Russia is not planning a new response to sanctions

Russia is not going to take further measures in response to the EU sanctions and the United States. This was told Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in interview to the Second channel of Israel.   The Russian head of government noted that in recent years the country has taken all necessary actions. “Sanctions are generally always bad. We were never in favour of sanctions applied to any country,” he said.   Medvedev has reminded that in Soviet times America and some other countries have repeatedly imposed restrictions against the Soviet Union. But it did not lead to any result, because the Soviet Union had its own course. Based on this, the politician is sure that the extension of sanctions exchange is the wrong way.   As for Russia’s retaliatory measures against Europe and the United States, they have already taken, stated the Prime Minister. “We have imposed a ban on the

The UN reported the deaths of 240 migrants off the coast of Libya

The UN reported the deaths of 240 migrants off the coast of Libya Moscow. 3 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — the UN office for refugees announced the deaths of 239 migrants off Libya’s coast as a result of two shipwrecks. On Thursday said the representative of the organization. According to preliminary data, were natives of West Africa. It is assumed that they were trying to cross the Mediterranean sea on rubber boats. With one ship managed to save 29 people, but the rest of the 120, apparently, died. On another boat known according to the two surviving passengers. It was also more than 120 refugees. UN officials note that smugglers who arrange the transportation of migrants from Africa to Italy regularly overload the boat and often put them in bad weather. Given this information, the number of migrants killed this year in the Mediterranean sea, reached 4,200 people.

CNN has discovered the secret of the “political weapons” trump

The main Republican country, applying for the post of President of the United States has a secret “political weapon”. It is the company Cambridge Analytica, where staff work hard to ensure that all means to convince U.S. citizens to vote for Donald trump. On it informs TV channel CNN.   According to the TV channel, the company is located in London. For their services it has already received about five million dollars. The principle of operation of Cambridge Analytica is to generate a profile of potential supporters of a billionaire, and then to tailor ads to fit their beliefs.   The company’s experts also actively use tests that give very detailed information about people. However, respondents are often unaware about the true purpose of such inspections.   It is noted that Cambridge Analytica previously worked with the former candidate in US presidents Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race.

In Karelia has denied the resignation of the head of Segezha colony in connection with the complaint Ildar Dading

In Karelia has denied the resignation of the head of Segezha colony in connection with the complaint Ildar Dading Moscow. 3 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — Sergey Gassiev, head of the Segezha penal colony (IK-7) where is serving a sentence Ildar Dading, not dismissed, but is in planned holiday. About it “Interfax” on Thursday, according to a senior source in Karelia. “The rumors about Cassava removal from office were untrue. To do this, simply there are no bases”, — said the Agency interlocutor. He noted that the decision to dismiss can only be taken after inspection of the Federal penitentiary service and the Investigative Committee, which is not over yet. Earlier, several media outlets, citing its sources reported about the removal Cassava from office in connection with the scandal caused by the application of the convicted opposition leader Dading of the sophisticated torture by the prison staff in the presence Cassava.

The United States will respond to cyber threats without warning

The United States is ready to respond to cyberthreats, but not going to discuss it in advance. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the national security Council the White house Brand Straha.   According to him, the President has made it clear that America will do all it can to protect its interests, including in cyberspace.   “And we’ll do it at that time and in that place, which they themselves choose. In accordance with established past practice, the company should not assume that it necessarily will be aware of what actions have been taken and what actions will be taken,” explained Stroh.   He also did not disclose information about what can be a potential answer. However, he hinted: “…Some of the answers you can see some don’t”.   We will remind, earlier TV channel NBC News , citing an unknown representative of the

A former employee stole the tools with the Krasnoyarsk enterprise through a tunnel

A former employee stole the tools with the Krasnoyarsk enterprise through a tunnel Police detained a resident of the village of Bolshaya Irba (Krasnoyarsk Krai), who for months stole through the tunnel of expensive drilling tools with mining companies where he worked before. On Thursday, November 3, reports the press service of the MIA of Russia. The attacker did mine and within a few months illegally entered the warehouse and stole spare parts. Stolen property the suspect had sold. The total damage amounted to about half a million rubles.The press service of the MIA of Russia Upon a crime criminal case as regards 4 articles 158 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Theft made in especially large size”) with a maximum punishment of 10 years imprisonment. Read takamisaki student stole some 5 thousand dollars and bought a friends hamsters February 11, in the Kemerovo region the police detained

Aerobatics – Zakharova information about the work of the Ministry of defense in Aleppo

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called “aerobatics” information work of the Ministry of defense in Syria. According to her, provided by the Russian defense Ministry the facts are always confirmed by a large number of photos and videos.   “That now makes the Department of defense, is the highest level of work, as the Ministry of defense is building awareness, reinforcing her video and photographic material. For example, I believe, aerobatics to provide humanitarian corridors to Aleppo web cameras so that people had the opportunity to observe what is happening there”, – quotes TASS Zakharov.   A broadcast from Aleppo, led to the official website, and millions of people were able to learn how the militants broke another truce. Entrenched in Aleppo, the terrorists opened indiscriminate fire on the humanitarian corridor on the road of Turin. Were wounded two Russian soldiers.   However, in spite of

The head of the colony left the post in connection with charges in the beating of the Dading

The head of the colony left the post in connection with charges in the beating of the Dading The chief of a corrective colony № 7 Sergey Cassava that could be involved in beating of civil activist Ildar Dading, was suspended in connection with the investigation of the incident. This “Газете.Ru” according to a senior source in the FSIN. It is noted that instead of a colony run by his Deputy Alexander Serov. “Cossies now is not the head of the colony, and his duties, the Deputy Alexander Serov. Thus, the checks should pass more objectively,” — said the source. Also according to the source, the Agency considered the possibility of taking under the protection of the family Cassava in connection with a wide public resonance and in fact harassment, which had been the chief of IK-7 and his family.See alsoIn Karelia has denied the resignation of the head of

A good mine at bad game – the analyst about the news about hackers breaking Russian systems

The political scientist Ildus Arulin commented in a radio interview with “Star” in the appeared information that the alleged military hackers, the United States entered into the command system of the Kremlin and ready to attack. According to experts, this statement is an attempt to wishful thinking.   “There is a confrontation between the West and Russia. And if all the noise that the Russian hackers can do it, why not say that we network in Russia climbed, do not be surprised if tonight will see the information that hacked websites of the people’s liberation army of China, because the Chinese are also accused of spying. You need to keep a good mine at bad game, to show that they can too,” said the analyst.   Earlier, NBC reported that hackers from the United States was introduced in the electricity and telecommunications of Russia, and also in the command system

The Chinese Prosecutor found 149 apartments

The Chinese Prosecutor found 149 apartments According to investigators, Xu, Linbao in collusion with his son-in-law issued in one of the banks a loan of $14.2 million, and purchased this property. BEIJING, November 3. /Offset. TASS Roman Balandin/. The Chinese authorities found the Deputy chief of Department of Prosecutor’s office of Nanchang (the administrative center of Jiangxi province, East China) Xu, Lingbo and his family of ownership of 149 apartments with a total value of 110 million yuan (about $16.3 million). On Thursday, reported news portal “Sina”. According to investigators, Xu, Linbao in collusion with his son-in-law, one of the Moons of Uew through credit card fraud issued in one of the banks in the city loan of 96 million yuan ($14.2 million) and acquired the property. According to “Sina”, now colleagues Xu Lingbao from the Prosecutor’s office has issued a warrant for the arrest of the Moons, WEU and

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