Rostec told when a single flu vaccine and COVID-19 will appear

“We are still working. In next year. We need to carry out all the tests so that it is safe, first of all, and effective,” he said. Chemezov added that there are already good research results, but there are things that still need to be finalized. Vaccination remains the most reliable way to protect against COVID-19. According to the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko, the proportion of vaccinated among those infected with coronavirus does not exceed four percent. Vaccination can be done in any Russian region. In August last year, the Ministry of Health registered Sputnik V— the world’s first drug for the prevention of COVID-19, developed by the Gamalei Research and Development Center. Also in Russia has created the vaccines “EpiVacCorona” from the Vector Center of Rospotrebnadzor and “KoviVak” from the Chumakov Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At the beginning of May 2021, it

The infectious disease specialist told when the situation with COVID-19 will improve

“We will see a significant improvement in the situation in 2023,” he said. Voznesensky noted that in order to end the pandemic, in addition to the medical problem, financial, economic, and geopolitical issues must be stabilized. Vaccination remains the most reliable way to protect against COVID-19. According to the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko, the proportion of vaccinated among those infected with coronavirus does not exceed four percent. Vaccination can be done in any Russian region.

Daily Express: Putin outplayed Europe in the gas situation

The author of the article noted that & nbsp; Russian leader and & nbsp; Chinese President Xi & nbsp; Jinping are close to & nbsp; . According to him, possible deliveries on it are equivalent to those volumes of fuel that were planned to be sent to European countries via Nord Stream 2. “ The agreement will double exports to & nbsp; China, annually they will transport up to & nbsp; fifty billion cubic meters of natural gas via & nbsp; new large gas pipeline & ldquo; Power of Siberia 2 & rdquo ;. This is happening at & nbsp; the & nbsp; time when the rest of Europe is experiencing a serious energy crisis, & nbsp; & mdash; drew Ashkenazi's attention. The publicist clarified that Russia is ready to supply more gas to Europe, but the certification of Nord Stream 2 has been suspended. & laquo; Nord Stream &

The climatologist told what the weather will be like in 2022

The processes taking place in the Pacific Ocean will lead to the fact that the air temperature in the world in 2022 will be lower than in 2020, and about the same as in 2021, he believes. “I am speaking on the basis of the fact that the phenomenon of La Niña is developing in the vast territory of the Pacific Ocean (the water surface is getting colder due to strong winds, which affects the climate. – Editor’s note), which means that an increased flow of heat will be directed from the atmosphere to the ocean,” Kokorin predicts. In 2022, the inhabitants of the Earth will face abnormal temperature changes and uneven precipitation falling in different periods of the year, the expert continued. “The long-term trend towards the formation of unstable and nervous weather will continue. That is, sharp temperature changes in 2022 will continue, as well as large-scale precipitation

The United States announced the imminent adoption of sanctions against “Nord Stream-2”

“We & nbsp; will win by an overwhelming majority in & nbsp; this vote & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; cites the publication of an unnamed senior assistant to one of the & nbsp; Republican senators. Politico recalls that 60 votes are needed to pass the bill introduced by Republican Ted Cruz, and therefore the support of at least ten Democrats. In the & nbsp; House 100 senators are in session: 50 from the & nbsp; Republican Party and & nbsp; 50 from the & nbsp; Democratic Party. The publication confirms that & nbsp; senators will vote on the & nbsp; bill on & nbsp; sanctions by & nbsp; 14 & nbsp; January. The document provides for the entry into force of sanctions in & nbsp; within 15 days after the final approval of the law. Moreover, if the president refuses to impose sanctions, then, according to the provisions of

The Ministry of Defense spoke about the renewal of the long-range aviation in 2022

“In & nbsp; 2022, the long-range aviation will be replenished with two modernized strategic missile carriers Tu-160mash”, ” said in the & nbsp; message. As the commander of long-range aviation, Hero of Russia, Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash clarified, the peculiarity of these aircraft lies in the & nbsp; availability of electronic warfare and & nbsp; modern navigation systems, equipping with new types of weapons, new avionics, and & nbsp; and also the latest means of displaying information on the & nbsp; dashboards of the crew. As the Ministry of Defense points out, last year the long-range aviation combat training plan was & nbsp; one hundred percent completed, and & nbsp; four modernized strategic missile carriers Tu -95ms.

The State Department promised to coordinate steps in Ukraine with Turkey

“Secretary of State Blinken and & nbsp; Minister of Foreign Affairs Cavusoglu discussed the importance of continuing to coordinate with the Russian Ukraine & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; noted in the & nbsp; message. The parties also discussed expanding bilateral dialogue and cooperation within NATO “to resolve issues of mutual interest.” about the & nbsp; likely response to & nbsp; such actions. With this & nbsp; in & nbsp; December, Washington promised to allocate $ 20 to Kiev for & nbsp; strengthening the borders. Since & nbsp; mid-autumn last year, Western media began to publish information about & nbsp; that & nbsp; Russia is preparing a military invasion of & nbsp; Ukraine. The Washington Post reported on & nbsp; the movement of Russian military equipment near & nbsp; Ukrainian borders, and & nbsp; the Associated Press with & nbsp; citing & nbsp; US intelligence data reported that & nbsp;