Reuters reported the cancellation of 3.6 thousand flights due to omicron and the weather

At the same time, among the flights canceled on January 2, there are more than 2.1 thousand flights to the United States.

Also, over 6,400 flights were delayed, the agency writes.

According to FlightAware, the largest number of flight cancellations occurred on the American airlines SkyWest and Southwest, each with more than 400 canceled flights.

Christmas and New Year holidays are usually the peak time for air travel, however, the rapid spread of the omicron strain forced airlines to cancel some flights in order to protect pilots and crew members, the agency points out.

The American airline Delta Air Lines announced on December 30 that it would cancel 200-300 flights on the weekend (January 1 and 2) due to worsening weather conditions and the spread of Omicron.

German airline Lufthansa and American Delta Air Lines and United Airlines on December 25 canceled before Christmas, about 200 international and domestic flights due to employee illnesses caused by the spread of the omicron strain.

Delta Air Lines confirmed to the Associated Press that the cancellation of flights is directly related to the spread of omicron among employees, and Lufthansa indicated that the company records a “massive increase” in the number of sick leave among pilots.

On the same day, more than 50 flights were delayed and canceled at Moscow airports due to bad weather. Then the airports announced their normal operation, but warned about possible adjustments in the departure time.

On New Year’s Eve, December 31, 155 flights were canceled in Moscow, another 51 flights were delayed. Sheremetyevo assured that the cancellation of a number of flights was due to low load by the decision of the airlines.

On the afternoon of January 2, the Perm Bolshoe Savino airport was temporarily closed for receiving and releasing aircraft due to heavy snowfall and the need to clear the airfield.



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