Scientists have found out whether humanity is really losing interest in the truth

“our results suggest that the post-truth phenomenon is linked to a historical seesaw in the balance between our two fundamental modes of thinking: Reasoning versus intuition. If true, it may well be impossible to reverse the sea change we signal.”

— Rafael Uehara (@rafael_uehara) January 13, 2022

It was revealed that, starting from the middle of the XIX century and ending in the 1980s, people more often used words related to logical reasoning, such as “therefore”, “determined” and “conclusion”, and less and less often – words denoting inner feelings and subjective beliefs. However, since the 1980s, the trend has gone in the opposite direction.

Moreover, scientists have found that in the late 2000s, the trend to replace logical reasoning with arguments based on feelings has greatly accelerated. Presumably, due to the growing popularity of social media.

“Whatever the driving forces of this trend, our results show that the phenomenon of “post—truth” is associated with a historical fluctuation in the balance between our two fundamental ways of thinking: reasoning against intuition,” linguist Ingrid van de Leemput explained the results of the study.

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