Study: Amid pandemic, masks make people more attractive

This was found out by scientists at Cardiff University, The Guardian reports. As noted by Michael Lewis, an expert at the School of Psychology at Cardiff University, a study conducted before the pandemic showed that people in medical masks arouse less sympathy from others because they are associated with diseases. “We decided to check whether this perception has changed, since masks have appeared everywhere, and decided to understand whether the type of mask matters,” the researcher said. He said that now people in blue medical masks look the most attractive. “Perhaps because we are used to such masks being worn by health care workers, and now we associate them with doctors who take care of our health. In difficult times, medical masks inspire confidence, so we experience more positive feelings towards those who wear them,” suggested Michael Lewis. Scientists told how to disinfect a disposable mask The first part of

A shopping mall with a thousand trees on the facade was built in China

View this post on Instagram A post from SURFACE (@surfacemag) An unusual shopping center called “Thousand Trees” has opened in the Chinese city of Shanghai. The nine-storey building is made in the form of a huge stepped mountain covered with green trees and shrubs. View this post on Instagram Published by Heatherwick Studio (@officialheatherwickstudio) In fact, there are not a thousand trees on the building at all, but much more. According to general information, there are about one and a half thousand evergreen and deciduous trees on the facade, and about 250 thousand different plants. The author of the project was the British designer Thomas Heatherwick. He designed the building using a grid of concrete columns positioned at a 45-degree angle to the river. Each column is topped with planters of trees. Total area The shopping center is 62.7 thousand square meters. It has more than 100 shops and 63 catering

Scientists have found out whether humanity is really losing interest in the truth

“our results suggest that the post-truth phenomenon is linked to a historical seesaw in the balance between our two fundamental modes of thinking: Reasoning versus intuition. If true, it may well be impossible to reverse the sea change we signal.” — Rafael Uehara (@rafael_uehara) January 13, 2022 It was revealed that, starting from the middle of the XIX century and ending in the 1980s, people more often used words related to logical reasoning, such as “therefore”, “determined” and “conclusion”, and less and less often – words denoting inner feelings and subjective beliefs. However, since the 1980s, the trend has gone in the opposite direction. Moreover, scientists have found that in the late 2000s, the trend to replace logical reasoning with arguments based on feelings has greatly accelerated. Presumably, due to the growing popularity of social media. “Whatever the driving forces of this trend, our results show that the phenomenon

Kazakh Minister Umarov Calls His Russophobic Quotes 'Rotten Garbage'

Askar Umarov, in & nbsp; in particular, called Russians an “ imposed diaspora '' and & nbsp; wrote that & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & quot; when everyone gets drunk with vodka and & nbsp; celebrate the incomprehensible day of victory, you & nbsp; remember with a prayer our unfortunate grandfathers, & nbsp; who didn & nbsp; returned from & nbsp; someone else's war. Who won, what did you & nbsp; win? & Raquo ;. “The accusations and conclusions based on emotional and incorrect skirmishes in social media more than a decade ago are understandable, but exhausted. This virtual garbage has long already decayed  — Umarov said in an interview with Sputnik Kazakhstan. He added that he has great respect for Russia, as well as “traditions, history, literature, common historical centuries-old ties between our peoples.” “I myself am fluent in Russian and  connected with Russian culture. I note that we we have the longest continuous land border in the world. However, in

Results of the activities of Russian diplomacy in 2021. What did Lavrov say?

Lavrov stated that NATO continues to try to artificially lure new members to to itself. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the course of the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance is openly proclaimed as containing China and Russia. Western countries contribute decisively to the negative development of events in the world, conflict potential is accumulating, the head of the department said . According to & nbsp; he said, Western states have taken a course to & nbsp; undermine the architecture of international relations, which is based on the & nbsp; UN Charter, and & nbsp; are pursuing a line of & nbsp; substitution of international law with their own rules, on which they want to force everyone to build a new world order. Russia expects from the & nbsp; United States of America and & nbsp; NATO written responses on & nbsp; security guarantees. Along with & nbsp; the

US Supreme Court Blocks Biden's Mandatory Vaccination Decree

The court ruled that & nbsp; when the Biden administration obliged the OSHA millions of Americans, she exceeded the authority of this department. OSHA should regulate safety issues in the & nbsp; workplace, at & nbsp; then & nbsp; times like COVID-19 & nbsp; & mdash; this is a universal threat, the panel of judges ruled. The decree of the American president was blocked by the forces of the conservative majority: six Republican judges voted against. Three Democrats also supported Joe Biden's initiative. While & nbsp; this, the US Supreme Court did not & nbsp; objected to mandatory vaccination and & nbsp; PCR testing for & nbsp; healthcare workers receiving funding under & nbsp; federal Medicare and & nbsp; Medicaid programs. Previously, this category of medical workers was required to get vaccinated against coronavirus infection only in & nbsp; half of the states. The burden of responsibility for making workplaces

The number of coronavirus cases in Russia increased by 12 per day%

Regions are leaders in the number of new cases: Moscow – 5712 (2,075,669 since the beginning of the pandemic), Saint Petersburg — 2708 (873,234), Moscow Region – 1990 (657,855), Nizhny Novgorod region — 743 (235 274), Sverdlovsk region — 536 (204,438). Per day in 739 patients died in Russia, which is one less than yesterday (740). The total number of deaths reached 319,911. 24,952 people recovered during the day, a total of 9,809,300. The regions have begun preparations for the meeting of the omicron strain of coronavirus. As Kommersant found out, up to 2 thousand new cases of coronavirus are expected in the Volgograd region per day and up to 400 patients in intensive care at the same time. Saratov officials expect that the number of cases will be five to six times more than at the peak of the spread of the delta strain. In Buryatia, citizens arriving from abroad