In Britain, they are looking for the king of the island to manage an old pub and the ruins of a 14th-century castle

Those interested can apply for a 10-year contract to manage the Ship Inn pub and Peel Island, where there are also ruins of a 14th-century castle and a camping site.

The winner of the contest is crowned by putting him on the throne and pouring alcohol on his head.

They hope to find a new manager for the island located not far from the city of Barrow, which can only be reached by ferry, by the summer season. Among other advantages, he is promised a new toilet, and possibly renewable energy sources.

The monarch will need to manage the island and maintain the pub, the surrounding area and the campsite, as well as monitor the toilet and shower. But he will not have to be responsible for the external repair of buildings and the pier.

Activists have launched a petition to save the island south of the Furness Peninsula after the departure of previous tenants. They call this place the “jewel in the crown” of the region and a vital part of the local historical heritage.

“Tradition says that every new owner is initiated into the kings of the Saw in a ceremony whose origin is unknown. He has to sit on an antique chair, wearing a helmet and with a sword in his hands, while alcohol is poured on his head,” says the website of the city of Barrow, to whose territory the island belongs.

They note that by the 19th century, the “coronation” of the new owners of the Ship Inn pub had become such an important aspect of the island’s history that responsibility for the care of the helmet and throne was included in the lease agreement.

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