Results of the activities of Russian diplomacy in 2021. What did Lavrov say?

  • Lavrov stated that NATO continues to try to artificially lure new members to to itself. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the course of the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance is openly proclaimed as containing China and Russia.
  • Western countries contribute decisively to the negative development of events in the world, conflict potential is accumulating, the head of the department said .
  • According to & nbsp; he said, Western states have taken a course to & nbsp; undermine the architecture of international relations, which is based on the & nbsp; UN Charter, and & nbsp; are pursuing a line of & nbsp; substitution of international law with their own rules, on which they want to force everyone to build a new world order.
  • Russia expects from the & nbsp; United States of America and & nbsp; NATO written responses on & nbsp; security guarantees. Along with & nbsp; the work on & nbsp; so that Russia is ready for any development of events will continue, Lavrov said.
  • He also pointed to the US and NATO plans to “roll up”  safety assurance process. At the same time, according to the minister, American diplomats and members of the North Atlantic Alliance in negotiations with Russia “understood the need to quickly and concretely” respond to Moscow's proposals.

Military Presence

  • Russia while considering expanding its military presence in other countries will proceed from the interests of global stability.
  • The demand of Western countries to return Russian troops to the barracks categorically does not suit Russia, the West went too far, said Lavrov.
  • There are reasons to believe that  NATO in the coming months may begin to build up forces near Russia under the pretext of the situation in Ukraine.
  • The United States and their allies want to create military footholds around Russia. All the current actions of the West grossly violate the obligations assumed earlier. He is trying to shrug the main responsibility in negotiations on security guarantees, said the Foreign Minister.



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