​Scientists have created a test to assess the usefulness of a life lived

Swiss scientists from the University of Zurich have created the world’s first test with which anyone can mathematically assess how fully he has lived his life or a certain stage of it.

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The test is constructed in the form of a matrix in which the sources of implementation (self, life, influence/legacy) intersect with the criteria of implementation (integrity, compliance and value). The combination of these parameters forms several aspects that show the fullness of a life lived. For example, this is the full realization of one’s potential; achieving goals that bring a sense of satisfaction; loyalty to oneself; a sense of the significance of one’s existence; contribution to the well-being of others; a unique footprint left in the world; performing meaningful activities and passion for the tasks performed.

To pass the test, you need to answer 24 questions from two blocks consisting of a cognitive and emotional assessment of life satisfaction. The test has questions concerning health, children, career, material wealth, the world around us and other aspects of a full life. All questions are divided into three groups: self (health and self-realization), decent life (material prosperity, global situation) and influence and legacy (achievements, family and children).

It is necessary to answer questions on a scale from 1 to 6, where 1 does not apply to me, and 6 fully corresponds to me. Thus, based on the figures obtained, you can assess the fullness of your life and see in which areas the result is not what you would like.

The researchers say that their test can be an excellent tool for psychologists and business coaches, as well as for personal assessment of their lives and help people set priorities for the future.

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Ekaterina Gura

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