In the state Duma called the words of the UN Secretary General about the Crimea coming out

António Guterres UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, stating the organization’s commitment to the principle of territorial integrity, in fact, approved the affiliation of Crimea to Russia. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy of state Duma Ruslan Balbec in an interview with “” on Thursday, February 16. “The new UN Secretary-General so long talked about our commitment to international law and the territorial integrity of countries — UN members (one of which is Russia) that the Western community is duty bound to stop any discussion about the return of Crimea to Ukraine”, — said the MP. According to Balbec, the new Secretary General of the organization it was hard to recognize the legitimacy of the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia. “To some extent it is coming out”, — he stressed. Earlier on Thursday, Italian newspaper La Stampa published an interview with Guterres, which he calls one of the fundamental principles

Putin spoke about the natural process of rotation of governors

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin called update governors as a natural process. He said this during a meeting with former heads of the five regions, recently departed in resignation. A transcript of the conversation published on Friday, 17 February on the website of the Kremlin. It is noted that the meeting took place the day before, on Thursday. “I am sure that you will be able to apply their forces and other areas. I will do everything to ensure that your experience and your knowledge of the situation in particular region and in the country as a whole has been effectively used in the future,” Putin said. In addition, the head of state thanked the former leaders for their work in the regions, which, in his words, “has changed for the better”, despite the difficulties. “I know that you have made every effort to ensure that in a difficult

Trying to get out of the binge older Muscovite drank ammonia and died

An old Muscovite died after drank ammonia for the release of the binge. About this Agency city news “Moscow” on Friday, February 17, said a source in law enforcement bodies. The incident occurred in the apartment of one of houses along the street Antonova-Ovseenko. There were 34-year-old man told police that from February 1, every day drank alcohol with her mother. “During the next feast, the woman decided to sober up and drank from a bottle of ammonia. She became ill and she lost consciousness. Arrived on the scene, the doctors pronounced her death”, — said the Agency interlocutor. In fact the incident is checked. In December 2016, the inhabitant of the Penza region died after drinking the liquid for car washer, champagne and perfume. Earlier in the same month in Irkutsk 77 people died from poisoning by bath means “Hawthorn”. Regional Ministry of health found that the reason was

The United States will create in Syria a security zone at the expense of the Gulf countries

The United States will create in Syria a security zone at the expense of the Gulf countries WASHINGTON, February 19. /Offset. TASS Dmitry Kirsanov/. USA plan to create in Syria a so-called security zone, to put an end to large-scale influx of refugees to the West. This was stated on Saturday in Melbourne (Florida) at the rally in front of many supporters of the US President Donald trump. “What I want to do is to create security zones in Syria and other places, they (i.e. the local population) could stay there and live in safety,” — said the American leader. “We will create a security zone, claimed trump. — We will make sure that the countries of the (Persian) Gulf will pay for these zones”. According to the head of the Washington administration, he wants to implement such plans, so you don’t have to “take a huge number (of refugees)

Trump called myself a fan of NATO, but asked the members to pay the bills

Trump called myself a fan of NATO, but asked the members to pay the bills NEW YORK, February 19. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. The US President Donald trump called himself a fan of NATO, but asked the members of the Alliance to meet financial obligations. During a Saturday speech in the us state of Florida, the U.S. leader said that Americans need “to overcome the chasm of mistrust and to build opening up new possible bridges of cooperation” and “going to ignore the echo of yesterday’s battles.” “We fight battles that no longer serve us well, we participate in the battles others against us are acting unfairly,” — said the American leader. In this regard, he stated: “I’m a fan of NATO, but a NATO, many of the States, which we defend very rich state, do not pay the bills. They should help us”. On Wednesday, the new U.S. Secretary

In the U.S. Senate proposed to simplify the transfer of medium-range missiles to allies

In the U.S. Senate proposed to simplify the transfer of medium-range missiles to allies A group of Republican senators introduced the house of representatives and the U.S. Senate is a bill that allows the United States to develop a missile system of average range and to transfer the relevant technology to allies. This step should be a response to the alleged violation by Russia of the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF), said on Saturday, February 18, PBS. In the case of adoption of the document will allow the Congress to accuse Russia of a “serious breach” of the contract and at the legislative level will allow the development of ground systems, launch cruise missiles. It will also allow the United States to build a nuclear Arsenal in Europe. In addition, the bill facilitates the transfer to the allies of the US missile systems under the INF Treaty. The senators

Putin expressed his condolences to President of Pakistan in connection with the attack

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to President of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif in connection with the tragic consequences of the attack in Sindh province. This was reported on the Kremlin website. “This barbaric crime cannot have any justification. We hope that its customers will not leave from the deserved punishment”, – said the Russian President in a telegram. He added that he would like to confirm the readiness to further enhance counter-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan on bilateral basis and within the framework of a broad international effort. “Please convey words of sincere sympathy to the families and friends of those killed and wishes a speedy recovery to all the injured”, the telegram reads. 16 February it was reported that the group “Islamic state” (IG) claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing on the territory of the mausoleum of Lal Shahbaz Kalandar in the Pakistani city of Sehwan-Sharif. The

The Russian foreign Ministry spoke about the state of pilot Yaroshenko

Photo: RT Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov in an exclusive interview told RT about at what stage are the talks on the situation with the Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, whom the United States sentenced to 20 years in prison. According to him, the rights of Russians, whose charge has not been proven properly, continue to be violated in prison. In particular, he was not given adequate medical care instead of to cure the teeth, he just deleted. We will remind, recently the mother Yaroshenko sent a letter to Donald Trump asking to return her son to Russia from-for problems with health. — At what stage are the negotiations about the fate of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko? Stage is, unfortunately, still the same: we are actively working on this story with the former U.S. administration, the Obama administration. Unfortunately, the rights of

Yevkurov spoke about the attempts on his life

Photo: RIA Novosti The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, the attack on which in 2009 became one of the biggest in the Russian regions, said that it was not the only such attempt. “There are different attempts, about all will not tell. And, secondly, even the security services I say, once again not to disturb” — said Yevkurov in an interview with RIA Novosti, answering a question, whether there were attempts on his life since 2009. Answering the question of whether the revised measures to ensure his safety after the first assassination attempt, the head of Ingushetia noted that while a complex situation was everywhere. “Security measures — of course, this need was in Moscow and in other regions”, — he reminded. Yevkurov spoke about the participants of the assassination attempt on him in 2009, one of which is still in the international wanted list. “All the participants are arrested

The American carrier group into South China sea

USS Carl Vinson Carrier battle group the U.S. Navy began patrolling in the South China sea amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing over the disputed borders in the region. It is reported Sunday, February 19, the press service of the Navy. According to the report, the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, accompanied by two destroyers was engaged in the performance of “routine operations”. “We look forward to the chance to demonstrate their capabilities, building strong relationships with our allies, partners and friends in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region”, — said the commander of the carrier battle group, rear Admiral James Kilby. February 15, the Chinese foreign Ministry warned Washington against attempts to challenge the boundaries in the South China sea. Three days later Beijing launched its own naval exercises in the region involving only Chinese aircraft carrier. 10 Feb US President Donald trump said that Washington and Beijing have a chance to

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