International experts found no Russian snipers on the Maidan

Ukrainian lawyer-criminologist Anna Painter in the Ukrainian TV channel “inter” said that no Russian Maidan snipers were not referring to the opinion of international experts that conducted the investigation after the events in Kiev, writes “it is Watered.Navigator”.   “They (international experts – approx. ed.) has questioned the presence of foreign trace in the crime. Accordingly, they gave us to understand that this investigation within the state, your shot at your, sort it out yourself,” said the Painter.   The discussion was devoted to the events on the Maidan, and cancelled a session of the court in Kyiv on the case of ex-soldiers of “Berkut”. The lawyer expressed his dissatisfaction with the police who failed to arrest 20 people, which gave to take out the fighters from prison, and the postponement of the meeting on 28 November.   “Ukrainian law allows you to do exactly this questioning and I, as

The assassination of a Federal judge committed in Vladikavkaz

The assassination of a Federal judge committed in Vladikavkaz Moscow. 25 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — Federal judge of a district court of Vladikavkaz was attacked, reported the Agency “Interfax” a source in power structures. According to the interlocutor Agency, the incident occurred late Thursday when the judge returned home. The attack, according to preliminary data, has made a middle-aged woman with a knife. The judge received a wound in the hand. The result relates the incident with her professional activities.the source in law enforcement bodies “Interfax” does not yet have official review in connection with this information.

To survive 638 assassination attempts over 90 years and die a natural death: a trail of history left Castro

Died man of the era – Fidel Alejandro Castro RUz. Having survived 638 assassination attempts, quietly and peacefully died at the age of 90 years. He will remain a symbol of the Island of Freedom – Cuba, as the first person who radically changed the lives of a generation of Cubans, and not only them. History again will change the attitude about it, probably from a variety of angles – even the memory of contemporaries is changeable. But he remains an iconic figure in world history.  “Cuba is far, Cuba is near” – a line from a song of Soviet times was dedicated to Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban revolution. The implication was that distant island was nearly the sixteenth Republic of the USSR. Besides the fact that we received almost a third of the Cuban cane sugar, that “weight” was sold in almost every rural shop, exotic

The Hong Kong airport arrested armed with a knife man with a Russian passport

The Hong Kong airport arrested armed with a knife man with a Russian passport In Hong Kong international airport arrested armed with a knife man with a Russian passport, reports the South China Morning Post. According to the publication, the 44-year-old man, whose name is not called, threatened with a knife to the employee of the exchange office, and then took from the cash register 59 thousand Hong Kong dollars (about $7.6 thousand) and tried to escape. He managed to run about 200 meters before he was caught law enforcement officers. According to police the airport, in the bag men were later found gloves and a face mask, which suggests that the robbery was most likely planned.

The life of a revolutionary in the photographs: what was Fidel Castro

The Cuban party leader from 1976 to 2011 and also leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro died, November 26, at 91-year life. This was reported by news Agency with reference to the words of the current President, brother of Fidel Castro – Raul Castro.   Che Guevara and Fidel Castro happy. 1960-ies     Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Fidel Castro and Muhammad Ali pose for the photographer. May 05, 1996     Fighters against the regime of Batista, led by Fidel Castro (top, second from right). Pictured with Raul Castro (below) and a native of Argentina Ernesto Chegevara (second from left). 1958       Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the last day of his visit to the USSR spent with Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow. May 7, 1963. Moscow.     Castro and Khrushchev on the Mausoleum. For the first time Fidel Castro visited the Soviet Union in the spring of

To build a power plant in China killed more than 70 people

To build a power plant in China killed more than 70 people Moscow. 25 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — as a result of the collapse of the towers under construction in the city Fenchene (Eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi) power plant 74 people died, two injured, local media reported citing official sources. The accident at the site occurred last Thursday, about seven in the morning local time (02:40 GMT). To date, rescue efforts are complete. The body 68 of the victims identified. Chinese President XI Jinping on the same day instructed to provide the victims and families of the victims full support and assistance demanded as soon as possible to investigate the causes of the accident and to bring the perpetrators to justice. 74 people were killed in the collapse at power plant in China — RT in Russian (@RT_russian) 25 Nov 2016 Cooling tower — a tower for cooling

“Kuznetsov” wiped his nose “pride of the American fleet,” the German media

Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” wiped his nose new American destroyer-the Zumwalt invisible, declared as “the pride of the US Navy”.   “Kuznetsov” successfully continues military operation at the time as “the pride of the United States” has lost the combat capability due to breakage during the passage through the Panama canal. It is reported portal “Russian spring” with reference to the Stern.   Zumwalt impossible to detect on radar, it is equipped with long-range and high-precision guns. However, according to German media, it has become a “helpless ship”.   It is reported that the failure of the Zumwalt happened when the ship went into the Panama canal. He couldn’t continue and had to be towed.   According to preliminary data, the ship broke down due to a malfunction in the heat exchanger vessel installation, supplying power for all the ship.   15 Oct carrier battle group of Russian ships

Attacked a nursing home in France managed to escape

Attacked a nursing home in France managed to escape An armed man who broke into a nursing home “Green oaks” in the city Monpere-sur-Le (Department of Hérault) in the South of France, fled the scene of the crime. On Friday, 25 November, reports Le Figaro, the police search for the attacker surveyed the building. As previously reported, the three-storey building at the time of the incident there were about 70 of retired monks. None of them was hurt. The representative of the institution Wayne Bodkin said that the average age of residents is 75 years, some inhabitants of 90 years old. Before settling in the nursing home, the monks worked in various missions in Africa. The attack on the nursing home occurred on the evening of November 24. Unknown masked armed with a knife and shotgun entered inside the building, he tied the guard and gagged with a ball gag.

NATO fears a mile away and bypasses the cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” after the flight “Katran”

Starting in the Norwegian sea, aircraft carrier group, led by cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov of the Northern fleet, was escorted up to a dozen ships of NATO, the movement of the Russian squadron are constantly monitoring and sea and air. About it tells the correspondent of “Stars” Konstantin Isayev. The first appearance in the sky of the Ka-52K “Katran” has caused fear among NATO sailors from the time of his departure from the cruiser, near the “Admiral Kuznetsov” is not passed none of the reconnaissance aircraft of the unit.   The span of “Katran” was not intelligence operations. The pilots tested the possibility of a new machine. “Katran” is a new development of Russian engineers, naval version of army helicopter KA-52 “alligator”. Its speed reaches 300 kilometers per hour. It has a reinforced landing gear, high maneuverability, powerful weapons and radar. The campaign in the Mediterranean sea will be for the

Armed man invaded a nursing home in France

Armed man invaded a nursing home in France Moscow. 25 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — Police in the French Department of Herault in the South withdrew from a nursing home of 59 residents after they broke into the building armed with a gun and a knife by an unknown man. The building is home to about 70 retired monks who participated in missions in African countries. About 20 of them are still inside the building, local media reported with references to authorities. According to reports, an armed man in a mask broke into the nursing home, with a knife after killing an old woman-guard. Police and riot police arrived on the scene, looking for the offender inside the building. #Hérault déploiement police et gendarmerie au rond point de montferrier sur Lez femme où une veilleuse de nuit a été tuee par’homme armé — MidiLibreMontpellier (@MLMontpellier) 24 Nov 2016 The motives for

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