Ginzburg stated that Sputnik V does not need to be modified for the omicron strain

“The same recommendation remains — vaccination with Sputnik V and revaccination with Sputnik Lite in six months,” Ginzburg said. In his opinion, foreign companies have reported on the development of vaccines for omicron, because their drugs against the strain “do not work, unlike Sputnik V.” This is confirmed by a joint study of the Gamalei Center and the Italian National Institute of Infectious Diseases named after Lazzaro Sallanzani. “In mRNA vaccines, there is a fixed conformation (the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule of a certain configuration. – IF) S is a protein that works well against the “Wuhan” variant, and in our “Satellite” it is not fixed, it bends all over like a snake. And therefore, the number of specific antibodies inoculated by the “Satellite” in latitude is much greater, that is, a wider range of virus neutralizing antibodies is formed,” Ginzburg explained. He noted that in order

WHO reported a record number of coronavirus cases in a week — more than 15 million cases

An increase in the number of infected people was reported by five out of six WHO regions, only in Africa a decrease of 11% was recorded. The Southeast Asia region reported the largest increase in new cases last week at 418%, followed by the Western Pacific Region at 122%. At the same time, the number of deaths increased significantly in Africa (by 84%) and America (by 26%), while in Europe mortality decreased by 10%, in Southeast Asia by 6%, and in Eastern Mediterranean by 11%. In just a week in WHO has received reports of 15,154,666 identified cases of coronavirus infection and 43,461 deceased patients. The increase in cases of the disease began in the world due to the spread of a new strain of “omicron”, which has a large number of mutations and is therefore considered more contagious. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova reported that in Russia is experiencing a worsening

Zhirinovsky predicted the evacuation of millions of US residents to Siberia

“There are no national suburbs, but & nbsp; there are African Americans, Mexicans, non-white population in & nbsp; in general, which & nbsp; their will, and & nbsp; whites are increasingly forbidden to talk about & nbsp; their rights, their culture, their history. They, in fact, are simply canceled in the & nbsp; USA & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; wrote the deputy. Zhirinovsky noted that at the moment white Americans still constitute the majority of the population in the United States, then in ten years they will become a minority that will face discrimination. After that, the politician believes, their & nbsp ; evacuation to & nbsp; Canada, & nbsp; Australia, & nbsp; other regions of the world. “ Maybe even & nbsp; we will be asked somewhere in & nbsp; Siberia to settle several million '', & nbsp; & mdash; allowed & nbsp; he. Zhirinovsky concluded that &

Nuland: US is trying to delay the certification process for Nord Stream 2

“What & nbsp; we & nbsp; do now is work with & nbsp; germans, with & nbsp; to slow them down & nbsp; consideration of pipeline implementation. The German government has taken significant steps towards & nbsp; this & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said the diplomat. She added that Berlin had confirmed its readiness to block the project in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine. At & nbsp; this, on January 8 & nbsp; Secretary General of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany, Kevin Kuehnert said that & nbsp; launch of Nord Stream & nbsp; & mdash; 2 '' is not & nbsp; related to & nbsp; policy. He & nbsp; emphasized that & nbsp; & nbsp; Berlin weighed “ multiple concerns '' and took them & nbsp; into & nbsp; attention. According to the Secretary General, most Germans are in favor of the early launch of

Every seventh Russian will agree to part with a paper passport

Most of the respondents — 38% – believe that it is necessary to save both electronic and paper documents. Almost the same number (37%) believe that personal documents should remain in paper format and they should not be converted to electronic form. 11% of the study participants have not yet formed their opinion on this issue and found it difficult to answer. “Conservatives” turned out to be the most among Russians over 35 years old (40%), and supporters of a full transition to electronic documents – among citizens under 34 years old (19%). When asked what other documents besides the passport should be digitized, respondents named the policy of compulsory medical insurance (36%), the certificate of TIN and SNILS (34% each). 27% of respondents consider it necessary to make an electronic medical card and driver’s license, and every fourth (25%) – birth certificate. In December 2021, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko

Kuril Islands have been fortified with the Bastion battalion

This unit is subordinate to the Joint Command of Troops and & nbsp; Forces in the & nbsp; North-East. The personnel of the “ Bastions '' division on & nbsp; Matua constantly rotates. After a certain time spent on the & nbsp; island, soldiers and & nbsp; officers are sent to the mainland for & nbsp; rest, the interlocutors of Izvestia noted. Each DBK division includes four all-terrain vehicles on a wheeled chassis with launchers – two per each of them. Thus, the compound provides a salvo of eight missiles. Moreover, the DBK launchers can be quickly reloaded, and then the strike can be repeated. The & nbsp; divisional set also has four transport-loading vehicles, and & nbsp; also combat control and combat duty vehicles. In addition, it includes a mobile over-the-horizon radar for detecting air and & nbsp; surface targets Monolit-B The Pacific Fleet was deployed and & nbsp;

The media revealed the composition of the US “secret aid” to Ukraine in the amount of $ 200 million

On the eve of the CNN TV channel broadcast that & nbsp; in & nbsp; December 2021, the administration of US President Joe Biden secretly allocated additional assistance to Ukraine in & npbs; the security sphere worth $ 200 million. The TV channel drew attention to the fact that the decision was made a few weeks before the talks between the United States and the Russian Federation on strategic stability in Geneva on January 10. In & nbsp; turn, Politico, referring to & nbsp; adviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and & nbsp; a representative of the US authorities, who is familiar with the details of this step, informs that & nbsp; the United States, within the & nbsp; framework of this aid package, intends to send its European partner & nbsp; a radar system and & nbsp; some marine equipment. '' The publication does not specify exactly

The State Duma will support the bill on remote medical examination of drivers

The & nbsp; Committee & nbsp; State Duma for & nbsp; Transport and & nbsp; Development of Transport Infrastructure & laquo; Izvestia told that & nbsp; the bill is planned to be considered in & nbsp; this session, and & nbsp; its first reading should be & nbsp; already in & nbsp; & nbsp; February. “ Today there are catastrophically not & nbsp; enough doctors and & nbsp; health workers who would & nbsp; conduct such examinations … According to & nbsp; preliminary estimates, it takes about & nbsp; 300 thousand people who could & nbsp; would check drivers leaving on public roads. Therefore, we need telemedicine, which we have been talking about for more than five years. Of course, our committee will support this bill, since the country really needs it, & nbsp; & mdash; told Izvestia the head of the committee and & nbsp; author of the bill

Day in History: January 12

Royal Astronomical Society On January 12, 1820, the Astronomical Society of London was founded to support astronomical research. Later the scientific society was renamed to Royal Astronomical Society. In 1831, the society received royal privileges from King William IV and acquired its modern name. In 1915, women gained access to society. The Society represents Great Britain in the International Astronomical Union. Its tasks are to promote the development of astronomy, geophysics, solar system research and related scientific disciplines. “Iskra” On January 12, 1943, Soviet troops launched Operation Iskra, as a result of which they managed to break the blockade of Leningrad. The operation that restored the connection of the besieged city with the country was preceded by four offensive operations undertaken by the troops of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts with the aim of deblocking the city and liberating the occupied areas of the Leningrad region. The military significance of the