Flynn revealed the contents of the talks with the Russian Ambassador

Michael Flynn The former assistant to the President for national security Michael Flynn said that during talks with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak they did not discuss the sanctions, but the fact of deportation from the United States 35 Russian diplomats. He said this just hours before his resignation in an interview with the network edition of the Daily Caller, published on Tuesday, February 14. “It was not about the sanctions. It was about the 35 people who were deported, he said. And here it all turned out. Basically, it was: “Look, I know it happened. We all learn”. I never said anything like: “We’re going to review the sanctions,” or something like that.” Flynn also said that much more concerned about the leaks to the media of classified information, particularly on negotiations of politicians. Such actions, he called a criminal offence. “In some cases we are talking about things that

In the United States-a child murderer condemned 40 years after crime

Pedro Hernandez In the U.S. the killer six year old boy was convicted nearly 40 years after the crime. On Tuesday, February 14, writes The New York Times. The jury in the Supreme court of the state of new York found 56-year-old Pedro Hernandez is guilty of kidnapping and murder. According to the investigation, Ethan Putz disappeared may 25, 1979 in the city of new York, on the way from school bus stop to home. His body was never found. The jury agreed with the prosecution that Hernandez, who was then working in the warehouse at the store, lured the boy into the basement of the commercial establishments and strangled. The prosecution had only the confession of the accused, direct evidence proving his guilt, he was not. However, there is recorded on video the story of Hernandez about how he met the boy near the shop and asked him if

In California evacuated because of the threat of flooding residents were allowed to return

In California, the local authorities have allowed people evacuated from the area of lake Oroville due to the threat of a dam break, to return home. This is stated on the page County Sheriff’s office Butte in Facebook. It is noted that people can return to their daily lives, but at the same time must remain abreast of developments and be prepared to make the necessary action if a threat will increase. Problems with the dam, started because of heavy rains. On 11 February, the water began to overflow through the emergency first, and then the main spillway. Then it was recorded the destruction of the latter due to erosion. The authorities, fearing that the dam can completely collapse and cause severe flooding, announced the evacuation of about 200 thousand people. California Governor Jerry brown sent the White house a letter asking for assistance in an emergency situation.

In Buryatia mother killed a little girl with TV remote and went to the homeless

In Buryatia police arrested 23-year-old resident of the village of Upper Taltsy, the suspect in the murder of his daughter, whose body was found on the banks of the river. This was reported on the website SU IC of the Republic.   As told investigators the suspect , February 8, she drank alcohol in a relative’s roommate. At night, the woman together with her baby daughter returned home. Mother tried to put the girl to sleep, but she cried. Losing patience, the woman angrily started to beat the child first severe a circuit Board from a disassembled tape recorder and then the TV remote control. From the received traumas the girl has died. Drunk mother lay down and fell asleep. The next morning she found that her daughter was not breathing. Then the woman took the girl’s body on the outskirts of the village, and then went to Ulan-Ude, where

Flynn told about the conversation with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation

The former assistant to the President for homeland security Michael Flynn told the details of the conversation with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Interview with an American politician was published by the Daily Caller, reports RIA Novosti.   Flynn said that in conversation never raised the topic of sanctions. Kislyak he briefly discussed the situation with the 35 expulsion of Russian diplomats from the United States.   “It’s not about sanctions. It was about 35 people sent. And that’s how it turned out. In General, the conversation went like this: “Look, I know what happened. We all learn”. I never said that we are going to review the sanctions or something like that,” said Flynn.   He also noted that the leak of his conversation with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, which was supposedly overheard by intelligence agencies is a crime.   Earlier it was reported that

Far Eastern leopards on narvinsky mountain pass tunnel: video

In Primorye began to recover broken road migration route of the Amur leopard. It is reported by the national Park “Land of leopard”.   In March 2016 under the programme for the conservation of the Amur leopard population was put into operation narvinsky mountain road tunnel. Recently installed camera traps on him tracked the movement of the leopard through the pass. Spotted a predator without fear has gone, not paying attention to the headlights and noise of cars.   Road Khasan – Razdolnoye takes place in a narrow corridor between the territories of national Park “Land of leopard” and crosses the migration path of a predator. Now there’s even a section of the track is hidden under the ground. Video: Land Of The Leopard / YouTube

Medvedev complained about the lack of smartphone

Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev visited the Technopark and the lecture hall of the Foundation “SKOLKOVO”, where he got acquainted with several developments of the companies-residents. On Tuesday, February 14, reports RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister was shown a device for the automatic analysis of telephone enclosures and offered to test it out on the phone to Medvedev. “Thank God, I did not take it”, — said the politician. In addition, he examined automated robot loader, created by local company which has partnered with Samsung and Volkswagen. According to the developers, they provide the software for the robots, but still have to buy the metal components abroad. The Prime Minister has demonstrated a limiter of short-circuit currents, which in future can be applied in Railways. Medvedev got acquainted with the development and advised standing next to the Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Council of Directors Arkady

In California evacuated due to the destruction of the dam people was allowed to go home

In California evacuated due to the destruction of the dam people was allowed to go home WASHINGTON, 15 Feb — RIA Novosti. The state of California lowered the level of danger due to the destruction of the dam Oroville to “warning about a possible evacuation”, the statement said the Sheriff’s office of Butte County. 10фотографий10фотографий10фотографий Immediate evacuation was announced on Sunday (Monday GMT) due to the destruction of the highest in the United States the dam in Oroville. Heavy rains led to erosion of the main and then the auxiliary spillway. Almost 190 thousand residents of three counties in Northern California were evacuated because of fears that the spillway can’t handle the pressure. “The threat level has been reduced to warnings about possible evacuation. Any resident displaced as a result of the evacuation can go home 13.00 (00.00 in the night of Wednesday Moscow time)”, — stated in the message.

The plane Harrison Ford nearly crashed into passenger jet

The plane Harrison Ford nearly crashed into passenger jet MOSCOW, 15 Feb — RIA Novosti. The plane the famous Hollywood actor Harrison Ford nearly crashed into a passenger plane during landing in California, reports NBC. The incident occurred on Monday. Air traffic controllers told Ford that he landed a plane on the runway of John Wayne in orange County, but the actor made the mistake of heading toward the taxiway. His plane flew above the passenger plane of airline American Airlines, on Board of which at the time were 110 passengers and six crew members According to the channel, a few minutes later, the airliner took off successfully. “This liner was supposed to be beneath me?” asked Ford during a conversation with dispatchers, who then pointed out a mistake made by the actor during the landing. Representatives of the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) said that the actor

“Bring a chicken and Cockerel.” As wooed in Russia

“Bring a chicken and Cockerel.” As wooed in Russia “AiF” tells the story of what the traditions of courtship have existed in tsarist Russia and why the matchmaker was and scout, and a financial expert. A matchmaker in Russia was a “business center”: she was aware of who was in the area of young people idle, and girls of marriageable age, how wealthy in material terms of potential brides and grooms. Peristeron in 18 years “Right,” matchmaker never tell me who she “mishandled”. According to the custom with the owners first had to discuss local news, weather, harvest. However, and then directly it was considered improper to speak. So resorted to allegories. Notice: “I Want to buy some for our teen”, “Looking for the lamb. Case, you lost?”. Matchmaker has traditionally possessed the skill and ability to persuade: “sashenkin speeches, like sleigh — even sit down, scram Yes”, “No one

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