The Council of the State Duma unanimously withdrew from consideration the draft law on QR codes

“The Council of the State Duma unanimously withdrew from consideration the bill on QR codes  — Volodin wrote in  his Telegram channel. The initiative was made on November 12 last year. According to the original concept, Russians were required to present electronic certificates with QR codes about vaccination in public places, and also in trains and airplanes. Subsequently, the idea of ​​checks on transport was abandoned. The  earlier edition also stated that after 1 February only holders of a medical exemption will be able to take a PCR test. The effect of these measures was limited on June 1, 2022. In mid-December, State Duma deputies approved the initiative in the first reading, after which it was again sent to regions, the Federation Council and the cabinet for discussion of ;second reading.

Four tornadoes swept through Florida (video)

View this post on Instagram A post by Neo paz (@neopaz14) View this post on Instagram A post by Josh Oknefski (@tornado_outbreak2) According to meteorologists, there is a danger of tornadoes in the state of Florida. The country will be in the grip of a winter storm for several more days. Tornado passed over Interstate 75 in the area of the 96 mile marker (? Alley) in Collier County at 9:34am.Please continue to monitor weather conditions and BE SAFE! – FHP SWFL (@FHPSWFL) January 16, 2022 View this post on Instagram Post by Paddle Marco (@paddlemarco) Damage in Tropicana RV Resort in Fort Myers @NWSTampaBay – KC Sherman (@KCShermanWx) January 16, 2022 View this post on Instagram Posted by Venezolanos en South Texas (@venezolanosensouthtexas) View this post on Instagram A post by @gigivonblondie View this post on Instagram A post from the (@naqalnew) Super discounts of up to

Spider-Man Comic Book Page Sold for $3.3 million

#SunStarEntertainmentA single page of artwork from a 1984 Spider-Man comic book was sold at auction on Jan. 15 (PH time) for a record $3.36 million. — Sun Star Davao (@SunStarDavao) January 17, 2022 Mike Zek’s drawing was printed on the 25th page of the Marvel comic “Secret Wars # 8”. It tells the story of the origin of Spider-Man’s black suit. This is the “symbiote” costume that eventually led to the appearance of the famous character Venom. It is reported that the previous record for one page of the comic was $ 657,250. It was part of the 1974 release of The Incredible Hulk, and the drawing showed the first appearance of Wolverine from the X-Men. By the way, the complete Spider-Man comic is also an absolute record holder. In September 2021, the 1962 comic book was sold at auction for $3.6 million, making it the most expensive comic book

Ex-head of Kazakhstan's special services admitted illness or death of Nazarbayev

Nazarbayev's press secretary claims that the former head of state is in Nur-Sultan.  But if taking into attention the fact that during the crisis in country Nazarbayev never appeared in public it can be assumed that Elbasy is either seriously ill and is in coma, or, as Vladimir Zhirinovsky (the head of the Liberal Democratic Party) said the other day,  he has already died», — Musaev said. The ex-head of the special services added that the words of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko about the telephone conversation with Nazarbayev are very doubtful. According to Musaev, the current president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, will hide the truth about Nazarbayev until he strengthens his position in the presidency. The ex-president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, did not ;28 December 2021 and did not make any statements about the protests and riots that broke out in the country. There were rumors that the former head of state had traveled to the United Arab Emirates ( UAE), but the Embassy of Kazakhstan in UAE denied this information.

Europe against “golden passports”. For the first time, an entire country may lose visa-free entry due to the sale of citizenship

The European Union decided for the first time to punish an entire country for trading in passports that entitle visa-free travel to the EU. The small island state of Vanuatu is at risk of becoming the first victim, however, behind other “citizenship in” exchange for “investment” schemes Europe is watching closely. The Golden Passport Market estimated at $25 billion a year. Every second country in the world trades citizenship in one form or another. And if in Europe a passport costs from half a million dollars and almost always requires residence and verification of the origin of money, then on the islands of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean you can meet 100-150 thousand, and quickly and without any questions. The West is concerned that  similar schemes play into the hands of attackers and are used, among other things, to avoid taxes. Europe does not like it more than others, because in the Old World, thanks to

Lavrov called statements about Russia's “invasion” of the Donbas disinformation

“Let's not forget what     the the the of of the American officials said about the subject of“invasion” ; the so-called Ukraine, in particular, by spreading complete disinformation about that we are preparing a provocation with attack almost on the Russian-speaking population in Donbass in order to get a pretext for that very invasion»,  — he told reporters after the talks with Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlich-Radman. threatens and no is going to attack anyone, and statements of "aggression"of the Russian Federation" are being used as an excuse to deploy more NATO military equipment near Russian borders. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation previously noted that the statements of the West about "Russian aggression" and opportunities to help Kiev defend itself  — this is both ridiculous and dangerous. At while Kyiv and Western states have lately been expressing concern over the supposed intensification of aggressive actions» from side of Russia at borders of Ukraine. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov stated that Russia is moving troops within its territory and at its own discretion. According to it             should nobody should worry.

The couple, who have lived together for 81 years, revealed the secret of a strong marriage

Britain’s ‘longest married couple’ celebrate 81st wedding anniversary – after friends said they ‘wouldn’t last’ — Metro Lifestyle (@MetroUK_Life) January 13, 2022 The couple, who married in 1941, have two children, as well as a huge number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, for whom they are the main example of an ideal relationship. According to Ron, like any couple, they had different periods and conflicts, but they could always agree and always took care of each other. Commenting on her long union, Joyce said that she considers the absence of a leader as the main rule of a strong relationship, as well as the condition of “giving and taking” the same. Last year, the Bond couple, who now live together in a nursing home in Milton Keynes, received a greeting card from Queen Elizabeth II. And this year they were officially recognized as “the longest married couple in the

United Russia explained the situation with the bill on QR codes

and the entire deputies — focus on helping doctors, citizens, and everyone who needs it most. That that what we were doing for small two pandemic years», — said the Secretary of the General Council of the party “United Russia” Andrey Turchak during the meeting of the presidium of the faction in the State Duma. On the  initiative of United Russia it was decided to postpone the consideration of the bill on & nbsp; QR codes. The document was prepared as as an adequate response to the strain  Delta», but the situation has changed, Turchak emphasized.   We see what is happening in the world and how the situation develops    us in country — this morning 30 thousand cases. “Omicron” becomes the dominant strain, and in this regard, it is necessary to carefully consider the measures of the state response. About what we and the government agreed  — he said. The Duma Council on January 17 will determine the fate of the bill on medical certificates. Earlier, the government initiative was adopted by the State Duma in the first

Every tenth Russian is jealous of bloggers

In the survey, the results of which are at the disposal of “Gazeta.Ru”, was attended by more than 5 thousand respondents across Russia from 18 to 55 years. The study showed that a third of Russians spend up to three hours a day on social networks, while most of them are men. 26% of respondents spend at least 5 hours a day. About 12% of Russians spend time online around the clock. Only 8% of respondents spend no more than 30 minutes a day on social networks. Half of Russians (49%) in the course of the study shared that they experience negative feelings because of social networks. Thus, a quarter of respondents (26%) are worried about negative comments, and 22% feel anxious about viewing content on the Internet. The majority of respondents (41%), when asked why they use social networks, replied that it helps them to keep up with news

Peskov commented on the idea of ​​deploying NATO troops in Estonia

“Regarding requests from Estonia and etc about deploying additional military contingents on their territory, this just there is evidence of the validity of our concerns, and this is the evidence that we are not the cause of the escalation of tensions  — Peskov told reporters (quote from RIA Novosti). The Chancellor of the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Kusti Salm, said that the republic is ready to deploy up to 5,000 soldiers of the NATO Rapid Reaction Force. He also added that if the Alliance sends more troops to the eastern flank, they may decide to deploy in another country. From a military effectiveness point of view, it would be reasonable to place some units in Romania, for example, Salm concluded. In 2016  at the NATO summit in Warsaw, it was decided to deploy the alliance's multinational battalions in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. The Estonian battalion is under the command of Great Britain, the Latvian battalion is led by Canada, the Lithuanian — Germany, Polish — USA. The battle group stationed in the