The Austrian foreign Minister proposed to place the migrant reception centers in Georgia

The Austrian foreign Minister proposed to place the migrant reception centers in Georgia Centers for migrants, next to Europe, can be opened in Georgia, Egypt and Balkan countries. This proposal was expressed by the Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz in an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. The Minister noted that the policy on admission of migrants to the EU, earlier, was wrong. Existing routes of migratory movements in Europe, including the Mediterranean route must be blocked. Kurtz stated that the most reasonable would be to establish, in cooperation with the UN Agency for refugees centres for migrants outside the EU “It is important that these centres provide protection to people and to be able to send illegal migrants heading to Europe”, — said the head of the Austrian foreign Ministry. In addition, Kurtz noted that the deportation of illegal migrants from the EU cannot be a solution to

NYT: US organized cyber attacks on the DPRK in the past three years

NYT: US organized cyber attacks on the DPRK in the past three years US intelligence agencies are engaged in constant cyber attacks on the servers of the DPRK, according to The New York Times. According to the newspaper, former President Barack Obama gave the order to destabilize Pyongyang’s missile programme, using hacking techniques. In particular, by iberostate, as the newspaper notes, was planned to disrupt the test launch of a ballistic missile in the first seconds of their flight. According to the newspaper, the program of the cyber attacks were successful, and the number of failed launches has increased significantly In particular, the North Korean missiles began to explode, veer off course and fall into the sea. However, sources told the NYT in the administration of the former and the current President, the latest successful missile launches, the DPRK demonstrate the efficacy of exposure with the American intelligence services. Earlier,

Austria has offered to open reception centres for refugees outside of the European Union

Centers for reception it is necessary to open outside the territory of the European Union. As writes in the Sunday, March 5, the weekly Bild am Sonntag, stated the Minister of foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz. He added that the leadership of the centres must be implemented in conjunction with the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees. “Where exactly they will be, not so important. It is important that they will provide protection, and that people who illegally try to enter Europe will be returned there. These companies may be located in countries such as Egypt, Georgia or in one of the countries of the Western Balkans”, — said Kurz. He also stressed that the deportation of migrants-illegal immigrants from the EU will not solve the problem. From his point of view, EU authorities must stop seeking in Europe before crossing the border and return back. In

The media learned the name of the new press Secretary of the US Department of state

Heather Nauert The journalist of Fox News channel Heather Nauert (Heather Nauert) will be the spokesperson for the US state Department. About it Bloomberg reported two unnamed sources familiar with the situation. Officially on the appointment has yet to be announced. 47-year-old Noort leads the morning program Fox & Friends, one of my favorite programs of the President of Donald trump. The news Agency said that the decision to appoint Neuert the position of press-Secretary of the foreign Ministry was taken this week. Neuert will represent the state Department, including the traditional daily press briefings. Such activities were temporarily suspended shortly before the inauguration of trump 20 Jan. The state Department promised that the briefings will resume on March 6, while they will keep acting press Secretary mark Toner. It is noted that Neuert makes no secret of his political beliefs, in his Twitter she supported a daughter trump Ivanka,

The term of office of the Prime Minister of Japan was extended to 9 years

Shinzo Abe The powers of the leader of the ruling party of Japan, who is also Prime Minister, will be extended from 6 to 9 years. As reports on Sunday, March 5, TASS, the decision to amend the Charter was adopted at the Congress of the liberal democratic party (LDP). Thus, if the LDP manages to hold the position, this innovation will mean that the authority Shinzo Abe will expire in 2018, he will remain in office until 2021. Won the elections to the lower house of the Japanese Parliament political Association offers a candidate for Prime Minister. Earlier, the Prime Minister could occupy the post for two three-year terms now for three terms. In the fall of 2018 in the LDP elections of party Chairman. It is expected that the current Prime Minister will nominate a candidate. The leader of the liberal Democrats, Shinzo Abe became Prime Minister in

The Pentagon will expand the US military presence in Syria for the assault on Raqqa

The Pentagon plans to expand the participation of U.S. armed forces to storm the Syrian city of Raqqa. About it writes The Washington Post.   According to the newspaper, the us military intends to deploy an additional contingent of special forces, helicopter gunships and artillery, and also to supply ammunition to Syrian Kurds, fighting against a banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”.   Also, according to the Washington Post, U.S. officials offered to remove restrictions on the size of the military contingent of the country in Syria, which is about 500 military special forces. Photo:

Discovered the pilot of the Syrian air force, crashed on the border with Turkey

Found the pilot of the aircraft the Syrian air force, crashed on the border with Turkey. According to preliminary information, the man wounded. It was discovered by Turkish rescuers. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Daily newspaper Sabah.   Earlier it was reported that the aircraft MiG-23 Syrian air force fell in the Turkish province of Hatay. At the crash site of a fighter plane in southern Turkey in search and rescue operations were found in the wreckage. The pilot managed to eject.   The exact cause of the crash is unknown. Photo:

Supporters and opponents of trump staged a brawl

Supporters and opponents of the current American President staged a brawl during March for trump in Berkeley (California).   Opponents of the us leader attacked the protesters, a fight broke out. In the course went smoke bombs and cans of pepper gas. In the brawl injured two people. One activist was hospitalized with a head injury, the other cut face.   Marches Donald trump held in 50 U.S. cities. The largest actions took place in new York, Nashville, Boston, Denver and Miami. The demonstrators support the statement of the President made during his address to the us Congress. Video: Super OdibO / YouTube

Bastrykin called the reason for the move of the former Deputy Boronenkov to Ukraine

Alexander Bastrykin The former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov moved to Ukraine to avoid prosecution. On Thursday, March 2, said the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “We have twice made to the Prosecutor’s office a complaint against this Deputy, when he still had this status. Twice he took on the organization of fraudulent schemes against the entrepreneurs,” he said at the Board meeting. Boronenkov went to Kiev, because “we had to bring him to trial and likely would have been arrested”, said the head of the TFR. On 15 February it became known that the TFR Boronenkov announced in the Federal wanted list. Investigators issued a resolution on attraction it as the accused in the organization of falsifying the unified state register of legal entities and fraud. On the same day the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said

At the airport Vnukovo happened a fatal accident

One person was killed in a traffic accident in the area of the Moscow airport Vnukovo. On Thursday, March 2, reports TV channel “360” with reference to press-service of management of traffic police GU MVD in the capital. The accident occurred on 31-m kilometre of the Kiev highway. The Mercedes crashed into standing at the edge of the roadway truck. On a scene there arrived police officers. Are the circumstances of the accident. The victim — the driver of the Mercedes. In addition, according to the network edition 2 March on the streets of Lublin in Moscow faced seven cars. As a result of mass accident suffered by the drivers of truck and SUV, they are hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

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