She has told about the reasons for the withdrawal of the children from her by the Finnish authorities

Living in Finland Russian Svetlana REC on Wednesday, November 2, told the publication the reasons why local authorities to withdraw from her two children. According to REC, its civil husband — Russian named Imans — two years ago, in 2014, were held on charges of drug dealing. The decision of the court a man deported from the country. Svetlana was accused of use of prohibited substances. In violation of the ban Imans several times illegally entered the territory of Finland and lived with Rots and her children that forced the government to put girls at the family centre in Turku. Mother was allowed to see them every day and tuck them to sleep. The only condition for the visits was the blood for drugs. After that, the ROC has charged that she hasn’t spent much time with the girls and refused to visit them daily. “Because I, too, have

Ovsyannikov revealed the conditions of their participation in elections of the Governor of Sevastopol

Dmitry Ovsyannikov at the round table Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov ready to participate in direct elections of the mayor in case of their carrying out, if at that time will reach success in this position. He said this in an interview with “the”. “If I have anything to show in terms of positive results of his tenure as acting Governor, and I will understand that citizens support me, then I will participate,” — said the mayor. He recalled that the stated willingness to participate in direct elections in the first days after his appointment in Sebastopol. “That was my original position, which I continue to follow”, — said Ovsyannikov. On 18 October members of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol adopted in first reading a bill on direct elections of the Governor of the city. In case of approval the direct election of the mayor will take place

Ovsyannikov told about the relations of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol

Dmitry Ovsyannikov The position of the authorities of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol do not contradict each other. Told about it in interview “to the” the acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov on Wednesday, November 2. “We have no contradictions, because we help each other, this is the basic setup that comes from the President of the country,” he said. Negative comments of colleagues from the Republic, such as the establishment of the civil sector in the Sevastopol airport Balbec, Ovsyannikov perceives “as an alternative point of view.” “The airport will be modernized in any case”, — said the head of the city. Misunderstanding of the Crimean authorities also caused the cancellation of the decision on gratuitous transfer to the property of the Republic of Crimea blocking stake in the GenBank. “The reason to implement the earlier decision on the transfer of shares was not, otherwise I would

The Governor of Sevastopol refused to grab his head

Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov said that he sees no reason to “grab his head” — the agenda in the city is positive. He said this in an interview with “the”. “The situation is very positive because I really very many citizens concerned about the situation in Sevastopol. Here a large number of public organizations, associations interested in the development of the city. So you can not seize the head,” — said the official. Materials on теме00:09 18 Mar 2016My prelestyami was two years in the Crimea России00:08 2 August 2016the Permit will result in Sibiricum for Crimea high-profile personnel changes However, he acknowledged that problems in the city, among them, for example, the delay in conclusion of contracts with enterprises of Sevastopol under Russian law. “But that’s no reason to say “all is lost””, — said Ovsyannikov. According to him, there is a backlog and schedule the

Yevkurov gave the king of Saudi Arabia his portrait from fish skin

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and the Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud The head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, while on an official visit to Saudi Arabia, gave to king Salman his portrait, made from fish skin. On Wednesday, November 2, reports “Yes, we the king gave his portrait — from fish skin, in our country there is such an exclusive artist. And another good old dagger. Plus our Ingush honey that he tried, which he is good,” said Yevkurov. The head of Ingushetia arrived in the middle Eastern Kingdom on October 31. November 1, he met with the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud. According to Yevkurov, the monarch expressed a genuine respect for Russia and its role in world politics. “It was very sincere. By the way, the king is a modest soul. Of course, he is a deep respect”, — said the head of Ingushetia. Yevkurov

Kuzbass police pulled out of a snowdrift late for the train a woman

In the Kuzbass police officers found a woman lost in the snow. This was reported on the website of the Department of transport, the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Siberian Federal district. On the night of 2 November, a few drivers of the freight train told the police that on railway tracks is unknown. Towards the woman I left quickly-an investigation team. “Seeing the flashing lights of the vehicle, a traveler was walking fearlessly among trains, hurried out of the way to the forest and tried to dig in the snow. The fugitive pulled out of a snowdrift, reassured and invited to warm up in the car”, — stated in the message. It turned out that 52-year-old woman was late for the train from Totalsol to yurgi and decided to get to the destination on foot. However, she made a mistake and was five miles in the opposite direction

Polish military likened the beauty Zakharova Kalashnikov

Maria Zakharova The head of the Polish military-Patriotic Association “Kursk” hedgehogs Pow during a meeting in Moscow on an official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova compared with the Kalashnikov, writes “When we, the military, want to say to a girl a compliment, we say: Masha, prettier You only have an AK-47”, — he said. The members of the Association “Kursk”, which deals with the restoration and maintenance of Soviet military burial places and monuments, came over the weekend in Solnechnogorsk near Moscow at the invitation of the all-Russian public organization of veterans “Combat brotherhood”. At the event in the historical Museum “the Shot” Zakharova drank with the guests vodka for “familiarity” and tried soldier’s porridge. Then at his dacha diplomat showed the poles found in part of the casings, helmets and other artifacts of the Second world war and treated them to Apple pie. The machine,

Because of mass poisoning of inhabitants of Makhachkala has filed 11 cases

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova told the TV channel “Russia 24” on initiation of the 11 administrative cases against officials and companies responsible for mass poisoning of inhabitants of Makhachkala in Dagestan, reports “Interfax”. The production is carried out in respect of the “Makhachkala-water utility”, state unitary enterprise “Clean water”. Guilty of state of emergency legal entity will be liquidated by the court. “In the early days there was an excess of standards for the content of microorganisms in water up to eight times,” said Popov, speaking about the reasons of mass poisoning of citizens. Earlier on 31 October, it was reported that the water quality in Makhachkala has begun to improve, however, local residents are still urged to use only boiled or bottled. The mass poisoning became the reason for initiation criminal proceedings on the provision of services not meeting safety requirements (part 1 of article 238 of

In the Institute of psychiatry estimated the idea to forbid Schoolgirls to climb rope

In the Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, criticized the proposal to keep girls in school physical education classes to climb rope, RIA Novosti reported. “It’s sheer stupidity that borders on ignorance because you can’t pull the ears things that do not belong to it. Physical education lessons also contribute to the development of the personality”, — said the head of sexual pathology of the Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, Nikolay Kibrik. According to him, psychosexual development depends not on the climbing ropes, and the type of Constitution, education, place of birth, of heredity, predisposition, transferred in early childhood, diseases, and other factors. Earlier in October, sexologists proposed to the Ministry of education and science to change the curriculum in physical education. According to the President of the Professional Association of doctors-sexologists Eugene Kulgavchuk, girls bad to climb rope. “This exercise contributes to the distortion of psychosexual development and sexual problems

Five people were killed in an accident on the highway “Kola”

Five people were killed and another was injured in a traffic accident in Karelia. As reported by TASS in management of traffic police in the Republic, the accident occurred on the highway “Kola” in the village Sopka in Kondopoga region at about 01:30 GMT on Saturday, October 29. According to car inspectors, the driver of the Renault Sandero drove into the oncoming lane and collided with VAZ-2012. At the same time in the domestic car ran “Volga”. For liquidation of consequences of the accident involved emergency workers. Wednesday, October 26, at the 36th kilometer of the highway M4 “don” (toll section of the road in the area of Moscow Domodedovo) as a result of gross violations of traffic rules has occurred associated a collision of three vehicles. The victims were seven people.