A former defendant in the case, Kim Jong-Nam accused the Malaysian police of threats to his family

A citizen of Korea Lee Chung-Chul, which in Malaysia was suspected of involvement in the death of half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN — Kim Jong-Nam, said that Malaysian police tried to intimidate him by the loss of his wife and children if he did not plead guilty. About it as transfers TASS, he told reporters at the DPRK Embassy in Beijing, where he arrived after the deportation. Li Chong-Chul said that on the evening of 17 February to his home burst 17 policemen during a family dinner. Without presenting a warrant, they cuffed him and started searching. Police confiscated his phone and made a call. The police claimed that the found in his house automotive fuel and brake fluid is poisonous. Later he told investigators that during a search allegedly found paper folding with a poisonous substance. However, Li Chong-Chul was present only in the first seven hours

In Tuva, brutally killed and burned a family of four

In Tuva at the fire scene, emergency workers found four bodies. The tragedy occurred in the town of AK-Dovurak. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the official representative of SU IC in the region.   The incident happened in the night. After extinguishing the fire in the apartment were found four bodies – the 35-year-old spouse and their two young children. It is noted that the whole family was killed: the bodies of men and women discovered multiple stab wounds. The bodies of two children – four and six years – was found in the bathroom with signs of drowning.   Investigators into the murder of the family opened a criminal case. On-site work to police and insurance investigators, they find out circumstances of the tragedy.   Photo: Matej Divizna / Globallookpress

In Chita, detained a serial killer

In Chita have detained a suspect in committing a series of murders. It is reported TASS with reference to press-service UMVD on Transbaikalian edge.   “Employees of criminal investigation Department UMVD of Russia on Transbaikalian edge and the investigators established the involvement of the inhabitant of Chita to commit four murders,” reads the message.   It is noted that the detainee born in 1977 and placed in a temporary detention facility. Now investigators find out his involvement in other killings in the region.   In Chita from 2003 to 2006, had committed a series of murders of young girls. The body of one of them with multiple stab wounds was found in the Chita Park. Two dead girls in these years was discovered near the city.   The suspect was arrested in February 2017 on suspicion of murdering a man whose body was found in September 2016 on the banks

In the Russian Embassy commented on the detention of Russians in Sri Lanka

The Russian Embassy at the moment checks the media about the arrest of nine citizens of the Russian Federation in Sri Lanka. The announcement appeared in the official account Facebook office.   “The Embassy is in close contact with the Migration service of Sri Lanka to resolve the situation and the release of detainees,” – noted the U.S. Embassy’s website.   According to our Embassy, the part of the Russians accused of violating the rules of stay in the country. But after all the checks, representatives of the Embassy will seek the release of all detainees without reasonable grounds. Video: canarysurfing / instagram Photo: canarysurfing / instagram

Under the truck Orenburg white tigers drove into a ditch

On the route Moscow-Chelyabinsk Orenburg region in the accident involving a truck, which was transporting the white tigers. On Friday, March 3, reported on the website of the regional Department of the MIA of Russia. The truck slid into a ditch near the village North. About the accident in a call center of police of the city of Buguruslan said the owner of the truck, who had leased it. According to him, heavy trucks, equipped with GLONASS system, “for several hours” there was no movement, and in the van there are tigers of a rare breed. “They were transported from the city of Volgograd in the circus of the city of Ufa. With the truck was an escort vehicle,” — said the Agency. Arrived on the scene, the traffic police found the truck near the road. “Driver not found, as well as car maintenance… On a scene from the city

The Supreme court refused Parnassus in the cancellation of the results of the Duma elections

The Supreme court of Russia refused to cancel the results of the September elections to the state Duma at the suit of the people’s freedom Party (PARNAS). It is reported by TASS on Thursday, March 2. The court found no violations in the actions of Russia’s Central election Commission when counting the votes, said the judge. That PARNAS filed an administrative claim against the CEC in the armed forces, was made on 10 Jan. It was noted that, in the opinion of the representatives of the party, the CEC, with the approval of the results of the election made a number of errors, in particular, had reviewed complaints received. At the end of November 2016, the Supreme court refused to recognize the illegal decision of the CEC on the results of elections to the lower house of Parliament, at the suit of the party “Yabloko”. The organization demanded to cancel

In the Federation Council proposed to ban advertising with a map of Russia without the Crimea

The members of the Federation Council proposed to prohibit the demonstration of the advertisement, which depicts a map of Russia without the Crimea and Sevastopol. The corresponding bill to the state Duma on Friday, March 3, has been introduced by senators from Crimea Olga Cowicide and Sergei Tsekov made. The document is available in the electronic database of the lower house of Parliament. Amendments will be made to the law “On advertising”. The senators believe that ads showing a map of Russia without designation of the Crimea and Sevastopol, should be regarded as “propaganda of the violation of the territorial integrity of the country.” “These changes are due to the need for legislative regulation of production and sales in retail chains of printed materials, educational materials, RF card, visual AIDS,” reads the explanatory note. In addition, it is noted that in the promotional activities for the production and sale of

A powerful earthquake recorded in Papua New Guinea

A powerful earthquake recorded in Papua New Guinea Moscow. March 4. INTERFAX.RU — an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 has occurred in the waters of the Solomon sea, approximately 43 km South of the southern tip of the island of Bougainville (Papua New Guinea), according to the Altai-Sayan branch of the Geophysical service of the Unified Russian Academy of Sciences. According to the operational processing of the Altai-Sayan branch of Geophysical survey, the epicenter was recorded in 05:58 GMT on Saturday, the earthquake had coordinates -7.25 degrees South latitude and 155.71 degree East longitude and was approximately in the middle of the Strait separating the Islands of Mono and Shortland. Intensity of concussions in epicentre of seismoisolation is assessed as “devastating”.

A regional leader of “al Qaeda” killed in Yemen

A regional leader of “al Qaeda” killed in Yemen Car Osama Haidar came under American air strikes. Moscow. March 4. INTERFAX.RU — Leader of a regional cell of “al-Qaeda” (the terrorist organization banned in Russia — Interfax) was killed by US air strike in Yemen. Osama Haidar was in the car with several other people in the Abyan province, when their vehicle was struck by a drone or aircraft, reports NBC. Yemeni media called Haydar, the leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the province of Aden According to relatives of Haidar, he joined the Yemen cell “al-Qaeda”, after he was imprisoned and tortured. In the past two days, the U.S. produced several dozen air strikes in Yemen.

The Russian Embassy took up the situation with the detention of Russians in Sri Lanka

The Russian Embassy took up the situation with the detention of Russians in Sri Lanka MOSCOW, 4 Mar — RIA Novosti. Russian diplomats trying to resolve the situation with the detention of Russians in Sri Lanka, reported on the website of the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka and the Maldives in Facebook. On Friday, the media reported about the arrest of nine Russians in Sri Lanka. According to one of the detainees, law enforcement officers have appeared “some claim” It was noted that three of the detainees own company providing services for skating surfing. “In connection with spreading information in the media, we inform that the Embassy is in close contact with the Migration service of Sri Lanka to resolve the situation and release the detainees. Part of the Russians were accused of violating the rules of stay in the country”, — stated in the message. It is noted that

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