In a residential building in Ivanovo exploded gas

The from archiveprocessing: the interior Ministry called the possible culprit of the explosion in the Ivanovo Household gas exploded in a two-storey residential building in Ivanovo. On Sunday, November 6, reports “Interfax” with reference to the head of information and public relations of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs Vladislav Radostin. According to him, the incident occurred on 6 November at about 04:00 Moscow time in the house No. 63-B on the streets of Minsk. “According to preliminary data, in the house of partially collapsed the structure. Probably, there are victims, as we hear the cries of the people,” he said. In the regional head office of EMERCOM RIA Novosti said that under the rubble can be up to eight people. The source in law enforcement bodies of the city said to “Interfax” about five residents, including two children. According to him, the epicenter of the explosion was in the

The city Duma adopted a resolution to restrict the use and sale of wapow

Photo: RIA Novosti Moscow city Duma adopted a resolution on regulating the sale and use of wapow. “I offer this resolution to take. We will contact the Russian government will distribute to all and let’s hope that the issue will be addressed at the Federal level”,— quotes “RIA Novosti” the words of the Chairman of the city Commission for health Ludmilla Stebenkova. The document soderjitsya to enshrine in law the concept “electronic delivery systems nicotine” (ESDN), which merged with the concept of “electronic delivery system products non nicotine” (ESDP), which now fall-nicotine and beznikotinovye VAPI, as well as electronic cigarettes, electronic hookahs and other similar devices. In addition, it is proposed to establish General requirements for ISDN by which it will be possible to classify products for quality and to monitor its turnover. Earlier it became known that in Moscow city Council discuss the issue of banning the use of

The bodyguards took the tramp off the stage during a performance in Nevada: video

The security service was urgently withdrawn from the stage of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party of Donald trump during his speech in Nevada, reports CBS News.   The footage broadcast of the event can be seen on the stage run into several bodyguards. Covering trump themselves, they carry the candidate to the exit. In the hall while panic reigns, the audience don’t understand what happened.   According to reporters who attended the speech, it all happened very quickly and very close to the stage. The place was surrounded by police officers, they won’t let anyone get close and did not explain anything. We only know that in a few minutes the tramp returned to the stage and continued his speech.

Zakharchenko has left under arrest till March 8

Zakharchenko has left under arrest till March 8 Moscow. 3 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — Presnensky court of Moscow sanctioned the extension of the arrest for four months, the former acting head of the “T” anti-corruption Central Directorate of interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko, accused of bribery and abuse of power. As the correspondent of “Interfax”, about it it is spoken in the decree of the judge Tatyana vasyuchenko, announced the results of consideration of petitions of investigation. “The petition of the investigation to satisfy. To extend the accused Zakharchenko measure of restraint in form of detention for four months, and to five months of 20 days, i.e. until March 8, 2017”, — stated in the decree.

Poklonskaya put Lenin on a par with Hitler

Poklonskaya put Lenin on a par with Hitler MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Natalia Poklonskaya told RIA Novosti that placing in the list of “monsters of the twentieth century” by Vladimir Lenin on a par with Adolf Hitler who expressed his personal opinion and did not Express the position of his colleagues on “an United Russia”. Thursday in his blog on LiveJournal Polonskaya has published a post called “monsters of the twentieth century” Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong. “We have the same freedom of speech. This is purely my personal opinion, my civil position. I’m not here to represent the public mind,” — said the Agency interlocutor. Poklonski noted that in this case it is not a fraction, and the ratio of the group of deputies.

Media: al-Qaeda is preparing terrorist attacks in the USA on the eve of elections

Media: al-Qaeda is preparing terrorist attacks in the USA on the eve of elections For possible terrorist attacks, may become the States of new York, Texas and Virginia. American TV channel CBS reported on the existence of intelligence in connection with the alleged threat of attacks in three U.S. States the day before the presidential elections in the United States. The channel refers to anonymous sources. According to sources, for possible terrorist attacks, may become the States of new York, Texas and Virginia. Official confirmation of this information from CBS is not, in this, the report provides a review of the FBI, which States that security forces are ready to prevent terrorist attacks in the country. “National security and the fight against terrorism, remain vigilant and ready to defend from the attacks of the United States. The FBI is working with our Federal, state, and local counterparts, shares intelligence, and

Medvedev and Li Keqiang will visit the Hermitage before the Russian-Chinese negotiations in St. Petersburg

Premier of the State Council of China Li Keqiang and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev © Ekaterina Shtukina/press service of the Russian government/TASS, archive MOSCOW, November 6. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will meet on Sunday in St. Petersburg Premier of the state Council of China Li Keqiang during the two-day program of Russian-Chinese talks at the level of heads of governments. The journalists said Deputy Prime Minister – head of staff of the Cabinet of the Russian Federation Sergey Prikhodko.

The Prosecutor’s office will check the Chelyabinsk kindergarten after the soup with worms

In the Chelyabinsk region, the Prosecutor’s office will conduct an investigation after complaints from parents of pupils of a kindergarten soup with worms. On Thursday, November 3, reported on the website of the regional office. “In the course of verification activities will be given a legal assessment of the actions (inaction) of officials of preschool educational organization on the observance of the legislation on the protection of life and health of minors”, — is spoken in the message of regional Prosecutor’s office. That in Chelyabinsk to a kindergarten № 370 “Cinderella” served soup with worms in late October on his page in “Vkontakte” reported the mother of one of pupils of Olga shurupova. To record the woman put photos of the dishes. According to her, the kids are told to “catch and eat”. “Parents carried out the investigation showed that this was not an isolated case,” said shurupova. She added

Arranged by a fan of James bond shooting resulted in a police operation

A fan of films about James bond was the reason for conducting a police RAID in Brussels. On Saturday, November 5, according to the portal RTL Info. The incident occurred on the same day around 15:30 local time in the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. One of the residents called the police and told that he saw on the roof of the building by an armed man. To the place of the incident was sent to several police cars and special forces, some time later, the security forces also noticed an unknown weapon. Police cordoned off the area and requested reinforcements were called for a helicopter of the Federal police. At 16:15, the suspect was arrested after a special operation ended. It turned out that the cause of the commotion was a young fan of 007, which was shot Amateur film based on the James Bond. He had found a toy gun.

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