An impeccable start to the James Webb mission. Scientists have shown how the telescope went into space

The Ariane-5 rocket with James Webb on board launched from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana last Saturday, December 25. After the launch, the space telescope separated from the upper stage of the launch vehicle — and this process was broadcast to Earth in real time. However, the resulting image was not too high-quality and was often interrupted. Now ESA specialists have cleaned the video file and superimposed music by British composer Charlotte Hatterley on it. These images are our last look at the telescope, now heading to the place of permanent deployment, which it will reach at the end of January. Now it is already further from the Earth than the orbit of the Moon. Scientists hope that “James Webb” will allow them to look far into the past, at the time of the formation of the universe and galaxies. This is possible because the telescope is able to