The study showed the most promising profession in 2022

According to the data, the majority of respondents, which is 60%, noted that the profession of an IT specialist will be the most promising this year, 56% also noted the profession of a doctor, and 44% – a specialist in nanotechnology.

In addition, 43% of the study participants believe that virologists will remain relevant this year. 39% of respondents mentioned the prospects of sales managers, 33% – engineers, and 27% – builders.

It is also said that another 18% of respondents believe that there will be a high demand for HR specialists in the labor market, 15% think the same about infectious diseases, and 10% — about nurses and nurses.

In addition, respondents indicated other promising professions, but they scored less than 10% of the votes.

According to the data of the service “Work.“, more than 5 thousand users of the service from all regions of Russia took part in the study.



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