Archaeologists in Oman have discovered a 4 thousand-year-old “tabletop”

During the excavations of a Bronze and Iron Age settlement near the village of Ain Bani Said in In Oman, archaeologists have discovered a stone board game 4 thousand years old.

On the stone plaques, the marked fields and holes for chips have been preserved. Similar games have previously been found in India, Mesopotamia and Eastern Mediterranean countries, according to the Polish Center for Mediterranean Archaeology.

The excavations were carried out by Polish and Omani archaeologists. They are studying settlements in the Kumaira Valley, where prehistoric sites, burials, as well as settlements and towers that are up to 4.5 thousand years old were previously discovered during preliminary studies. In ancient times, there was a path connecting Bat in the south, Buraimi and Al-Ain in the north and the sea coast near Sohar in the east.

The researchers also found evidence of copper processing and several copper objects. In ancient cuneiform texts from Mesopotamia, there are references to Omani copper.

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Anna Lysenko

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