Hamster in a dress laugh Network users

The Network is gaining popularity video, which a hamster in a dress chewing something. In comments to the video, users report that the owner of the animal has a good sense of humor.   “The beast and so carbon monoxide, and in the dress at all crazy,” wrote a web user. Video: Inspired Life / facebook

In the United States there were marches supporters and opponents of trump

In the United States held thousands of shares of supporters and opponents of Donald trump, who seized more than 50 cities, including new York, Nashville, Boston, Denver and Miami, writes RIA Novosti. It is noted that there were no serious collisions.   But in Berkeley, demonstrators, speakers in support of the President, began to attack the opponents trump. In new York, about 200 voters trump held a rally at his home in Manhattan, chanting “USA”. Video: (((o Trope. Phobe))) / twitter Photo: (((o Trope. Phobe))) / twitter

The American media are willing to forgive Trump the lies and mistakes if it will make friends with Moscow

The American edition of The Guardian published an article which said that Trump will be forgiven for all the mistakes and lies if it is able what did not work for the Obama administration to improve relations with Russia.   According to the author, the situation with the lie worked because neither the new President nor the officials whom he appointed, have the required experience for this job. But at the moment, it is important to establish relations with Moscow, and this justifies the lies and mistakes of the administration trump, the newspaper writes.   The Guardian journalist Simon Jenkins defends the US attorney General who was involved in a recent scandal involving his “ties with Russia”, in particular with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. He noted that sessions probably just confused the definitions incorrectly interpreted the concept of “contacts” with the representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.  

Kadyrov has called the ban on wearing headscarves suicidal for the society

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov criticized the proposal on the ban to wear traditional Muslim clothing in public places, including in Russian schools. His words are quoted in the Saturday, March 4, TASS with reference to the TV channel “Russia 1”. “That prohibition was deadly for Russian society, because we are citizens of Russia, [is] a multinational and multi-religious country,” — said Kadyrov. The head of Chechnya pointed to the fact that living in Russia Muslims are full citizens. “We have to strengthen our state, to adhere to the customs, culture and religions, then we will win,” he said. January 31, the Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM) has published data of a poll in which half of Russians supported the lifting of the ban on wearing headscarves in schools. January 24 Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva, commenting on the situation in the village of Belozerye

The MOE created the headquarters for the liquidation of the bird flu in the Moscow region

The MOE created the headquarters for the liquidation of the bird flu in the Moscow region MOSCOW, 4 Mar — RIA Novosti. In the MOE confirmed the discovery of a focus of bird flu in the Sergievo-Posadsky district of Moscow oblast, reports TV channel “360”. It is reported that the Ministry set up an operational headquarters to locate and eliminate the virus. The Department also stressed that the threat of the spread of the virus among residents of the region no. Earlier it became known that the Moscow company for four days because of an outbreak of bird flu killed more than 11 thousand chickens The incident occurred in the poultry enterprise with branches fgbu “Change” in the village of Bereznyaki of the Sergiev Posad district.

In Moscow killed more than 11 thousand chickens due to bird flu

In Moscow killed more than 11 thousand chickens due to bird flu MOSCOW, 4 Mar — RIA Novosti. Bird flu in four days killed more than 11 million hens in the company of Federal sgts “Change” in the village of Bereznyaki of the Sergiev Posad district. The avian influenza epidemic on the territory of “Change” began on February 27. This was reported by the TV channel “360” with reference to a common source in law enforcement bodies. A state of emergency imposed on the premises from March 2. A new strain registered at the Chinese Center for control and prevention of diseases in February 2017. The mutation of the avian influenza virus highly pathogenic recognized. However, it is not dangerous for people In several European countries also registered cases of the new strain. Therefore, the Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the supply of poultry products from several countries from February 4.

A Lithuanian drone launched over the presidential Palace in Poland

A Lithuanian drone launched over the presidential Palace in Poland WARSAW, March 4 — RIA Novosti. A Lithuanian national arrested in Warsaw for the launch of a drone over the building of the presidential Belvedere Palace in the company of two Russians, according to the Bureau of government protection (BOR) of Poland. “This afternoon the staff of the BOR, implementing tasks for the protection of objects, noticed the drone flying over Belvedere. The staff of the Bureau of government protection have established the location of the operator of the drone in a nearby Park, and then detained him and checked the documents. The operator was a citizen of Lithuania, who had managed device with remote control in the company of two women with Russian citizenship”, — stated in the message Department. According to BOR, at present, a Protocol on the transfer of the detained Lithuanian citizen police. About the incident

Peskov clarified the situation with the boycott of “Eurovision”

Photo: Jim Loscalzo / Zumapress / Globallookpress.com The Kremlin made no decision on boycott of the international music festival “Eurovision-2017”. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. His words RIA Novosti reported. “It is not clear whether it is to boycott. Of course, given the venue of this contest and possible problems, and security, unfriendly attitude, and so forth a specific reason for concern is obvious. But, I repeat, any decisions that are taken”, — said Peskov. State Duma Deputy from the party “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov asked the head of the First channel Konstantin Ernst not to send Russian participants of “Eurovision” and to cancel the broadcast of music shows. In his address, the MP called the contest “Rahoveanu”. The proposal of the Deputy was supported by the singer Joseph Kobzon, producer Joseph Prigogine and Philip. The semi-finals of “Eurovision” will take place in Kiev on

State Duma Deputy offers to leave alone the footballer Kokorin

Photo: RIA Novosti The Deputy of the state Duma Igor Lebedev asked to write the forward of “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin alone. “Let’s leave Kokorin alone. Let the rolls Bentley, goes to the head in the center of the city, drinking champagne and attending discos is his personal life. I do not see any reason to out of it to inflate. He did not steal, do not kill. Express Kokorin words of support, you will need legal assistance — will be ready to provide”, — quoted Lebedev “championship”. Earlier it was reported that the attacker “Zenit” and national team of Russia Alexander Kokorin was arrested for driving on the wrong side.

Were selected alcohol and cigarettes among the Muslims, the blogger renounced Sharia patrol

Photo: : Alif TV / YouTube Creator of the project “Stop Haram” Islam Ismailov, who is on the streets encourages passersby, mostly Muslims, to give up alcohol, Smoking and antisocial behaviour, said the TV channel “360” that did not create Sharia patrol. “Sharia patrol is only in the media. There is just a social project, aimed to call people to normal behavior accepted in the society. In this case, in Moscow. I don’t think that Moscow has taken to waving a bottle and yelling in the transition. This is not so. People think that I came here with my Charter, but I’m just doing local,” — said Ismailov. According to him, to call him a RAID Sharia patrol is incorrect because it is designed not only for the understanding of Muslims but also all people who behave anti-social on the streets. Ismailov said that “Stop Haram” is not a social

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