A good mine at bad game – the analyst about the news about hackers breaking Russian systems

The political scientist Ildus Arulin commented in a radio interview with “Star” in the appeared information that the alleged military hackers, the United States entered into the command system of the Kremlin and ready to attack. According to experts, this statement is an attempt to wishful thinking.   “There is a confrontation between the West and Russia. And if all the noise that the Russian hackers can do it, why not say that we network in Russia climbed, do not be surprised if tonight will see the information that hacked websites of the people’s liberation army of China, because the Chinese are also accused of spying. You need to keep a good mine at bad game, to show that they can too,” said the analyst.   Earlier, NBC reported that hackers from the United States was introduced in the electricity and telecommunications of Russia, and also in the command system

The Chinese Prosecutor found 149 apartments

The Chinese Prosecutor found 149 apartments According to investigators, Xu, Linbao in collusion with his son-in-law issued in one of the banks a loan of $14.2 million, and purchased this property. BEIJING, November 3. /Offset. TASS Roman Balandin/. The Chinese authorities found the Deputy chief of Department of Prosecutor’s office of Nanchang (the administrative center of Jiangxi province, East China) Xu, Lingbo and his family of ownership of 149 apartments with a total value of 110 million yuan (about $16.3 million). On Thursday, reported news portal “Sina”. According to investigators, Xu, Linbao in collusion with his son-in-law, one of the Moons of Uew through credit card fraud issued in one of the banks in the city loan of 96 million yuan ($14.2 million) and acquired the property. According to “Sina”, now colleagues Xu Lingbao from the Prosecutor’s office has issued a warrant for the arrest of the Moons, WEU and

Obama acknowledged that US military intervention leads to big problems

The intervention of Washington sometimes has unexpected consequences, admitted the incumbent President Barack Obama in an interview with TV channel HBO.   According to him, military assistance is necessary in cases, when it comes to the protection of American citizens from the threat posed by terrorist groups such as the banned in Russia “Islamic state” and al-Qaida.   “Around the world, bad things happen, our instinct tells us that we need to do something. These are the times when the intervention is important. However, there have been cases where unforeseen consequences without intent lead to more problems. To determine what can lead to certain actions, is one of the most difficult challenges facing any President,” – said the American leader.   In addition, Obama stressed that the United States is very important to have allies to work in the international arena to maintain “the basic world order.” Photo: U. S.

Sun recommends that you do not make the case about extremism only for reposts in social networks

Sun recommends that you do not make the case about extremism only for reposts in social networks MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Supreme court of Russia does not recommend to initiate a case on extremism only for reposts in social networks: it is necessary to consider the context and comments to the disputed information, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the meeting of the Plenum of the Supreme court. “(In such matters) should be based on the totality of all the circumstances of the offense and consider, inter alia, context, form and content of posted information, the availability and content of reviews or other expressions of relationship to it”, — stated in the draft of the plenary. The court noted that in 2015, the convictions for extremist crimes increased by almost two times, for six months of 2016 to justice attracted 398 people. The armed forces noticed

The HRC of the UN has become a tool to promote individual States – foreign Ministry

The Council on human rights, the UN becomes an instrument of promotion of the individual States, this statement was made by the Deputy Director of the Department for human rights Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory lukyantsev, as reported by RIA Novosti.   “We have to say that the agenda of the Council has become an instrument of promoting fleeting interests of individual States and groups. Discussion is increasingly turning into a political struggle, mentoring, defamation of States,” said lukyantsev.   In addition, a representative of the Department on human rights Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has noticed that it is not groundless geographical imbalance associated with human rights situations in the moment does not reflect real trends, and is merely an instrument of the political order. Photo: Xu Jinquan Xinhua/Globallokperess

In the US, burned the Church, writing on the wall “vote for trump”

In the US, burned the Church, writing on the wall “vote for trump” NEW YORK, November 2. /Offset. TASS Alexey Kachalin/. Unknown persons set fire to the Methodist Church in Greenville (Mississippi), writing on the wall with spray paint “vote for trump”. The appeal of the authorities the FBI has begun investigating the vandalism, said the mayor of Greenville Eric Simmons. He described the incident as a “crime of hate” with obvious racist overtones, given that about 78% of the city’s population of more than 32 thousand people are African Americans. “This is a political message that, we believe, intended to stop people from praying and at the same time to intimidate voters,” the mayor said, Recalling that before the General election in the United States remained six days. See also, Clinton has already ordered a salute in honor of his victory in the US on 8 November The Governor

Military hackers, the US has penetrated into the Russian system – NBC

American hackers working for the country’s armed forces, said that infiltrated some of the Russian system infrastructure is ready when needed to attack these objects. On it informs TV channel NBC News , citing anonymous senior US intelligence.   “Military hackers infiltrated the U.S. in electrical and telecommunications in Russia and in the command system of the Kremlin, making them vulnerable to attack using a secret U.S. cyber-weapons if the US deems it necessary”, – quotes the channel of the source.   Earlier, representatives of the US Democratic party and its candidate Hillary Clinton repeatedly accused Russia of cyber attacks on their servers in order to affect the outcome of the presidential election. The representative of the presidential administration Josh Ernest said that Obama is considering “retaliatory measures against Russian attempts to undermine the political system of America.” Photo: Ralf-Udo Thiele imagebroker/ globallookpress

Head IG said about the confidence in the final victory group

Head IG said about the confidence in the final victory group Moscow. 3 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — the Head of grouping “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called on the population of Mosul to resist the Iraqi troops who are trying to liberate the city from the control of ISIS. In particular, in his audiotape, which is quoted by the media, he urged residents to “fight the enemies” and the militants “to turn the night to unbelievers in the days to wreak havoc on their lands and make their blood flow like rivers”. Also, according to the leader of the IG, should actively lead the fight against Turkey, which is “an ally of the atheists.” In addition, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said he did not doubt that his group will win the final victory. See alsosandstorm slowed the advance on Mosul “This is total war and the great

We are not in a position to isolate Russia – Clinton adviser

Adviser to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her longtime friend Melanie Verveer said that in the current situation, “Russia cannot be isolated”, and it should continue to work, according to RIA Novosti. This statement Verveer made during the Washington conference on the relations of Ukraine and the USA.   The question of what efforts will be undertaken to reduce tensions in relations with Russia while maintaining support of Ukraine, Verveer called “very important.”   “We need wherever possible to continue to work with Russia on a range of issues affecting the state of the world. We are not in a position where Russia could be isolated,” said Clinton adviser. Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin Russian Look/Globallookpress

World famous clown Oleg Popov died in the circus hotel in Rostov-na-Donu

World famous clown Oleg Popov died in the circus hotel in Rostov-na-Donu He acted in the Rostov circus on the road last weekend. 10фотографий10фотографий10фотографий Moscow. 3 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — people’s artist of the Soviet Union, the clown Oleg Popov died in the circus hotel in the city of Rostov-on-don, where he was on tour, said the Agency “Interfax” in an environment of Popova. “Oleg Popov was watching TV, sitting in a chair around 23:00 GMT were with him a number of people saw him in an unnatural position. To the hotel I immediately called the ambulance, but to save clown failed. He died a natural death,” — said the Agency interlocutor. He noted that priests acted in the Rostov circus on the road last weekend, the film has collected a large number of fans, people were willing to view people’s artist of the USSR. See alsothe funeral of the clown

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