Three people died in a fire in an apartment building in Volgograd

In Volgograd the fire in an apartment building killed three people, according to the website of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Volgograd region. The incident occurred on Sunday evening, January 1. In one of the apartments on the ground floor of Shushenskoy the street the fire broke out, and then on the hardwood floors the flames quickly spread to the dwelling on the floor above. Firefighters within a half hour liquidated ignition. In the burned apartment on the ground floor, were found two bodies, men and women. Another dead man found in the apartment above. One victim taken to the intensive care unit. SKR has started preliminary examination. According to witnesses and neighbours, the residents are characterized by negative, lead an immoral life, abusing alcohol.

The authorities of Syria to restore the industrial potential of Aleppo

The Syrian government is developing a comprehensive plan for the restoration of Aleppo. It is noted that the industrial potential of the city will be fully restored. It is reported TASS with reference to the Prime Minister of Syria of Imad Khamis.   He noted that “the government is interested in getting businesses to Aleppo as soon as possible began to produce its products.”   The restoration of Aleppo became the main topic of the visiting session of the Cabinet, where 15 Ministers discussed necessary steps with the city authorities.   Recall, 22 December the Syrian army has announced full liberation of Aleppo from the terrorists. According to various sources, over the entire period of evacuation of Eastern Aleppo came about 40 thousand people, including militants. Photo: Basem Ayoubi / / Globallookpress

The plane sent from the US Russian diplomats landed in Moscow

© Marina Lystseva/TASS, archive MOSCOW, January 2. /TASS/. Plane special flight detachment “Russia” employees of the Russian dipuchrezhdeny, deported from the United States, landed in Moscow, the correspondent of TASS. A group of employees of the Russian Embassy in the US capital leaving the country at the request of the us authorities flew the day before from Washington international airport DULLES.

In Denmark arrested the daughter of a friend of the President of South Korea

Choi sung-SIL (center) The Danish police arrested the daughter of Choi sung-SIL, a friend of the President of South Korea Park Geun-Hye amid an unfolding corruption scandal in the Asian nation. About it reports Reuters. Jung Yu RA, athlete-rider who trained in Germany, was arrested in the Danish city of Aalborg for illegal stay. A source in spectaculator in Seoul reported that law enforcement authorities of South Korea will work with the European authorities on the issue of Jung Yu RA. They expect that the issue will be resolved within one to two weeks. Jung Yu RA in the homeland suspected of committing a series of crimes. The South Korean authorities sent a request to the German Prosecutor’s office of her whereabouts and financial assets. The reason for the political crisis in South Korea became a fortune teller Choi sung-SIL. She is accused of pressure on dozens of major firms

Rosobrnadzor banned admission of students in five universities

Rosobrnadzor banned admission of students in five universities, reported on the Agency’s website. By results of checks conducted from 23 to 29 Dec, the right to enrollment lost the Tyumen branch of the Siberian University of consumer cooperation, Institute of management (Arkhangelsk), the Pedagogical Institute of the Kaliningrad region, Saint Petersburg medical-social Institute and the Oriental Institute (St. Petersburg). Additionally, no accreditation is left by the Kaluga branch of the Institute of international law and Economics named after Griboyedov. Kursk Academy of state and municipal service deprived of accreditation for a number of professions. The ban on the admission of students does not impose other restrictions on the educational activities of the University. The presence of the University of the certificate of state accreditation confirms the compliance of its activities to educational standards. However, when suspension of accreditation an educational institution can continue to engage in educational activities, however, loses

Putin invited the children deported from U.S. to Russian diplomats on the Christmas tree in the Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to invite to the Christmas tree in the Kremlin children of Russian diplomats who have arrived from the USA. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the presidential administration.   About inviting children to the Christmas tree announced the captain of the plane to Russia from the United States was returning Russian foreign employees.   Earlier it was reported that the aircraft on Board of which there were 35 diplomats and their families, landed at the Moscow airport.   December 29, the Obama administration imposed new sanctions against Russian citizens, companies and agencies. Washington declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats and gave them 72 hours to leave the country. Photo: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

Putin expressed condolences to Erdogan in connection with the deaths of the terrorist attack in Istanbul

© Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, January 1. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in connection with the death of citizens of Turkey and several other countries as a result of a terrorist act in Istanbul. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin.

In the U.S. Congress promised in spite of Trump to defend the anti-Russian sanctions

Adam Schiff Attempts of Donald trump when he will take the post of President of the United States, to undo the last anti-Russian sanctions, the outgoing head of state Barack Obama will meet a harsh response from Congress, warned a member of the house of representatives from California Democrat Adam Schiff in an interview with ABC News. Schiff believes that Congress in fact is configured to further strengthening of sanctions against Moscow. He recalled that this initiative was made by the Democrats and the Republicans, calling in this context the names of the Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. According to Schiff, what was done by the current administration, not to “contain Russia”. The Congressman also criticized trump for the fact that he questioned the conclusions of the intelligence community about the Russian involvement in hacking attacks with the aim of influencing the outcome of presidential elections. “If he

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