexit has moved the ice in the minds of British politicians seriously. We only welcome such a position of our counterparts in the House of Commons and is ready to develop the most forced dialogue,” he said. This Slutsky expressed hope for building a new positive and constructive relations with London parliaments. Earlier Thursday, the international Committee of the house of Commons published a report on the state of relations between the two countries, which called for cooperation with Moscow. According to the British Parliament, the government’s refusal of cooperation with Russia can not

The first President of Ukraine stated the law of Gorbachev to be proud of your life

Leonid Kravchuk The former President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk congratulated on 86th birthday of Mikhail Gorbachev and wished him good health and success. It is reported by a national news service (NSN) on Thursday, March 2. “A man at this age life interesting. Complicated, but interesting. I think that you can be proud of such a life,” — said Kravchuk. The birthday boy was pleasantly surprised by the greeting Kravchuk, noted by the national news service. He said that to celebrate going in a small circle. “We will focus on the 90th anniversary. Then too — how much it will be!” he added. Earlier on Thursday, Gorbachev happy birthday congratulated the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The head of state noted that his rich professional and life experience are in demand in public and research activities, which he continues to do. Mikhail Gorbachev — the Russian politician and public figure,

The court returned to the Prosecutor’s office part of the case of the death of the head of Total.

The court returned to the Prosecutor’s office part of the case of the death of the head of Total. MOSCOW, 2 Mar — RIA Novosti. The solntsevsky court of Moscow on Thursday returned to the Prosecutor’s office part of the criminal case about the crash of the Falcon plane at Vnukovo airport that killed the head of French oil company Total, Christophe de Margerie, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom. “The court decided to allocate the case against Kruglov, Anna Arkhipova and in separate production and return it to the Prosecutor,” — said the judge. The case against the other two defendants will continue to trial. Lawyer Olga Dinze motivated its request that the court withdrew from the process two defenders, which represented the head of the flight Vnukovo airport Novel Dunaeva Manager Hopes Arkhipova. The decision the judge made in connection with the fact that these

Near the school in Derbent found a car Packed with explosives

Near the school in Derbent found a car Packed with explosives Moscow. March 2. INTERFAX.RU — law enforcement Officers evacuated to a safe place a car bomb in the Dagestani city of Derbent, said the Agency “Interfax” a source in law enforcement bodies of the region. “According to preliminary data, the car found 150 metres from the 18-th school. Inside him, the security forces found explosives and a Kalashnikov”, — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, currently set to the owner of the car.

The investigative Committee stated that the reduction in the number of crimes by 10 percent

The investigative Committee stated that the reduction in the number of crimes by 10 percent In 2016 the total number of crimes in Russia declined by 10 percent, said the report on the expanded final Board of the SKR, the head of the Agency Alexander Bastrykin. “The General number of crimes in Russia in 2016 decreased by 10 percent compared to the year 2015. Was a decline of 21% of grave and especially grave crimes, including in comparison with the year 2015-a 9 percent decrease in the number of murders and grievous bodily harm,” — said Bastrykin. “In 2016, the investigating authorities immediately opened a criminal case on the facts of assaults on health care workers, emergency doctors, on the facts of nonpayment of wages. This is the work that we expect from the society”, — said the head of the TFR. Especially Bastrykin noted the work on investigating war

Kryvobrody shelter dog fall in love with the social network

Kryvobrody shelter dog fall in love with the social network Kryvobrody dog from the U.S. state of Oregon named Picasso became the star of social networking. Post on unusual dog, published in Instagram account Dogsofinstagram. Administration profile turned to his followers with a request to adopt an animal. According to them, homeless Picasso was going to be euthanized, but the shelter staff Luvable Dog Rescue saved him and even found him a “normal brother” named Pablo. “Despite the fact that Picasso looks funny, he’s healthy and happy,” said they. ?Perfectly Imperfect Picasso? thank you Mecca @simplymeccarr for this beautiful photo of our pup!!! ?I am taking the boys to our @luvabledogrescue vet, Dr. Kimball at Edgewood, this morning – will keep you all posted!?#bornthisway #wonkyface #lovethisdog Publication from Luvable Dog Rescue (@luvabledogrescue) Mar 1 2017 10:18 PST The post Picasso became viral, gaining over three days and more than 122

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